Three People Vote Thread


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Yo, wassup? I'm NMC, and this is my very first thread(not counting my introduction).

Okay, here's how it works:
This may be a little hard to explain, but I'll do my best.
I'll include examples.

1. Starting with me, I'm going to ask a question with two answer choices.
Example: A tomato is a...
(Choice 1) Fruit (Choice 2) Vegetable

2a. The next three posters will answer the question using only one of the answer choices.
Poster#1: Pumpikino...answered Vegetable
Poster#2: Wubblz......answered Vegetable
Poster#3: Chad.........answered Fruit

2b. HOWEVER, if all three posters answer with the same response, the very next poster will ask another two choice question, then the cycle will stop here, and go back to Step 1. Otherwise, go to Step 3.
Example: If Chad answered "Vegetable" just like the other posters, the very next poster asks a two-choice question.

3. The person who had the different choice gets to ask another two-choice question.
Example: In the example on 2a, Chad was the only one who answered "Fruit" Therefore, Chad gets to ask the next question.

4. Then the cycle repeats! Meaning that the steps go back from 1-4, excluding me, though. BUT...if all three people answer with the same result, the cycle ends at Step 2b, and goes back to Step 1.

Feel free to choose questions from the "Everybody Votes Channel"!
Also, if I happened to copy someone else's thread, I'm sorry, but the search option didn't seem to have my idea on the results.

Okay, I'll start:
Which type of two-dimensional (2d) game appeals to you more?

1. Side-scroller(Like Super Mario Bros.)
2.Overhead Perspective(Like Legend of Zelda)