StarEdge-The COSMOS Project (Official RP)


Jan 24, 2008
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Welcome to the future of our galaxy. 2,000 years to be precise. In the year 2897, humanity finally perfects space travel by travelling large distances at incredible speeds through dimensional gates , known as “jump points”, which are scattered throughout the galaxy. This comes about as a result of the discovery of ancient relics detailing how they are to be used by an ancient race of aliens called the Aliis who travelled the galaxy long ago, and we have repurposed them for human use. However, we are far from alone in this vast galaxy-- there are many other races out there who have been using the jump points long before us-- some friendly, some hostile. Quickly, humanity is entered into the main democratic order of races, The Unity. Life in the galaxy has never been peaceful-- though The Unity did regulate the galaxy for the most part, other races of monstrous aliens and power-hungry warlords have made their attempts on control of the galactic civilization, but they were always repelled. In an attempt to counter such threats upon the well-being and safety of all of it’s people, The Unity began a supersoldier program during the later half of the 38th century known as the COSMOS Project. The goal of the project was to create men and women of all species with enhanced senses and skills, able to fight both inside the cockpit and out. After various trials, the project was a success, and the Unity began mass producing enhanced “COSMOS Troopers”. In an attempt to counter some of the more extrasensory aspects of possible threats to galactic peace, Unity government scientists studied Allis data gathered from their jump points and their ruins scattered around the galaxy, even in places on Earth. The Allis had advanced telekinetic and telepathic abilities unseen in most other races, and by gathering ancient Allis DNA and infusing it into other species, the Unity hoped to create psychic elite warriors with abilities far beyond even those of the COSMOS Troopers. Unfortunately, this project was less successful: Most of the test subjects experienced no increase in psychic ability and died soon after DNA transfusion was complete. Further testing revealed that only specific humans, not other races, had the genetic compatibility for the transfusion. However, the few that survived became immensely powerful “Psykers” with advanced telekinetic powers. The Unity, looking to increase this desirable breed of soldier further, made what would prove to be a poor choice: combining Psyker and COSMOS Trooper DNA, they attempted to make a perfect, enhanced soldier. After numerous more failures, their efforts produced a single child with the enhanced strengths of a COSMOS Trooper and the vast telekinetic abilities of a Psyker. These powers complemented each other perfectly, and the child was far more powerful than the sum of his parts. He quickly grew into a man, but his DNA was fundamentally flawed; genetically, he was doomed to madness from the day he was born. Gifted with a dark intelligence and a frightening drive for power, the man silently gathered powerful followers from all species, promising a future of genetically “perfect” beings like himself ruling the galaxy. Finally, they made their move, slaughtering most of the elite Psykers and performing a bloody military coup against The Unity. The galaxy was shattered as the man took control of the Unity and began ruling the galaxy with an iron fist, enforcing his rule through his many soldiers. Pockets of the galaxy still resist, and there is talk of a Resistance forming to counter the psychic madman. Many COSMOS Troopers and a few Psykers not loyal to the dictator also continue the fight. Only time will tell if the galaxy will ever be free once more.
Welcome to StarEdge! This RP takes place far, far in the future, in a galaxy of space battles, alien races, colorful planets, and genetic supersoldiers. In this adventure, you’ll go on an incredible space journey through a myriad of worlds, along with fellow heroes, to stop a psychic madman from permanently seizing power in the galaxy-- or, you could be one of his sinister henchmen! The choices are yours, and yours alone! Before you dive right in, there are a few rules to go over. These are the basic ones, common to most RPs. For a more comprehensive rule list, please look at the original post on the sign-up thread.

-Please use proper grammar and spelling (Ex: “thei fleugh intoo sp8ce” will NOT be allowed)
-Try to make your posts as descriptive as possible. Remember, other RPers will be building off what you say. Give them a good foundation.
-No godmodding (a.k.a massively overpowering your character, there are a few exceptions but for the most part just don’t do it)
-No bunnying (taking control of another RPers’ character, this is ONLY acceptable if you talk with that player beforehand and they agree)
-No spamming, DPing, etc... use proper “Internet Etiquette” at all times, please.

The Storm as Orbus Frater
Name: Orbus Frater

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Good

Appearance: Orbus is average sized. He stands about 6'3", weighs right around 180 pounds. Built good, not very stocky. His skin is pale and white, almost transparent, from living on the streets and lack of nutrients. His clothes consist of rags that he has found where he resides.

Homeworld: Unknown

Biography: Orbus never knew a home. He never knew family, he never knew support, love, anything to cherish, nothing. The furthest back he can remember is when he was young, he was standing in a dark, damp alleyway, and there were the bodies of three grown men lying on the ground in front of him. Orbus himself was bleeding some from the side of his head, but these men were dead; their bodies had looked like they had imploded on themself, as if having been crushed between two hands. Orbus didn't know what to do. He ran, and ran, and just kept on running.

Orbus has no memory prior to that moment, and all those thereafter are those of sadness, loneliness, and solitude. He has spent what he can remember of his entire life in the slums of a planet called Inops. Said planet was known as the "scum" planet, and that is because instead of being sent to prison, those who could not pay bills or commited crimes were sent here. Orbus has no direct outlook on life, never has known anything except the rough and rugged lifestyle that he has developed on Inops. It has been many years, but noone is sure of Orbus's actual age or descent, all that is known is that he is human.

He is known throughout Inops as "The Rat" or, "The Scrounger." He nitpicks through the scum of the planet and finds what he likes, and keeps it. He has heard of al the galactic news going on, with the rise of the new government and everything like such. He has also heard of a resistance forming to overthrow the new power; and when he hears of this, he gets a strange, unexplainable feeling of desire to go and fight for good. Having spent all his life around muggers, murderers, and the scum of the universe, he has a strangely warped sense of justice, but once he decides what is right in his mind, he will stop at nothing until it is done.

Personality: Orbus is a strange fellow, his dialect is incredibly adept for his backround. Finding different books and knick knacks around the planet he stays at, he has learned multiple intelligences and speaks nearly thirty-five different alien languages. He is very unsure of himself, but once he makes up his mind, it is one track and whoever gets in the way of it gets mowed over without hesitation.

