SSBB third-party character vote


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Apr 16, 2007
Ok heres how it works

1) You may only vote once per day

2) You may vote for two characters (Considering there are going to be three third-party charcters including Snake)

3) You may subtract a total of two votes from one or two charcter (If you choose to hurt two charcters, only one per character)

4) No criticizing people because of their choices

5) No Spamming

6) The first two characters to make it to thirty votes wins (You may still vote to see who gets in 2nd, 3rd, ect.)

I'll start I vote for Sonic and Sora

Sonic [1]

Sora [1]

Rayman [0]

Megaman [0]

Cloud [0]

Leon [0] (from Resident Evil 4)

Master Chief [0] (Halo 1 was on gamecube)

Luffy [0] (from Onepiece)

Spyro [0]

Crash Bandicoot [0]

Shrek [0]