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Nov 8, 2007
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Idea is from WMBQ

I am making the ORIGINAL Alternate Plot, that includes all franchises, not just Pokemon

This is a role playing thread, and it's designed to be very in-depth. What I'm trying to do here is to have many people collaborate to make a story together. Each member chooses a character, then sticks with that character. Using the motives of your chosen character, we make a plot up as we go along. You can choose to make your character good or evil, but if you make your character evil, don't make them Link or Mario or anyone else who is designed to be good in their own game.
You can use characters from Brawl, characters from Melee that didn't make it to Brawl, characters you hoped would make it to Super Smash Bros but didn't, or made up characters. If you make up a character, please describe them fully and provide a picture. (It can be a drawing, a sprite, etc, as long as I understand what it looks like from the picture)
Here is an example of Role Playing:

User 1: (Character: Marth)
Marth walked down the forest path with Meta Knight. It snowed last night and it defrosted so the path was quite slippery. He looked around and saw birds gracefully fly through the air and sung their hearts out. Master Hand put Sora, Ness, Link, Meta Knight, and himself to patrol the forests. Just last night there was an attack on a nearby village and the villagers said that the Primids came from the forest. It started to get dark, a few hours later and Kirby looked over to Meta Knight.
"Do you want to set camp?"

User 2: (Character: Meta Knight)
"Not yet...I think someone from the dark is coming, hide" he whispered to Marth.
Metaknight and Marth hid in the bushes, waiting for the person to arrive. Meta Knight looked up at the half-moon, where the moonligyht shone on the dark forest. The wind whistled loudly and rushed up the path, where the wind blew a man's hair.

User 1:
"He's coming this way" Marth whispered into Metaknight's ear.

User 3: (Ganondorf)
Ganondorf walked up the path and summoned a few primids.
"Attack whoever Master hand has put in to guard the village. We must find the Relic and someone has it inside the village"
The primids nodded and scurried.

That's an example of what would happen on the roleplay.

-No god-modding. This means you can't overpower your character with unfair advantages.
As soon as he saw Bowser jump out from behind the bushes, Fox saw a smash ball appear. He ran up to it, shattered it, and took out the indestructible Landmaster. "No way you can survive this," he said to Bowser grimly.

-No bunnying. This means you can't take control of other people's characters, and you can't say what happens to them. (Be it in a battle or not)
Example #1:
Fox asked Metaknight if he could take the airship. Metaknight agreed.

-No chatspeak. Pretty self explanatory.
Link pwned Ganondorf wit his sword

-Try to keep your posts good and lengthy. It doesn't leave people with much material to build off of. Obviously, if you're in a conversation with another character, it can be forgiven.
Example of an unlengthy post:
Sora and Link arrived at SmashWorld

Those are the four big rules. Obviously, this is pretty loose, but do your best to make it fun for yourself and for others.

Sign Up

Here is the sign up form:

Character: State the name of your character.
Alliances: Are they good or evil?
Gender: Male or Female?
Appearance: What does your character look like? Try to be very descriptive, I'm looking for at least 3-5 sentences. If you add a picture, great, but I'm still looking for a descriptive summary.
Personality: How does your character act? What are their motives? I'm looking for 1-2 sentences here.
Quirks: (Optional) Does your character have anything special about them that you would like other participants to know about?

My sign up

Name Sora
Alliance Good
Gender Male
Appearance Spiky hazel brown hair, ocean blue eyes, 3/4 black baggy shorts with red pockets, a silver chain with a crown emblem, yellow and black clown like shoes, a black waistcoat with a blue shirt underneath. He has blue, white and black coloured gloves.
Personality Sora is the main character in the game Kingdom Hearts. His weapon is the keyblade and he was chosen to become a keyblade master. In the first game, he was set a mission to lock the keyholes in the worlds and stop the worlds from disappearing by the heartless. He was also searching for his friends Riku and Kairi. At the end, he defeated a heartless naming himself Ansem. He afterwards found himself in a world called Twilight Town and his new mission was to defeat a gang called Organization 13 and they were made of empty shells of the defeated heartless called nobodies. He defeated them and their leader and foiled their plans to control the universe. He is now at Destiny Islands with Kairi and Riku reading a letter from King Mickey.
Sora is a 15 year old boy and as a teenager, he has his fair share of worries but overall he keeps an upbeat attitude. He may seem inexperienced at times but he has a great sense in justice.

Please remember that if your character is good in his/her game, please make him/her good, and the same for evil characters. However, if you choose a neutral character, you may choose whether they are good or evil. Characters that fall under this category are Wario, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe, Shadow the Hedgehog, Wolf, etc.

Accepted members

Sorabrawl; Sora

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It's kind of lame to just copy and paste everything from the original thread without permission... :/
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It's kind of lame to just copy and paste everything from the original thread without permission... :/

Sorry, I know

I will edit it all after school.
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Name: Link
Allience: Good
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 6 feet tall, with blond messy hair thats usually covered by a weird green hat. Wears a green outfit and carries a sword and shield over his back. Wears brown leather boots with light tan pants.
Personality: Link is from the Legend of Zelda series and is the main character that players control. His role from game-to-game has changed but he's usually on a quest to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda with the power of the Triforce. His latest role had him defeating an evil king that was mis-using the powers of Twilight. He turned into a wolf whenever he entered the Twilight but he eventually defeated the king and Ganondorf, who was manipulating everything to his advantage. Link has a strong sense of justice and always tries to do what is right. He also rarely talks.
Quirks: Link is left-handed which some consider strange. He's very skilled in swordsmenship, archery, and exploration.

liked reading the original. can't wait to start this.
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>You're accepted<

Also I've edited my description and rules, WMBQ. Sorry for copying and pasting.
There's still a lot you haven't edited... you did edit some, I'll give you that, but it really should be as close to original as perfect.
Yea sorry about this Sorabrawl, but this is Epic Failure. You can't just try to re-make something that was done so recently, and think it will succeed in the same way the original did. This feels like a forced attempt at bringing back something that was finished. Time to move on from this, maybe try a new RP on this forum or another.

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Yeah...okay. Sorry....who can I find to close this down?
This brings back memories. Cj is right, as great as it was, it really wouldn't work a second time. I do wish I could still read it...damn wiichat.