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"Okay" Marche nodded "So what if we bring him to you alive get our reward money and than kill him? Would we get both the six million and the one million or would we just get the one million?".

He than took out his mace, toying it with, fingering up and down the handle. "And alive is also a very loose term. As along as hes breathing, he's technically alive, right?" he waved the mace slightly with his right hand "I mean, its not like you need him to be at one hundred percent".
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Cykris smiled, as if amused by Marche's comments.
"You know what I mean, Marche. His last location was around the prison planet Inops, but he's most likely moved on to either the Golgari or Ajamo systems. I'll alert my old... contact, Cozor Li, about any potential trespassers in his area."
Rex simply grinned. It had been some time since he had been given a bounty to collect that was actually deemed "dangerous." He reminisced his days as a young Vipperre, fighting the various demonic creatures of his home planet. He closed his eye sockets and breathed in the heavy scent of the hunt once again, letting it fill his system and spill from his every orifice. He let his primal urges fill his entire being, becoming enthralled with a passion for the hunt.

His eyes rolled back to the communicator.

"I would be more than happy to aleviate this nuisance off of your shoulders, My Lord. You can rely on me to get the job done without a flaw, as always."
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Cykris smiled and leaned back in his chair.
"Good... that's what I like to hear."
The Emerald Moon closed in on the jump point. Darius nodded at Gerumbio and punched a few buttons on the control panel.
"All right, Emmy, ready when you are."
The ship shot forward into the jump point. As it passed between the two obelisks, the space in front of them seemed to ripple and warp, as though the very fabric of space was a lake, disturbed by a drop of water. Passing through the warp, the ship seemed to speed up for a moment, propelled through an endless darkness. With a slight lurch, the ship stopped on the other side. Before Darius could get his bearings, the ship lurched again.
"That's not supposed to happen..."
Glancing out the window, Darius realized that they had jumped straight into a battle.
Perfect timing, as usual...
Outside, the Emerald Moon was sandwiched between two ships. One was badly damaged, although it had clearly once been an expensive ship. It's size and sleekness of design made Darius suspect it was either a luxury ship or a high-class trader. The other ship was massive and dirty, a foul brown color, with metal grates and spikes sticking out of the sides. Cykris's logo was crudely painted on the front.
"Space Pirates!" Darius yelled.
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"Damnit" said Lillis "This trip is just full of surprises, isn't it? So what say we backtrack a bit and scoot right back to Inops, no?" he paused and looked around "Right?"

Suddenly the ship shook violently, causing Lillis to stumble backward. They had been hit.
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Darius glanced over at the control panel and tried to reverse the ship. No response.
"Emmy, what's going on? We need to move back!"
I'm sorry Dr. Lorne, but the main thrusters have been damaged. It'll take me a minute to repair it.
"Damn it! Gerumbio, has this ship got any defenses?"
"Well it's built like a tank, but it has no offense capabilities. They won't be able to shoot us down, but we can't prevent them from boarding our ship."
Squig talked with one of his crew members while waiting for Limdix to arrive.

"Take one of the larger ships and transport those beetle crates to Cykris. I dont have time to go there myself. Get moving, slowpoke!" he said

The crew member ran off as fast as he could to get the job done. He knew the punishment that slackers got: no dinner.

"Captain, Limdix has arrived." said a crew member.

The crew member pressed a button that opened a large door. Limdix walked through it.

"Sup Squig?" said Limdix, grinning

"Limdix, why exactly do you think that green-trade ship is clean?" said Squig

"Well, it looked like it was well maintained..." replied Limdix

"Idiot! Not that kinda clean!" snapped Squig

"Err...well, the robot said that me and Noss were the only lifeforms aboard..." said Limdix, scratching his head "And we both know that robots cant lie."

"You braindead imp! Robots can lie! Just last week we had that robot chef that lied about what was in the chili!" yelled Squig, who was turning red with anger

"Oh, right! My bad, boss." said Limdix, who was starting to nervously fidget with his fingers

"What else did you see there?" asked Squig

"There were two slaves that arrived, but -"

"Slaves? How did you know that they were slaves?" asked Squig

"Noss told me..." said Limdix, who had lost the smile that he had earlier

"You really think that bloat can be trusted? Gah, weve been tricked! Humiliated!" yelled Squig, who was about ready to strangle Limdix

"S-sorry, boss. No d-dinner for m-me tonight, I g-guess." said Limdix, nervously

"No dinner? You worthless moron, youre in for a lot more that that. Youre lucky that I dont demote you!" snapped Squig "How long ago did the ship leave?"