Ship/Weapons: Orbus has no ship. His weapons consist of scrap metal and junk he has found to survive on his trashy planet of Inops. He carries various arrays of sharp metallic objects with him, along with laser guns he has recovered from the bi-monthly shipment of guard soldiers that are sent to the planet to insure regulation and stability. It never happens.
Shiagu as Aelan Pharian
Name: Aelan Pharian
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Good-Psyker-Delivery Pilot
Appearance: Aelan is human, which explains all the basic structures off the bat. She has a petite frame, yet does not give off the impression of fragility. Her hair is very dark brown, cut short to around her earlobes, and has long bangs that sometimes obstruct her green eyes. she always wears dark and thick eyeliner, just because she likes the way it looks. that is the only aspect of her appearance that she cares about maintaining. She has olive-colored skin which suggests Mediterranean ancestry, which she does not really care about. She wears practical and simple clothing.
Homeworld: Earth's moon. Part of Earth's civilization began a colony on the moon, where she was born and raised. The culture is pretty similar to the mother planet, and people travel back and forth between the two quite often.
Biography: Aelan was sent to the Unity research facilities as a teenager and was turned into a Psyker. however, after the injection, she was tested for an ability and for performance in combat. at not finding any improvement in her performance, she was sent back to her home. she became a pilot for a delivery service and was very very good at it. her ability is Photographic Location Memory which allows her to remember places very well, along with maps of all kinds. not very useful as a soldier, but vital for a pilot. after years of her job, she is sick of it but does not know what else to do. she gets rediscovered by the Unity group who were going through their files and, finding this discrepancy, go and find her. seeing her incredible talent as a pilot and understanding what her ability is, they make her a combat pilot. she is happier at this turn, and this is all i have to this point on backstory.
Personality: Aelan is introverted, but not unfriendly. she is rather shy and may seem cold and aloof to others, but she is a kind person at heart. she has a little robot friend, ARP, who not only helps her with her jobs and mechanical things, but who was also her friend, both as a child and now.
Ship/Weapons: She drives a pretty generic delivery spaceship, as relevant to her job description. It is rather large, built to have strong defenses in order to protect cargo, built to have a reasonable speed, but has virtually no offensive aspects. Over the course of the RPG, i plan to somehow get her a cooler ship.
Febe as ARP
Name: ARP (Amiable Robotic Playmate)
Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless (Referred to as male)
Allegiance: Good
Appearance: About four feet tall, ARP has a large spherical center with a small screen in the center of it. The screen can display simple emoticon-like images to indicate ARP's 'emotions.' His limbs are thin and take up the majority of his height. The hand pieces are taken from a robot designed to repair air crafts, and can take the form of most tools.
Homeworld: Earth's moon, he was bought as a toy for Aelan when she was a small child. ARP was manufactured in a factory on the Moon Colony, but he considers his true birth to be in the laboratories with Aelan.
Biography: ARP began as a mass produced Amiable Best Friend; bought for Aelan when she was a young girl. Once at the forefront of technology, Aelan kept ARP around far longer than most children would have kept their old toy robots. Eventually he became bitter and jaded, longing to be something important, and more than just a "professional best friend." While Aelan was being tested as a PSYKER, a friendly scientist modified him to have the capacity to repair ships, and other machines. ARP has always considered this a rebirth of sorts, and now works hand in hand with Aelan on her delivery routes.
Personality: A smart ass, he has a bit of a superiority complex, and thinks that he is a good deal smarter than his owner Aelan, he respects her quite a bit as a friend and will do most anything for her. Not particularly trusting of most strangers, but will never pass up the opportunity to speak with a fellow technician regardless of how dangerous they seem.
Ship/Weapons: Not much of a fighter, but built into his hand he has an extraordinarily extensive tool kit. He rides with Aelan in her delivery ship, and is constantly trying to modify it with guns, superior engines, etc; but Aelan usually won't let him spend all of (or any of) their budget on such things.
GigaRidley as Darius Lorne
Name: Darius Lorne

Species: Quarr

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Good- COSMOS Trooper

The Quarr are a race of aquatic people with many traits in common with modern-day aquatic and amphibian life. They have long webbed hands and feet, and moist, rubbery skin. Off of their home planet, they must use breathing apperatuses (in Darius's case, a retooled gas mask) in order to procure the required amount of moisture from the atmosphere to remain wet and healthy. Without this apparatus, the Quarr shrivel up within the course of a few hours and die. Males have greener skin than females and also have long "fin-blades" on either elbow for both protection and mating rituals.
Darius wears a thin black jumpsuit from his time as a COSMOS Trooper, along with fingerless gloves and his breathing mask.

Homeworld: The Quarr Homeworld, Serris, is a thick, swampy marshland planet filled with dragonfly-type creatures the size of a toddler and aquatic-based beings. The air is so thick there that only creatures adapted to it, like the Quarr, can see through the piercing fog. The Quarr, though up to date with the most recent galactic technology, prefer to live in small "tribe-groups" along the riverbeds of the planet, only meeting once a year with other groups to exchange genetic information via mating.

Biography: Although Darius was raised as a young Proll (the Quarr equivalent of a tadpole) on Serris, he only spent a few months there as a young adult Quarr before being selected by the Unity government for his advanced brain capacity and genetic compatibility for COSMOS injections. The injections heightened Darius's speed, strength, sight, and enhanced his fin-blades to the point where they are true sword-like appendages, able to resist most blaster fire and even deflect pulsar blades, as well as cut through steel. However, Darius found himself most at home in the many laboratories on the Unity Research Stations, and became an avid scientist and engineer. He was one of the main contributors to the Psyker project and can also decode Allis writing, a valuable trait.

When Cykris performed his coup against the Unity, he attacked the base Darius was on with the intent of slaughtering anyone who had been a part of the Psyker project, and so prevent the creation of any more warriors with telekinetic abilities other than himself. Darius fought off the group of soldiers sent to "take care" of him, but watched in horror through unbreakable glass as his scientist colleagues were brutally murdered before his very eyes. The last one to fall, his best friend, saw Darius watching and hit the disengage button in the control room he was in before he died, separating Darius's section of the ship from the rest of the station and allowing him to escape.

Alone and lost, he caught the eye of the then-newly-formed Resistance, who brought him into the fold. He is now a valued member of the resistance and their Chief Engineer, as well as being one of the ones responsible for finding and inducting new recruits into the Resistance.

Personality: Darius is a gifted genius, even for his already-intelligent kind, and thinks in a way difficult for humans to comprehend. He often gets frustrated when others have trouble keeping up with his lightning-quick thought process, and when flustered, expands the pouch on his neck and makes a disapproving croaking sound. He also has a rather inflated sense of self and can sometimes go out on a tangent talking about his genius. Overall, however, he is a clever and caring individual who is a valuable member of the fight against Cykris. He also has a penchant for bad humor.

BONUS FACT: If his accent could be equated to current accents in the world today, it would most closely resemble British.

Ship/Weapons: Darius's ship, The Silverwing, is a weak but speedy and maneuverable silvery-blue ship that is actually fairly large. Though he is a talented pilot, Darius prefers to avoid space battles when he can, and rather excels in close and long range personal combat.

He carries a small Resistance-issued pistol with his own "modifications" to increase it's usefulness and is a master of finblade combat, able to hold his own against multiple opponents at once easily, bounding in between them with his powerful legs.
Lennox as William Townes and James Lillis
Name: James Lillis

Species: Man

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Not aligned with either the empire or the resistance, but has no love for the empire.

Profession: Grifter

Appearance: About five foot ten, dark brown hair, Caucasian. Green eyes. Good looking; spends a lot of time trying to cultivate the impression that he does not spend a lot of time on his looks. Of average build and weight.

Homeworld: Cartana. A planet similar to Earth, Cartana is one of the oldest human colonies, and is home to many very old and distinguished families. Lillis hails from Blackport, a rough and densely populated city which houses many of Cartana's working class citizens.

Biography: Born in Blackport, Lillis was abandoned by his parents as an infant and raised in an orphanage. Despite the orphanage's best efforts, it was a poor place to grow up, having very little money. Lillis ran away at the age of twelve and stowed away on a train to Cymbeline, a moon of the gas giant Eos, where he met William Townes. The two rapidly became close friends, and grew to depend on one another. They made a living on Cymbeline as grifters. Lillis has never had a long-term paramour, but has had innumerable romantic encounters with the women of Cymbeline, among whom he is largely both admired and despised. The two often move to a new planet when necessary.

