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Name: Marche La March
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Neutral - COSMOS Trooper

Appearance: A aveage looking dark skinned human male. He stands at 5"11. The only notiable feature would be the scar on his cheek. He wears knight like armor from the neck down.
Homeworld: Tantalus. He grew up there poor, alone and not quite sane. He doesn't remember much of his past.

Biography: Marche grew up on the lawless slums of Tantalus. Knowing only anarchy. He grew up knowing that if he wanted something, he just had to be tough enough to take it. He eventually figured out what he wanted the most. To leave the hell hole and so he high jacked a ship and crashed it into the nearest planet he could. The universe for free reign as
far as he was concerned. He exploited the stuggle between the resistance and the ruling party by doing what he had done. Whatever he wanted. However he wasn't a total dick, he found that he did indeed have a concious. He would find himself helping those in need, even if they either came at a strange price or they ended up worst off than they were before. Like when he helped that starving village on Sisyphus by bringing them food, only for him to crash the carrier through half the buildings. Or when he proved that a man was
innocent of a murder, by making up the story where the guy was guilty of several other murders. It woudl probably be a safter place in the galaxy he was locked up forever, but as long as he has a say in it, he will keep on adventuring through the universe.

Personality: Marche La March doesn't keep about your silly worries like weather the resistance will survive, or weather those savage animals are gonna eat you or weather people die if you kill them. He does things because he wants to, not because you told him to. He doesn't worry about anything, he doesn't care about anything, life goes on and more importantly, the fun he will have messing with everyone will go on.

Ship/Weapons: Sonic Mace- A large metal sphere on a large metal stick. Has a metallic field around it. Any person or thing that enters the field will be smash apart by millions of tiny by destructive shockwaves. This weapon was something he stole from a warchief around the Tartarus cluster of stars and planets.

Rail Sniper: A sniper rifle which uses two electromagnets to send an exploding object through great distances. The destructive power of it is great, however reloading takes along time. The best time to use this weapon is to gain an preemptive or surprise attack. Anytiem else would be unwise.
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Pretty cool! I'll Accept you once you put in something that shows me you read the rules (please read the rules over again to see what you missed)! Otherwise, welcome aboard!
Name: Jack Corsen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Good-Psyker
Appearance: Jack is a stocky fellow standing at 5’11” and weighting over 240 pounds. He is in the early stages of balding, and his once blonde hair has turned into an unmistakable grey. Corsen’s blue eyes are bright and alive, although they haven’t been able to see his feet for quite some time due to his santa claus like gut. Jack dresses well and is almost never caught without a suit and tie and a large wooden walking stick. A pair of wire frame glasses sit on the edge of his large nose. He also has a long scar running from above his left eye down to his left cheek. A cigar is always placed in his mouth, lit or unlit.

Homeworld: Earth/lived on Imperis(home of the unity)
Biography: Corsen was one of first successful subjects of combining alii DNA with human DNA to create the psykers. At the time he was a hot shot young man who thought he could do anything he put his mind to. He took challenges head on, impulsively, not taking the time to think them out. As Jack grew older he slowed down, put on weight and retired from the Psyker program. At age 40 he married, settled down and got into politics, first on earth at the state and country level, and despite an alleged affair involving a young alien women on a moon in the milky way, he was eventually selected to be Earth’s representative to The Unity.

As an ambassador of Earth he lived on Imperis and enjoyed his job, trying to make the solar system a better place. Until one day, when Cykris made his move. The Unity capital building was destroyed, everyone inside thought to be dead. A few days after the attack, while Cykris and his followers were on other planets finishing what was left of The Unity, Jack crawled out of the wreckage, marked his a large scar and an injured leg. He got off the planet and flew to Prator to find Leo Mcmillan.
Personality: Corsen in this stage of his life is a thinker, a politician. Despite being in politics, Jack is straight forward and doesn’t try to please everyone. Because of this, he was fairly popular among the people of Earth and the other ambassadors in The Unity. As far as he knows he is the only surviving member of any government before Cykris’ attack, making him a valuable person. If Cykris knew he was still alive, killing Corsen would be one of his top priorities. Because of this Jack is extremely secretive even to the members of the resistance.