"A-about t-ten m-minutes ago, boss." said Limdix

"Damnitt! Well never be able to catch them now!" yelled Squig

OOC: Im an idiot for not making it clear before, but the Cruiser stopped pursuing the Emerald Moon after Limdix said that there was no one on it.

Moar dialogue
"Boarding?" said Townes "You're pretty certain this'll come to fighting, then?"
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Leo had a slight jump in his step as he walked down the long corridor, Darius wouldn’t call unless he had something good. Maybe it could level the playing field. This hall was different from the others, it was dark, damp, and smelled like something rotten. It slowly turned left and headed deeper underground. Leo quickened his pace at the sound of yells echoing ahead of him. No one should be down here, he thought, Leo could make out two voices. The first was a man’s voice, loud, aggressive and angry, the second came from a women, it was calm, collected, and orderly.

“Stand down Karl!” the first voice yelled.

“Step aside Gene! That doors coming down, whether you’re in front of it or not. This is your last chance!”

At this point Leo was at a full sprint, he rounded the corner hard, reaching for the small six shooter tucked in his waistband. Drawing the old pistol he called out boldly, “What’s going on here!”

The two figures stood motionless, still glaring at each other. The female, Gene, stepped forward. Slimy, blue skin covered her entire body, her hands and feet were webbed. She wore a pair of brown shorts and top that didn’t even cover her entire midsection. Long, braided, black hair hung down to her waist where a small katana hung, ready for action. “My idiot brother Karl was messing around down here.” She glared at the other figure standing in the shadows a few feet behind her, “He was just leaving, right Karl?”

Karl stepped out into the light, his entire body was covered in spotted, green scales much like a chameleon’s. Small spines extruded from his back, up to his head where they surrounded a large pair of black eyes. For clothing, Karl wore a pair of ripped, camo pants and a sleeveless marine uniform from his time as a sniper. The last name Lacera was stitched into the fabric, the name was about the only thing Karl and his sister had in common. “What’s behind that door,” Karl hissed. “I’ve noticed you started bringing food down here, at right about the time all these people started showing up on our planet.” His long, forked tongue probed the air in between words. “I want to know what’s going on.”

Leo stood still for a few seconds, thinking it over. As Leo’s second in command, Gene already knew what was inside the steel reinforced room. But the other members of his team, including Karl hadn’t been informed. Karl was extremely hot headed and over the years, Mcmillan had learned to give him what he wanted before he made a mess of the situation. Mac wiped his forehead with the left sleeve of his t-shirt and reached into one of the large pockets of his cargo pants, extracting a set of dirty looking keys. He flipped through a few, took a couple steps towards the armored door and inserted the key.

As Leo turned the key he looked back at his companions, “What you’re about to see is highly classified.” A loud click echoed through the hall, followed quickly by the swinging of a large metal door. Karl was right behind Mcmillan, practically pushing his way into the room. It was small, a lumpy mattress sat on top of a rickety wooden frame. Space chats covered the walls and a large bookcase stretched across the rest of the room. In the center of the room was a big, oak desk, covered with papers and books. Behind that desk sat a man.

The old man rose, at 5’11” he was the shortest being in the room, although he more than made up for it with his width. He was broad shouldered and still in relatively good physical shape aside from his large beer gut. His gray hair was combed to one side, an attempt to mask his receding hairline. The man was wearing black dress pants, with a sweat stained shirt and dirty tie. In his mouth was a smoldering cuban cigar, filling the room with smoke. The man grabbed a pair of sliver framed glasses off his desk, placed them over his bright blue eyes and spoke, his loud, deep voice bouncing off the cave-like walls. “Is there a problem?”

Karl pushed past Gene and Leo taking a quick glance around the room, his eyes met the old man’s scared face and Karl froze, “Is that...Jack, surely aren’t this stupid.”

“That’s enough Karl!” Gene was clearly embarrassed by her brother’s behavior. She grabbed his arm, trying to direct Karl towards the door.