Personality: Lillis is somewhat narcissistic, and has trouble regarding the well being of others over himself. He does not like to plan things in advance, and is often reckless and impulsive. His impulses are often correct, but this nonetheless gets him into trouble. He often depends on Townes to deal with the details of jobs they pull. He is described by those who do not know him well as witty, handsome, and charming. Like Townes, Lillis is a talented actor, and when he assumes a persona or tells a lie, even the wisest of men often have trouble discerning the truth. Lillis is usually well dressed, and habitually wears a waistcoat and suitpants with a black derby hat.

Ship/Weapons: Lillis has basic hand-to-hand combat skills, and carries a high quality energy pistol which he stole from a Cartanian nobleman, with which he is somewhat skilled. He is poor enough at fighting that he prefers to solve problems by other means. Keeps a two-way communicator hidden in one of his cufflinks.

Name: William Townes

Species: Man

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Not aligned with either the empire or the resistance, but has no love for the empire.

Profession: Grifter

Appearance: Light brown hair, about five foot eleven. Blue eyes; Caucasian. Fairly slight of frame.

Homeworld: Varan. A planet similar to Earth, Varan is home to many prosperous trade and industrial businesses.

Biography: Townes's mother died when he was young, and his father, a merchant, was killed by pirates when Townes was eleven. After his father's death, Townes decided to travel to Cymbeline, where he met James Lillis. The two rapidly became close friends, and grew to depend on one another. They made a living on Cymbeline as grifters. Using a false identity as a student at Cymbeline University, Townes spends many hours at the University Library. The two often move to a new planet when necessary.

Personality: Townes is very practically minded and even headed. He does not think well on his feet, but is skilled at planning ahead, often acting as the 'idea man' of his and Lillis's duo. Though he lacks Lillis's charisma, Townes's intelligence makes him an equally skilled grifter. His calculating nature can sometimes lead him to be somewhat amoral, but he is usually good natured. Townes has never been comfortable with space travel, and prefers to remain on solid ground. Like Lillis, Townes is a talented actor, and when he assumes a persona or tells a lie, even the wisest of men often have trouble discerning the truth. Has a love of classical literature. Usually wears a light grey or blue suit with a Panama hat.

Ship/Weapons: Townes carries a projectile rifle, which he insists is more effective than modern energy rifles. He is a skilled marksman. He is not especially strong physically, but is agile enough to hold is own in hand-to-hand combat. Still, he is poor enough at fighting that he prefers to solve problems by other means. Keeps a two-way communicator hidden in one of his cufflinks.
lbu8 as Leo “Mac” Mcmillan and Jack Corsen
Name: Leo “Mac” Mcmillan
Species: Human/Moic (Pronounced Mow-ic
The Moic are very human-like creatures. The species was very much in its infancy when humans first landed on their planet Mocratiana. Due to this their native language is english and live very much like humans. Moics have slightly pointed ears and teeth, and are naturally slightly taller than humans. Moics are more mild mannered than humans greatly value family and nature. Physically Moics are in another league. Their muscles are much more advanced and because of their more primitive lifestyle have much more acute senses.
Gender: Male
Allegiance: None...or so it seems

Appearance: Mcmillan is 26 years old and stands at 6’3”, short for Moician standards. His skin is slightly tanned and his head topped with a thick mop of dirty blonde hair. His eyes are a deep, deep green, a common trait for Moics and his ears and canines slightly pointed. He is fairly muscular and clean shaven. His wardrobe consists of baggy cargo pants, different colored t-shirts and a dirty navy blue baseball cap that he wears backwards.
Homeworld: Europa
Europa is Jupiter's smallest moon, comparable in size to earth. It was the very first in a long line of human colonies founded around the year 3000. Its surface is a mixture of rocky terrain and ice covered oceans.

Biography: Leo was born on the moon Europa and was raised by his single mother Teresa. His father was out of the picture and any questions he had about him where skillfully shrugged off by his mom. As a single mom, Teresa tried to provide a good life for her son. Working 2 jobs she struggled to put food on the table and keep up with the rent for their small apartment in the ghetto. To fill the need for attention he couldn’t get from his mom, and to try and make some money for his own Leo took to the streets, chasing girls, gambling, selling drugs, even stealing things from time to time. Life in the ghetto made him tough and desensitized him to crime and violence, but it also made him crafty, quick on his feet, and tough as nails.

When Leo turned 18 and became an adult he was caught trying to hot wire a hover bike owned by the governor of Europa. Due to his previous record and the governors connects, he was sent to a military boot camp meant to break misbehaving youngsters into an army of obedient soldiers. Leo escaped from the compound with a group of about ten others, who found themselves on the planet Imperis, the Unity’s base of operations. Over half of the planet is covered by a giant bustling metropolis which is home to heads of state from all races and planets. Mcmillan and a group of four other delinquents stuck together and found a way off the planet and onto a nearby moon called Prator. The moon is essentially a game preserve rented out by rich hunters with too much time on their hands, making it a perfect place for Mcmillan and his unit to hideout and pray on the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy.

The group of five made a pack to each other to stay loyal to each other and have become a kind of disfunction family.(these characters will be introduced throughout the story as npcs or if someone wants to create one of them to roleplay with they may...see me first.) Making Prator their home planet they spend most of their time discussion possible heists or different ways to make money. They also spend a lot of time wondering through the solar system going from job to job.

However, recently things have changed. A few months ago small groups of resistance fighters began secretly arriving on the moon Prator. Leo is currently acting as their leader. At the very least, Mcmillan is an unlikely man for the job. The other resistance fighters question his motives, unknown to all but Leo and his special task force, “The Unit.”

Personality: Know as anything from a cut-throat, selfish pirate to a skilled, master architect of thievery, to a modern day robin hood, one thing is for sure. “Mac” has a great number of personas. Leo cares first for himself, second for his brothers and sisters known as “the unit” and third about money. Being raised in poverty, Mcmillan had a great value for money from a young age, it was everything. This has translated to his adult life. He enjoys having a good time and uses his money to do just that. Oddly enough Leo is not greedy, and often gives away a large portion of his earnings to those less fortunate. He will not steal from anyone who truly needs it. Mcmillan is a quick and witty tactician and can talk his way out of any situation. Although is not a slouch when forced into a fight.

Ship/Weapons: In a hidden hanger on Prator is a stockpile of high priced weaponry and ships stolen from a variety of wealthy owners. Mcmillan himself usually carries a double barreled, high caliber, hunting rifle that fires incinerary rounds designed to stop even the most heavily armored wild game. He also carries a skillfully crafted energy sword. The sword resembles a cutlass with its curved, crimson blade and intricate, silver inlayed handle. Leo’s ship of choice is the lightly gunned, PF Flyer, an unmarked black cruiser allegedly able to out run anything in the solar system.

Name: Jack Corsen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Good-Psyker
Appearance: Jack is a stocky fellow standing at 5’11” and weighting over 240 pounds. He is in the early stages of balding, and his once blonde hair has turned into an unmistakable grey. Corsen’s blue eyes are bright and alive, although they haven’t been able to see his feet for quite some time due to his santa claus like gut. Jack dresses well and is almost never caught without a suit and tie and a large wooden walking stick. A pair of wire frame glasses sit on the edge of his large nose. He also has a long scar running from above his left eye down to his left cheek. A cigar is always placed in his mouth, lit or unlit.

