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Mar 22, 2008
Well, im sure many of you on this Forum saw this coming, its finally time for my own RP. As the title says, this is the Solaris Sign Up Thread.

The Solaris Universe is an incredibly futuristic Star-Wars-esque area. Many planets encompass the Solaris Universe, all of which may be named as the story goes on. Note that if you do come up with a planet, you MUST describe in INTRICATE detail the planets surface, climate, type of government (if any) Inhabitants, and technology. Note also that this goes for types of lifeforms, if you introduce a new one, you must provide sufficient information to literally "paint a picture" in the readers mind. This goes the same for the "Appearance" section in your SU's. Use detail, otherwise it may be rejected.

Note that if I reject your Sign Up, you will have the chance to revise it as many times as you want, hopefully improving each time, so dont take offense. Make good Sign Ups, and we can make this Role Play Godly. Please, dont mess this up.

Storyline: Mercochant has long been a planet of peice and prosperity. Belonging to the Galaxy Hubris, a subsidiary of the Mother Universe, Solaris, Merochant is the Main Hub of trading in the Solaris Universe. Mercochant is a huge planet, encompassed by one huge city. High skyscrapers and robotically controlled systems are a regular in the area. It is known as the "High Traffic" street of the Galaxy. Being the Central Trading Hub, nearly every type of Alien can be found on Mercochant. Nearly every item imaginable can be obtained here. Unfortunately, this has made Mercochant an optimal target for poaching and theft. The MSF (Mercochant Security Force) is always at the top of their game for this reason, but still finds dealing with the thefts to be hard on the Planet.

Another Planet in the Hubris Galaxy, Archos is the Political head of the System. This Planet governs all the rights of all beings in the immense Solaris Universe, although some of the outlying systems have decided to make their own rules. Archos' rule only extends so far. The current Government is a Democracy, utilizing four Senators from each Planet in the Solaris Universe. Votes are cast and Laws are placed. This System, unlike conventional Democracy, has outlawed a Ruler of the Democracy, having a rather unsettling event many years ago which has been long forgotten. This Planet plays host to every species of Aliens in the Solaris Universe, even the vile dissadents of the Outlands.

The Outlands are a series of Planets outside Archos's jurisdiction that are notorious for Smuggling, Gamblers, Murderers, and the other Scum of the Universe. For the longest time, a group of Gangsters called Nal Aleator has been running a Smuggling operation on the Planet Latrocinor. It is thought this Gang has been behind the many Smuggling Operations in and out of Mercochant. Their ruthless leader (yet to be named, spot up for grabs!) has led the Gang for many years, and lives up to their Vile reputation.

Among the outlying reaches of the Galaxy, the particularly strange system of Pravus has recently been rebelling against Archos's rule. A seemingly evil being (up for grabs as well) has been speaking his piece about how he beleives the Universe should be run. Unfortunately for Archos, many sentient beings have been giving in to his unusually high influence (one of the characters powers, must be included in his/her SU) and pledged their allegiance to this new Dictator.

Information: There are numerous free systems in the Solaris Universe, and each of them have different views about which side to choose. Each Planet also is home to a distinct race of Alien. Each of these must be described in IMMENSE detail. Your imagination is appreciated, as each constructive mind can bring something new to the table. Now, your SU does not just have to be Human, it can be whatever Alien race you decide on. Also, the technology is advanced, but standard rules apply. Do NOT make any device or do anything that would be considered a "God-Mod", and do NOT Bunny. If you do bunny, be sure to converse with the person who's character you are wanting to bunny, along with OK'ing it with me Via PM. If you should violate these common rules, your post must be edited. If you refuse, or if it becomes a constant repetition, you will be Booted from the Role Play, and not welcomed back unless I OK it. Now, have FUN!

Your SU should look like this:

Name: (First and last)

Race: (Alien, if human, Spanish, American, etc.)

Gender: (M or F, as Alien gender may get confusing)

Appearance: (Go into GREAT detail here plz. Color, appendages, etc.)

Biography/History: (Again, GREAT detail plz)

Personality: (Good detail needed here)

Weapon/Altercations: (Favorite weapon(s), reason, Altercations meaning missing limbs, mechanical arms, eye changes, robot upgrades, any special upgrades)

Ok, now have fun Guys! Start Signing Up Now!
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i'm sorry storm but we have 2 RPs going and one set up to go. i don't think this will work. if others get interested then i'll join
yeah, i mean it's a good idea but there's just too much going on.
For those that do not know, this RP is cancelled here on Wiichat.

Instead it is being done on a different forum. PM me or Storm for details
which i'm setting up. i'm just letting any potential entrants know to come to me or Storm for details of where it's being held
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No no no RockerJ, thats a different RP. This RP, Solaris, is being done on a different forum
I have a character thought up, but I'll wait and see if Storm decides to wait.
Just out of curiosity, why on Earth do you use few capital letters? You use correct punctuation, however.

But how far away is Realms from being done? I stopped reading.

EDIT: At Shadow*91
Just out of curiosity, why on Earth do you use few capital letters? You use correct punctuation, however.

But how far away is Realms from being done? I stopped reading.

EDIT: At Shadow*91
You're asking me? Or somebody else?
well if everybody was on and posting quickly it could be finished in a few days. but due to timezone problems and real life people can't post all the time so i don't know how long it will take
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Though tyhe final battle is about to commence, when people are on that is.

@ Bodine: PM it to me.