Karl shrugged her off and took a few steps towards Mcmillan, “Cykris offers rewards for any former members of The Unity, dead or the top of that list is ex-senators. And here we are, sheltering one of them! What the hell! Mac, if you want to put your life in harms way, far enough. But I’m getting out of here before the emperor brings the whole ****ing fleet down on your ass.”

Mcmillan step to his right blocking the door. “Where are you going to go Karl? If he continue to sit on our hands and let Cykris do whatever he wants, we’re ****ed. Everyone will be working for the Empire and we’ll be forced to steal from Cykris himself. It’ll just be a matter of time before he tracks us down and brutally murders all of us.”

Karl stepped towards the door, now eye to eye with Leo, “Fine, I agree Cykris needs to be stopped, but why are we helping the one man who he wants dead more than anyone else in the galaxy. Let someone else give the old geezer sponge baths! Why are we the ones sticking our necks out for this?”

Leo lowered his head, stepping closer to Earth’s former representative in The Unity Senate. “Because...he’s my father.”
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OOC: I'm back! Sorry guys!
Darius nodded his head.
"It's most likely so. However, if we keep cool, then we might be able to slip past without them realizing we're in the Resistance."
Just then, the screen began to flash.
Incoming message from the Black Raider.
A large, alien figure appeared on the screen. Darius recognized it almost immediately as a Carcharan. The Carcharan species were divided up into two subspecies, Minor and Major. The one on the the screen was a Major, the more powerful and aggresive of the two types. It had a massive, naturally-armored upper body with layers of large scales covering its' back. The alien's face was attached to the top scale and curved downwards, giving the impression that it was constantly hunched over. It's face had two long, drooping antannae and a row of razor-sharp teeth, with two, tiny red eyes on either side of the head. The torso curved down and slimmed out near the legs, and the legs were bent and lightly armored, like a raptor's. The Carcharan had four arms; two large, muscled, claw-like appendages near the shoulder area, and smaller, more dextrous hands sprouting from the midsection. It's scales were a dark blue-green color. The alien gave off the impression of a large, humanoid lobster. It made a clicking sound that resembled a chuckle.
"Who is the owner of this vessel? Speak now, if you value your life."
"It is my vessel"
Gerumbio's plump face appeared on the Carcharan's screen.
"Gerumbio Noss, traveling merchant at your service!"
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The Carcharan clicked one of his larger claws menacingly.
"A merchant, eh? All right. You've obviously got buisness to attend to, so I'll make this quick. My men will board your vessel and take everything of value. If you cooperate, then you can keep your heads. Count yourself lucky that we're not slave traders."
There was a gentle bump as the Black Raider moved up next to the Emerald Moon and prepared to board.
"I understand that you're space pirates, but I maintain friendly relations with the group you work for. I believe you've mistaken me for a fool. Please leave now, you'll be glad you did. I have a lot of security on this ship."
Lillis and Townes did not hear any of this conversation; having discretely left the room immediately before the Carcharan had come up onto the screen.

"This ship'll be the death of us." said Lillis as he and Townes walked quickly down the hall "First the Querymen, now Space Pirates. What's next, a goddamn Cetanoid? Or maybe Blackmaw himself will just pop out and swallow us up, eh? The idea of staying with these guys is looking less appealing as we go."

"Look, Gerumbio's a wet pile" replied Townes "and in this case he's right to be. He may want to defend his ship, but if you think he's actually gonna fight these guys, you're mad. They'll board us, steal all of his things, and be on their way. You, me, and our money can stay hidden the whole time."

"If they're half competent they'll scan the ship; see how many of us there are. It won't help them find us, sure, but they won't leave if they know we're here."

"Fine, then we hide the money."

"Sounds right to me."

The two men entered the guest quarters with which Gerumbio had provided them. Lillis opened his suitcase and placed the money at the bottom of it. He closed the case's false bottom, concealing the cash, then piled his things on top of it. He shut the case but did not lock it. Townes, meanwhile, took a switchblade with a dark gray handle from his pocket and flicked it open. He lifted the mattress off of his bed, then sliced a long gash in the bottom of it before pulling out some stuffing. He placed Lillis's suitcase inside the mattress and made the bed. Lillis threw the stuffing into the trash chute.

Townes and Lillis left to return to the main deck.
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