Homeworld: Earth/lived on Imperis(home of the unity)
Biography: Corsen was one of first successful subjects of combining alii DNA with human DNA to create the psykers. At the time he was a hot shot young man who thought he could do anything he put his mind to. He took challenges head on, impulsively, not taking the time to think them out. As Jack grew older he slowed down, put on weight and retired from the Psyker program. At age 40 he married, settled down and got into politics, first on earth at the state and country level, and despite an alleged affair involving a young alien women on a moon in the milky way, he was eventually selected to be Earth’s representative to The Unity.

As an ambassador of Earth he lived on Imperis and enjoyed his job, trying to make the solar system a better place. Until one day, when Cykris made his move. The Unity capital building was destroyed, everyone inside thought to be dead. A few days after the attack, while Cykris and his followers were on other planets finishing what was left of The Unity, Jack crawled out of the wreckage, marked his a large scar and an injured leg. He got off the planet and flew to Prator to find Leo Mcmillan.
Personality: Corsen in this stage of his life is a thinker, a politician. Despite being in politics, Jack is straight forward and doesn’t try to please everyone. Because of this, he was fairly popular among the people of Earth and the other ambassadors in The Unity. As far as he knows he is the only surviving member of any government before Cykris’ attack, making him a valuable person. If Cykris knew he was still alive, killing Corsen would be one of his top priorities. Because of this Jack is extremely secretive even to the members of the resistance.

Ship/Weapons: Jack Corsen pilots no ship and only carries a heavy wooden walking staff. Although his Psyker abilities have decreased in power along with his physical abilities, he can still hold his own against most opponents.
TimidGent as Gerumbio Noss
Name: Gerumbio Noss

Species: Unknown

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Neutral in trade matters, but a secret ally of the resistance.

Profession: Merchant

Appearance: A short, stout man of a race that not even Noss himself can identify. He has an abnormally large nose, and a large mustache. His skin is stony and cracked and he has stubby fingers. He usually wears lavish robes in rich colors such as indigo, chartreuse, and vermillion.

Homeworld: Ventropolis, the bustling tradeworld of the galaxy.

Biography: Noss was raised by two human spice traders on Ventropolis. His parents told him that they found him abandoned as a child on a deserted spice mining plant. Noss grew up to open Emerald Moon Trading Co. a traveling merchant business. Noss' spaceship-shop orbits various planets, buying and selling rare goods to travelers.

Personality: Noss is a jovial gentleman, liked by most. He has created a great business for himself. Secretly, Noss sometimes harbors resistance members on the run from the Empire. He also strikes up conversation with traveling Empire Psykers, and relays this information to resistance members, thus, he is a valuable contact for the resistance

Ship: The Emerald Moon, a traveling shop. It is shaped like a big green pear, and has docking ports at the bottom.

Weapons: Noss is dreadful at fighting. He carries around a weak bolt pistol that he doesn't know how to use.

GigaRidley as Emperor Cykris
Name: Emperor Cykris a.k.a Subject #0192

Species: Human

Gender: M

Allegiance: Evil- "COSMOS Psyker"

Appearance: Cykris is the result of numerous trial-and-error tests to create a "genetically perfect" being. As a result, he stands at a menacing 6' 7" and has a powerful, muscular build, though not too bulky. His face is strikingly handsome, but his slightly twisted features give away the monster beneath. His hair is long and tangled, giving the appearance of not having been cut or cared for recently, and is a dark brown. His eyes are pure red and glow when using his Psyker abilities. When not in combat situations, Cykris wears a long black trenchcoat that buttons up in the front and a hood that covers his face in shadow. The right shoulder of his trenchcoat displays the new logo of the Unity designed by him, a target-shape around a diamond. When in combat, he wears a bulky, brown, red, and silver power armor based on COSMOS Trooper armor, though much more resilient. It has spikes and vents all over it, giving it a cold, mechanical feel. It also has a full face helmet that Cykris wears in combat.

Homeworld: Cykris was not born on a planet, the place of his "birth" was inside of a incubation tank on the Unity Space Station Thoth. He spent his early life aboard this station and never had what one might consider to be a "normal childhood", being brought up as a perfect soldier. It seems that the government scientists taught him too well.

Biography: Cykris, born Subject #0192, was the 192nd attempt at creating a being who had the traits of both a COSMOS Trooper and a Psyker, and was the only one of his clone-siblings to survive his "birth". Since the moment he was born, he knew he was different than other people. Even as a young child aboard the Space Station Thoth, hushed voices followed him; he knew he was destined for greatness. Isolated from other children, Cykris was raised alone by personal tutors and trainers, so as to prevent hm from being affected by others and becoming a perfect soldiers. Cykris excelled at his studies, and his combat abilities were second-to-none; by the age of 12, not even his veteran combat trainers could hope to match him in battle. His Psyker abilities were multiplied tenfold by the COSMOS Trooper enhancements, making him almost literally able to kill with a glance. In his earlier years, he had trouble controlling these abilities, killing many of his caretakers in fits of rage. In time, he learned to use these powers to threaten and terrorize those who displeased him, and while nothing was ever proven, several Unity officials who had opposed his creation were found to have committed suicide in odd ways as he grew. However, his genetics were flawed in a dangerous way, and he began to view himself as a literal god, making all other creatures almost beneath his notice. He did not understand why he didn't rule the universe- being perfect, wouldn't he be the most obvious and best choice? As Cykris began to state his opinions more forcibly, The Unity began to realize their mistake in creating such a powerful and unstable person, and so they attempted to eliminate him. Cykris killed the COSMOS Troopers and Psykers assigned to assasinate him, and vanished. Years went by, during which time Cykris had gathered a group of loyal followers devoted to his cause, as well as a group of Space Pirates that caused havoc on various planets such as Inops. Finally, he made his move and rebelled against the Unity, overpowering them and murdering their higher-ups, and appointing himself as "Universal Emperor".

Personality: Cykris is an absolute madman, remorseless and unwavering in his goals no matter what the cost. He believes himself to be no less than a perfect, genetic "god" and does not tolerate being treated as anything less. He can be charismatic and collected one moment, and a raging tyrant the next. However, he is incredibly intelligent and dangerously clever, and is absolutely brutal whenever necessary.

Ship/Weapons: Cykris does not personally pilot his own ship, but his command ship, aptly named the Emperor, is a large battleship bristling with powerful weaponry, a scourge of the starry skies. Cykris's two main weapons in close combat are hisincredibly potent Psyker abilities and a massive chainaxe that can cut through the most hardy armor. His Psyker ablities include limited telepathy and mind control of weak minds, telekinesis, and force projection of imagined objects, all incredibly powerful. On his power armor, his right hand contains a pulsar blaster that fires a machinegun-type burst of lasers.
NeoSquid as Squig
Name: Squig
Species: Nautmar
Gender: Unknown, but prefers to act as a Male. Will be referred to as such.
Allegiance: Evil general for Cykris
Appearance: Nautmars are an incredibly rare species, and several sub-species have been discovered. Squig is from the most rare and powerful of these sub-species.

Nautmars have a spherical body, and are usually about 2 feet tall. Squig is green. They have 6 tentacles sprouting from their backs that they can use, along with short arms and legs. They have large, tube-like mouths with a sharp saw-like tongue inside. Nautmars have different amounts of eyes depending on the species, but Squig has 3 eyes.