Ship/Weapons: Jack Corsen pilots no ship and only carries a heavy wooden walking staff. Although his Psyker abilities have decreased in power along with his physical abilities, he can still hold his own against most opponents.
Begin transmission.
Name: ARP (Amiable Robotic Playmate)
Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless (Referred to as male)
Allegiance: Good
Appearance: About four feet tall, ARP has a large spherical center with a small screen in the center of it. The screen can display simple emoticon-like images to indicate ARP's 'emotions.' His limbs are thin and take up the majority of his height. The hand pieces are taken from a robot designed to repair air crafts, and can take the form of most tools.
Homeworld: Earth's moon, he was bought as a toy for Aelan when she was a small child. ARP was manufactured in a factory on the Moon Colony, but he considers his true birth to be in the laboratories with Aelan.
Biography: ARP began as a mass produced Amiable Best Friend; bought for Aelan when she was a young girl. Once at the forefront of technology, Aelan kept ARP around far longer than most children would have kept their old toy robots. Eventually he became bitter and jaded, longing to be something important, and more than just a "professional best friend." While Aelan was being tested as a PSYKER, a friendly scientist modified him to have the capacity to repair ships, and other machines. ARP has always considered this a rebirth of sorts, and now works hand in hand with Aelan on her delivery routes.
Personality: A smart ass, he has a bit of a superiority complex, and thinks that he is a good deal smarter than his owner Aelan, he respects her quite a bit as a friend and will do most anything for her. Not particularly trusting of most strangers, but will never pass up the opportunity to speak with a fellow technician regardless of how dangerous they seem.
Ship/Weapons: Not much of a fighter, but built into his hand he has an extraordinarily extensive tool kit. He rides with Aelan in her delivery ship, and is constantly trying to modify it with guns, superior engines, etc; but Aelan usually won't let him spend all of (or any of) their budget on such things.

blah blah end transmission.
And I accept you, Gigsy! Accept you as my lord and savior.
My most recent post....what do you guys think of it? I consider it rather lacking compared to my other ones.
Hello, every-one. I figured that I ought to post here, on account of I am not certain that I fully understand what is happening in the game. Some players seem to be under the impression that Darius's ship is docked on Inops, while some seem to think that it is docked on the Emerald Moon, which is orbiting Inops. I would very much like it if someone could explain precisely where each character, specifically Darius, Orban, Seeng, the Watcher, and Squig, as well as each ship, that is, the Emerald Moon, the Silverfish, Squig's fighters, the Querymen's ship, and Seeng's ship, are right now. Because right now we have several characters in pursuit of several others, I think that we ought to make this clearer before we continue.
I can help a little bit:

Im pretty sure that Darius's ship is in the Emerald Moon. I was confused when I said that it was in Inops docking bay.

Squigs Cruiser is currently flying high above Inops. Squig himself is investigating Inops for Darius's whereabouts, and I myself am uncertain to the location of the Emerald Moon. Im pretty sure that its either orbiting Inops or is on Inops's moon.

I would explain more, but I dont want to accidentally mess anything else up and cause further confusion.
Yes, I think that you have got a pretty good explanation here. If I am not wrong, the Emerald Moon is in orbit around Inops, with Darius, Orban, Lillis, Townes, and Gerumbio aboard it, and the Silverwing docked in its bay. Aelan and ARP are in pursuit of it, as are the Watcher and his henchmen. Seeng and Squig are on Inops, and do not know where Darius is. Is this true?
Im pretty sure that all of that is correct, but once again, I am not 100% sure of the Emerald Moons location.

I think that Darius is also aboard the Emerald Moon.

Also, Squigs two crew members are on Inops Moon somehow observing the Silverwing in its docking bay. Do you think its possible to observe a ship in the Emerald Moons docking bay while on the ground?
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My impression was that everything you have is correct, save that Seeng and Squig just left Inops because they received information (from separate sources) that Darius' ship is in orbit around the moon.

I sent Seeng to Inops because that was the initial information I thought they received. They are now aware to head to the moon.
Um, I thought the Squig Cruiser was also orbiting the moon of Inops (which is how Squig's crew found out the location of Darius and co)...Otherwise, I think you've got it all down? Maybe?
Alright, so:

Seeng: Inops Moon
Squig: Inops Moon
Squigs 2 crew members: Inops moon, ones who noticed the Silverwing on the Emerald Moon. I guess that they used binoculars or something.
Squig Cruiser: Orbiting Inops moon, although it was previously orbiting Inops itself.