Homeworld: Unknown. He just showed up one day inside of a small meteor, on the planet Sparterran.

History: After showing up at Sparterran in a meteor, his heavily damaged body was repaired in a lab. His species was rare, so massive testing was done on him, often painful. He helped work in the lab after his testing, almost as a slave. He began to grow very hateful of the lab workers.

One day, the lab was raided by space pirates. During the raid, he accidentally bumped a piece of an unknown metal the pirates brought (later named Krobane). Much to Squigs surprise, the metal melted with touch! Squig moved his hand off it, and it hardened again. Squig stole the stash of Krobane from the pirates and brought it back into the lab.

The scientists were very fascinated by Squigs find. The metal seemed to naturally generate electricity, which shocked anyone who got within a few inches of it. Even stranger was how it reacted with a chemical on Squigs skin. When the chemical touched the metal, it turned into a dense liquid! But despite being a liquid, it still stayed in one piece. The liquid was also very sticky, and it was difficult to get it off. Squig was the only one immune to both the stickiness and the electric shock.

A few weeks went by, and the pirates returned. They demanded that the lab give back the Krobane. When the lab refused, all the lab workers were murdered...except Squig. That was because Squig, out of fear, gave the Krobane to the Pirates. He was taken with them in their ship.

After getting to one of Cykris's labs, Squig asked if he could join the pirates, as their way of life interested him. The pirates excepted under one condition; Squig would have to defeat their strongest member in battle.
Using his agility and skill with a light sword, Squig won the battle and discovered how powerful he actually was. The pirates kept their promise and let him join.
The pirates explained that the Krobane was a newly discovered metal, and that they were taking it back to get it researched by Cykris's top scientists. They were shocked to find out how Squigs body handled the metal. Using some of the Krobane, they developed Squig two swords. Squigs skin chemicals could be pumped into the sword to turn them into liquid. The swords also obviously had electrical power, which could be turned off.
Impressed by how Squig handled them during battles, they made him four more; one for each tentacle.
Squig moved up in the ranks of the pirates, using his battle skill and surprising intelligence. Eventually he was promoted to a governor of Cykris's army.

Personality: Squig is really full of himself. He considers himself better than everyone, and certainly acts like it. He bosses around his army a lot, although is known to let them chill out and have fun once and a while, meaning that he is not completely uncaring. He dosnt take his job seriously at all, and often throws a party in any base he takes over.
Despite all this, Squig is still incredibly smart, although it dosnt usually show. He is actually quite good at leading an army, and enjoys surprising the enemy with unexpected actions.
He may be smart, but he lacks common sense and general safety. He does things like juggling a knife and stuffing his walky-talky with bits of cucumber, just for the hell of it.
If his weapons are taken away, Squig becomes a coward. This is why he brings his weapons everywhere he goes.

Squig has six swords made out of Krobane. The hilts of the swords are made out of different materials, so they will not melt. The handles have a device which can pump Squigs chemicals to the metal, causing it to melt. When melted, the swords are stretchy and can be used as a a sticky whip or molded into different shapes. They also can electrocute enemies, but not nearly enough to cause death.

The melted Krobane can be hardened into its sword form by inserting it into a special vacuum sheath that Squig usually keeps in his ship. Due to how annoying it is to do this, Squig will rarely actually melt his weapons. Of course, they can always be molded back into a crude sword pretty much anywhere.

He is also known to carry around a rocket launcher.

Squig has a large battleship called the Squig Cruiser, but like the name implies, its more of a cruise ship than a battleship. Its more devoted to entertainment than to actual fighting. He uses it to carry cargo and crew, launch smaller fighter ships, and to...well, hang out. It is painted mostly green and black.

Squig also owns a smaller personal ship called the Squig Rocket. It looks like a normal bottle rocket, and can launch fire. It also has the near pointless ability to fire hot peppers. Its painted green and white.
Febe as Seeng Dichrona
Name: Seeng Dichrona
Species: Tondu
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Evil -COSMOS Trooper
Appearance: In her natural form, Seeng is a large feline whose coat appears to be made up of growing crystalline microfibers. Like other members of her species, Seeng lacks the capacity to feel cold, heat, or pain; but as a result she will often go forward into situations that endanger her life without knowing so (cold is the only thing she has any particular resistance toward).

As a result of the COSMOS program, Seeng has gained the ability to control the crystalline fibers that compose her body, and alter them into any shape she wants. However, when she alters her appearance the crystals that compose her body thicken, slowing her down drastically; such that if she is attacked, or moves too quickly in a non-feline form her body will shatter.

Homeworld: Simran: Simran is known for its incredibly cold temperatures, and having very little biological diversity; due to the beauty of the icy structures on the planet, it has become a popular tourist spot. The Tondu people are the only particularly intelligent life on Simran, and are divided most simply into two groups: Those that worship the Sanud (and do not support tourism and technology), and those who do not (and aspire to advance their society through the growing tourism industry, and the technology travelers often bring).

Biography: When Seeng was a kit, tourism and technology were only beginning to be introduced to Simran. Her parents were incredibly supportive of technology, and did everything they could to help Seeng become a well educated and tech savvy individual, going as far as stealing gadgets from tourists to give to their child. Seeng was always terrified by this technology, especially a “robotic playmate” her parents stole for her.

One day, she ran away from home and met a priest of Sanud. He taught her about the religion, and showed her the magnificent ice temples devoted to their “God.” From this day on, Seeng decided to be a priestess of Sanud.

As a teenager, Seeng was selected to become a COSMOS trooper. Her parents were delighted, until Seeng said she had no interest in becoming “corrupted by technology.” For days she sought to garner support from her parents, and their tech-savvy friends. She tried to teach them the ideals of Sanud, but no one would listen. Convinced that there was no hope for her people, she gave up and allowed herself to be taken away.

During her time at the Unity’s facilities, Seeng learned that there was more to technology than just consumerism. And began to embrace it, mixing her old religious ideals with her new acceptance of advancing technology to better society.

Seeng returned to Simran fully grown, only to find things had changed drastically in her absence. The majority of the population had embraced not only technology, but consumerism as well. She spent a few years trying to convince her people that they could continue to use advanced technology, yet avoid falling into sin, but still no one would listen. Seeng became jaded, and lost hope in all living things, and was left with nothing to cling onto but her religious values of purification, and moderation.

When Cykris rose to power, Seeng’s life was set in motion again. She felt he personified her new ideals. He too, was forced into a role of power, and was using that power to purify the universe. Seeng realized she too had become powerful, and to deny that power was wrong. She instead decided to join Cykris’ forces, and use her abilities to eliminate those who had been corrupted by sin and consumerism.

Seeng believes that Cykris is the human personification of her God, Senud. As such, she will obey his every command even if it means death.

Personality: A forward creature that always has the intent to help, her dream is to create a pure universe where all species practice moderation (ie: consuming as little as possible), and seeks to eliminate sin. As a result, she is constantly struggling with her own flaw of pride, and overconfidence in her abilities, and (what she believes is) a superior moral code.
Seeng has spent a large portion of her life trying to change those who have sinned through kindness, and has decided it simply isn’t enough. Cykris’ ideals offer her another way to achieve her goal; by eliminating all that don’t align with her ideals.

Over the years she has gained the title of Seeng the Merciful, as she always offers her victims a week to repent, and see the wrong of their ways. However, she is also notoriously tenacious and brutal in hunting down those who don’t follow through.

Ship/Weapons: Seeng’s talent lies in assassination. She is most often sent on special missions to eliminate individuals. Seeng will hide in an alternate form, then transform into a feline and slaughter her prey using her claws and teeth. Although she is not incapable of fighting off large groups of enemies, she often refuses to do so because it doesn’t give her the opportunity to offer her prey mercy.

The Storm as Rex Rgis Malum
Name: Rex Rgis Malum

Species: Ferinus Viperre

Gender: Male

Allegiance: To the highest bidder

Appearance: Being an inhabitant of planet Ustulo, Rex is a lizard-snake. He is able to change color, change size and, at times, if he loses any appendage he can grow them back. This applies to nearly every appendage. However, this power does have a cost. It cannot be used in succession. If a body part is cut off more than once, it will not grow back. He maintains a human stature, his scaly body reaching 6'3". His skin is incredibly rough, being born the traditional Viperre way, his skin is made of Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. This substance resembles the roughness of the arid stones in deserts.

The skin is piercable though, proving an effective but not invincible shield. The one thing it does provide full immunity from is heat. Being of Viperre descendence, heat is their natural source of energy, and so their skin evolved to withstand tremendous amounts of heat, nearly reaching Supernova. Small stone spikes cover his entire body, yet his face is somehow human. It is a rocky, grainy face, but he has eyes, a mouth, one nostril in the center of his forehead, and small holes for ears located in the very back of his head. He also has a pair of ear-holes on the tops of his hands. These are used for hearing what others cannot.

He has small spiked rocknails that are attached to his fingertips. He uses these either for battle or to tear things apart. His teeth are serrated and set in three rows from the front to the back of his mouth. The move like a conveyor belt, new teeth constantly replacing the old ones every other week. His rocky body is colored a deep Brown color. His body will change color depending on both the temperature and the climate of his surroundings. He can also change color at will, making him a very useful spy. Typically, he wears no clothing. This is so he can better "accustom" himself in any situation if needed.

Homeworld: Ustulo is a scorched desert; home to some of the feircest predators in the Universe. It is known amongst travelers as the "Furnace Planet." The atmosphere being able to reach temperatures of over 450 degrees, the Planet is rather repulsive to the normal traveler. However, the occasional Game Hunter will attempt to grab a piece of the rare substances the Planet holds.

Biography: Rex Rgis Malum is a member of the family Ferinus Viperre. This family is a long-lived and long-evolved chain of lizard-snakes. They are known to have some of the toughest skin in the Universe, making them an opportune target for most hunters of rare skins and merchant traders. The Ferinus Viperre are a rare species, mostly associated with the other dangerously dark creatures of Planet Ustulo. The Ferinus Viperre are known to reproduce in the center of their known Planet. As the adults are already immune to heat, the eggs which hold their children are not. The egg is taken to the core of the planet and broken open prematurely. The fetus of the baby Viperre is then buried in the molten sand while the parent returns to the surface.

After several months of "incubation", the baby is ready to leave the core of the Planet. Due to the immense pressure and heat, the newborn's skin grows as Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. The baby then utilizes its claws and digs its way to the surface, fasting all the while and taking 3 weeks to reach the surface at best. The Viperre are able to survive for months at a time on a single meal, losing none of their weight or strength in the process. When the newborn arrives at the surface, it is already able to fend for itself. Rex was born this way, along with every other Ferinous Viperre on the Planet. Feeding on small creatures at first, Rex was confronted with his first real challenge when he was several months old.

He encountered a giant Calx Vernus, in english it means "stone snake". The Calx Vernus swallowed young Rex whole. However, due to Rex's intensely rough skin, the worm's innards were ripped apart from the inside as Rex slid down his throat. This did not kill the worm, however. Rex spent the next couple weeks inside the worms stomach, feeding off the worms meals as it ate, sharing with the worm a Parasitic relationship. Unable to gain any nutrients from its meals, the worm soon died of starvation, and Rex burrowed his way out of the worm's stomach, emerging from its mouth. Rex then spent a few weeks guarding his host's carcass by day, and feasting upon it by night.

A Calx Vernus has the most protein-filled meat in the known galaxy. Rex was able to quickly triple in size during the time it took to finish the worms carcass. Time did not pass normally on Ustulo, haing three suns, it was impossible to tell how time passed. After a very long time, Rex reached his current height and potential. Having ripped apart a recent gang of hunters, he was able to usurp one of their starships. His primative instincts left, and the other side of his brain kicked in. He began to investigate the ship, learning to read the files, learning to speak the trans-galactic language English, and learning how to fly the ship.

He took the ship and flew blindly into space. Not knowing the known galaxies secrets, he embarked on a mission to find as much knowledge as he could about the new world he had discovered. A few years have passed, and Rex has gathered many followers. He is now one of the most feared head-hunters in the galaxy. His talents and allegiances belong to the highest bidder.

Personality: Rex is a vicious predator by nature. When in the heat of battle, he gives in to his animal instincts. In normal relations, he is very calm and collected. Due to his appearance, many tend to avoid him. He has no true uncontrollable animocity toward anything unless he is hungry

Ship/Weapons: Rex's ship is the same one he stole off the hunter's who attacked him. It is a sleek, fast ship that slips in and out of radar in the blink of an eye, aptly named the "Spectre". Rex has a plethora of creatures in his employ that attend to his needs and ship. Rex carries with him a small energy pistol, along with an assortment of explosives. His skills, along with the power of his weapons make him an incredibly dangerous adversary. He has recently become keen to getting hired to kill off certain Psykers, being that his skin refracts all telepathic control, save for the strongest.

Rex is a Lizard-snake creature, and can therefore move like one. He is able to leap great distances, and fall from extremely high heights with little to no actual damage being caused to him. His natural animocities make him ideal for combat, as being a lizard-snake, he can leap and climb walls, along with having the ability to resist and carry extremely large amounts of weight. His body itself is the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal. His mouth also secretes a very deadly toxin that he can launch at foes in the form of spit, and said toxin is so corrosive he can even use it to eat its way through walls and metals.

Rex tends only to use his claws for hunting. In personal combat, he uses a pulsar energy blade the color of the sun that he found amongst the hunters that attacked his homeworld. Using his primitive urges, he has enhanced his dexterous strength with the blade by implying the feirce nature of his homeworld. He calls the style, in human tongue, Vapaad. Vapaad's strength comes from the ability to harness a creatures natural animocity and applying it to sword combat. Being his creation, he is the sole living master of Vapaad.
PrinnyRam as Marche La March
Name: Marche La March
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Neutral - COSMOS Trooper

Appearance: A aveage looking dark skinned human male. He stands at 5"11. The only notiable feature would be the scar on his cheek. He wears knight like armor from the neck down.
Homeworld: Tantalus. He grew up there poor, alone and not quite sane. He doesn't remember much of his past.

Biography: Marche grew up on the lawless slums of Tantalus. Knowing only anarchy. He grew up knowing that if he wanted something, he just had to be tough enough to take it. He eventually figured out what he wanted the most. To leave the hell hole and so he high jacked a ship and crashed it into the nearest planet he could. The universe for free reign as
far as he was concerned. He exploited the stuggle between the resistance and the ruling party by doing what he had done. Whatever he wanted. However he wasn't a total dick, he found that he did indeed have a concious. He would find himself helping those in need, even if they either came at a strange price or they ended up worst off than they were before. Like when he helped that starving village on Sisyphus by bringing them food, only for him to crash the carrier through half the buildings. Or when he proved that a man was
innocent of a murder, by making up the story where the guy was guilty of several other murders. It woudl probably be a safter place in the galaxy he was locked up forever, but as long as he has a say in it, he will keep on adventuring through the universe.

Personality: Marche La March doesn't keep about your silly worries like weather the resistance will survive, or weather those savage animals are gonna eat you or weather people die if you kill them. He does things because he wants to, not because you told him to. He doesn't worry about anything, he doesn't care about anything, life goes on and more importantly, the fun he will have messing with everyone will go on.

Ship/Weapons: Sonic Mace- A large metal sphere on a large metal stick. Has a metallic field around it. Any person or thing that enters the field will be smash apart by millions of tiny by destructive shockwaves. This weapon was something he stole from a warchief around the Tartarus cluster of stars and planets.

Rail Sniper: A sniper rifle which uses two electromagnets to send an exploding object through great distances. The destructive power of it is great, however reloading takes along time. The best time to use this weapon is to gain an preemptive or surprise attack. Anytime else would be unwise.
TimidGent as The Watcher
Name: The Watcher
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: His own agenda
Appearance: Not much is known about The watcher. He has a humanoid figure, but not much else about him is human. His fingers are long and spindly, his flesh cold, and his skin whitish-grey. For eyes, he has dark slits, and a black turtleneck bodysuit covers his mouth. He has pointy black loafers, and sometimes, he wears a black bowler hat on his hairless head.
Homeworld: Unknown
Biography: Unknown
Personality: Calm and collected, but far from sane.

Let's rock.

------------Year 009297B------------
------------Space Station Thoth------------

Dr. Adrian Huseby walked briskly down the long, thin corridor, her heels clicking against the hard metal grating on the floor. She had a clipboard clutched tightly against her chest, and her long hair had been done up in a tight bun, keeping it from obstructing her face. She paused outside of the door leading into the infirmary to check her clipboard for the third time, making sure all the necessary paperwork was present. Satisfied, she began to walk again, turning away from the infirmary into the cafeteria. While normally full of hungry Unity officials, scientists and soldiers, the large mess hall was virtually empty at this late hour. Aside from two small fox-like aliens, known as Nimlids, chatting in hushed tones in the corner, Adrian was completely alone. As she began to make her way to the other side of the room, her mind wandered to her current, and without a doubt her most important project. Up until the Psyker Project, Adrian had been little more than a lab assistant to some of the more important Unity-hired geneticists and weapons designers. However, the Psyker Project allowed her to finally prove her considerable mental accumen to the higher-ups by creating the Allis-human telekinetic hybrids known as "Psykers" who rivaled even the COSMOS Troopers in strength. It had been a source of great pride for her and her main collaborators, Drs. Arnulfo Thrune and Darius Lorne. At the time, she had been sure that the project would go down as her greatest achievement in the field of genetic engineering. But she had been wrong. Not 3 months after her success with the Psykers, she had been approached by Unity government officials with the offer for a new, ambitious project: combining COSMOS Trooper and Psyker DNA to create A "Psyker Trooper" that would be able to outshine them both in combat. As she exited the cafetria and turned into a dimly lit circular corridor leading into the Top-Secret "Experimental Wing", she passed the barred and locked room that no one had been allowed to enter for the past year. It was quiet today, but sometimes Adrian heard heavy breathing on the other side. She was one of the only 3 people on the station who knew what was behind the door, and it reminded her of her initial failures to create a COSMOS Psyker hybrid. Putting the unpleasant thought aside, she pressed on, thinking of rather how she had eventually, after much effort, succeeded in producing a lone child, genetically selected for maximum compatibility with the project.
Adrian was so wrapped up in thought that she nearly bumped into the door to the central testing chamber. Startled, she backed up a step. The electronic "eye" on the center of the door gazed at her and sighed in a cold voice.
"Thank you I-6, but I'm fine." Adrian said briskly. She didn't much care for the artificial intelligence that handled the internal day-to-day caretaking of the ship, and she suspected that it felt the same way about her.
"That is correct, I-6. I need to check on him once more before he's ready to be 'born'."
I-6's "eye" glowed blue as it set up the necessary path to the test subject. A light beam shot out from its' eye and activated the elevator for the correct station. Sliding open the door the eye was attached to, Adrian stepped into the cramped, dark elevator.
"Oh?" Adrian cocked her head quizzically. "What's Darius doing down there?"
The elevator's doors closed and it smoothly slid down the shaft, pausing as I-6 made occasional adjustments to assure it reached the proper station. Finally stopping, the doors slid open and Adrian stepped into a dark room, lit only by a single large tank in the center. Floating in the glowing green water of the tank was a tiny baby, fully formed and attached to an artificial umbilical cord that stretched upwards and out of view. The child's eyes were closed, it's fists tightly clenched. It gently bobbed up and down in the green water. Standing at the foot of the tank was a tall figure wearing a leather gas mask and a black bodysuit, looking up at the tiny figure housed in the tank. He turned around when Adrian entered the room, revealing glossy green-blue skin, long webbed hands, and fins on either elbow. Adrian smiled a small smile.
"Hello, Darius. I didn't expect to see you down here at this late hour."
"Same to you, Adrian." Darius nodded his head. "Making last-minute checks, I assume?"
"Exactly. Everything has to be perfect for tomorrow's 'birth'. We'll finally see if our efforts paid off."
Darius turned back to the tank as Adrian walked up next to him, checking off bullets on her clipboard and scribbling notes.
"You know how I feel about this, Adrian. We shouldn't have done this."
"And you know my feelings as well. This could be the breakthrough of the century."
"I have no doubt it will be." Darius shook his head sadly. "But for good or ill is a different matter entirely."
Adrian turned to him, annoyed. "I didn't hear your objections during the Psyker Project."
"That was different. We were augmenting the abilities of fully developed and willing volunteers. This is the creation of a new creature, born with the power of a god. He has nothing to compare it to; it will be natural for him. We will simply seem completely inferior to him."
"I think you're overreacting. We have nothing to worry about." Adrian checked off the last bulletin and put the clipboard under her arm.
"This is going to bring nothing but good to the Unity."
Darius put his hand on her shoulder and sighed.
"I dearly hope you are right, my friend. If you aren't, then dark times may be ahead."
Adrian smiled and turned back to the elevator, her clicking heels fading as she walked away. Darius Lorne took one last look at the child in the tank, and slowly turning, followed her out of the room.
------------Year 009321B------------
------------28 Years Later------------
Darius Lorne sat at the cockpit of his personal ship, The Silverwing. He looked virtually unchanged in 28 years, a result of his species, the Quarr, having extended lifespans compared to humans. As he entered the murky atmosphere of the scum planet Inops, his chin instinctively inflated in revulsion as a wave of noxious air passed through his ventilation system as he switched to atmosphere mode. Inops was a garbage dump of a planet, but Darius had good reason to be here: an old colleague of his from his days as a Unity scientist, Dr. Hermann Kessler, had contacted him with the promise of something of vital importance to the Resistance against Cykris. He hadn't stated what it was, but Darius trusted the old geneticist with his life and knew that whatever he had was worth his time. Landing the ship in an old docking bay, Darius got up and exited though the airlock. Stepping out into the foggy and dirty atmosphere of Inops, Darius supressed a gag reflex, handing the toothless docking bay proprietor 20 Diom. The man grinned, pocketing the currency, and giggled wheezily. Darius moved on, putting a large cloak and hood over his mask so as not to be spotted by Cykris's agents. He stepped out into the chaotic and busy street of the prison planet and set out to find Dr. Kessler, moving at a quick jog.
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And as fate would have it, one Gerumbio Noss happened to be orbiting the moon of Inops, a trade outpost known as Ft. Stank. The fort was nicknamed by the a of human soldiers due to its proximity to Inops, and by extension, its wretched smell.
Noss coughed. "Emmy, would you turn on the air filters please?"
Right away Master Noss...
Emmy was the artificial intelligence core of his traveling shop, the Emerald Moon.
"That's better."
Noss walked to the back of the ships storeroom, and withdrew a few thousand Diom.
The prices they charge for liquid Vort-gas these days, I mean really. Rancid-smelling ex-criminals, the lot of them.
Noss reached into his large pockets, and withdrew, among other trinkets, a gyp-silk handkerchief, and an Empire memo detailing known Resistance members that have sizable bounties.
"These should do just fine." Noss stuffed the handkerchief up one of his large nostrils, then crumpled up the memo, and stuffed it up the other.
Are you sure that will suffice Master Noss? My sensors indicate that the gas on this planet is highly toxic.
"Nothing is toxic to me, Em. This is just for the smell."

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thei fleugh intoo sp8ce!!!1
Garbage flung from side to side. The wretched stench of Inops was nearly intollerable to most; but for those who had been there the longest, Inops smelled of nothing but opportunity. There, they had learned to live by their sense of smell. Different smells meant different things whether it was for food, or shelter, even weapons each had their own distinct smell. That was the cheif reason that a tall man was now digging through a heaping pile of trash, throwing things out of his way in a hurredly fashion. After a few moments of digging, he found what his nose had known was there.

He grasped the metal handle of it, and slowly pulled it out of the rubble. It glowed brightly, and was roughly a meter in length, no more than two inches in width. Carvings were inscripted all over the metal rod, and as the man looked over it and ran his fingers across it, a group of people walked up behind him.

"Well well, look at what our little friend Orbus has found. That'll fetch a mighty fine price once we escape this rock. So come on Frater," the man said holding out his hand, "Why dontcha just give it up... Before this gets ugly."

Orbus Frater slowly stood up, the metal rod still clutched tightly in his grasp. He slowly opened his mouth, "Ok Gentor... You win..."

The man chuckled and stepped forward to claim his prize, and in a flash of a second, the metal rod had struck him across the face, knocking the man to the ground along with knocking a few of his teeth out. The man yelled in pain struggling to get up, and Orbus took off like a speeding laser. The man got up and the group of five alien thugs chased after Orbus. He sprinted through the streets, dashing from garbage pile to garbage pile. Running in and out of the alleyways in an attempt to lose them; no such luck.

One of the thugs happened to be of the Carcheran Species, and quickly got down on all fours and began catching up to Orbus frighteningly quickly. Orbus could feel him coming, and just as the creature leapt for his back, Orbus jumped into the air, spiralling. As he spiralled, he reached in his pocket and his hand found four sharply pointed scraps of metal that he through at the creature in midair. The metal sheared sking from bone as the poor beast fell to the floor, bleeding profusely. Orbus grinned.

"One down... Four to go."

Orbus took off again through the streets, not stopping for anything. Suddenly, his left shoulder felt like it was on fire. He looked and saw he had been shot by one of the thugs laser bolts. He tried to hold back the pain and headed for the nearby Docking Station, hoping to find some sort of outlander or guard to help him. He leapt towards the docking bay, falling to the ground where he landed directly in front of what looked like a man dawned in cloak and mask.

"Please... Help me..." Orbus muttered, grasping at his arm and making sure to hide the metal rod that he had found.
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Darius took a step back to avoid the young man who had suddenly been flung into his trail.
"Please... help me..."
Before Darius had time to react, he and the injured man found themselves surrounded by a gang of four surly-looking aliens. The largest one, apparently the leader, grinned and stepped towards him.
"Greetings, friend. I'm sorry you had to get involved in this, but this man has cheated us and stolen one of my... prized possessions. I am sure you understand the severity of this crime, and he must be punished for it."
The thug moved to grab the injured man on the floor, but Darius moved in his way.
"I know your face. You're Gentor, aren't you? Arrested on six accounts of armed robbery with a weapon, four accounts of third-degree burglary, two counts of cruiser-vehicle theft, and two counts of murder in the second degree?"
The man's grin began to falter.
"That's my name, yeah. What's it to you?"
"If you're Gentor, then I can say with 100% certainty that this man has done nothing wrong. At the very worst, he stole something that you stole from someone else, but I wouldn't be surprised if you just decided to kill him because you were bored. Back off, and you don't have to get any more... hurt than you already are."
Darius gestured to the man's missing teeth and swollen eye. Gentor spat out a gob of blood and put up his fists.
"Fine then, freak, you can join your little buddy!"
Gentor directed a crushing blow at Darius's mask. Acting with lightning speed, Darius threw up his cloak covered arm, Gentor's fist connecting with his rock-hard fin. With a sickening crack sound, Gentor screamed, falling to the ground and cradling his shattered fist. At the same time, two of the other thugs charged him. Anticipating their movement, Darius expertly leaped over the first thug, sweeping his leg as he hit the ground, then spun around, hitting the second thug directly in the stomach. As the thug recoiled in pain, Darius slid forward to follow him and spun in a circle, punching the thug square in the jaw. As he collapsed in a heap, unconcious, the final thug made a small, fearful squeaking noise and fled out of sight, into the crowd. Darius looked around; aside from a few people cheering on the fight, most of the citizens of Inops had continued about their daily lives. He figured that they had gotten used to spectacles such as these; Inops was a violent and dangerous planet. Helping the injured man up, he moved him off the street and laid him down in a nearby alley so as not to attract the attention of any guards.
So much for keeping a low profile... let's just hope I can do what I came here to do and get out without any more scuffles.
Turning his attention to the young man he had saved, Darius leaned up against a wall and crossed his arms.
"Not very bright, kid. Stealing from a man like Gentor is liable to get you killed."
Orbus grinned, breathing heavily, "You have no idea sir... Heh... Thank you for your assistance, by the way..." He gripped at his arm, "I think I need some medical attention..."

Orbus slowly stood up, making sure to keep what he stole tucked in his ragged coat out of view. He turned to leave, but then stopped and looked back at the cloaked man.

"Perhaps we can help eachother... You seem to be quite adept at fighting, but you also seem to be looking for something. This planet is extremely dangerous... And difficult to traverse, even for many who know the place. If you help me, I can help you find what you're looking for."

Orbus sniffed the air, and grinned.

"Ahhh... That is why you are so agile... From your scent, you must be a Quarr. What's your name, traveler?"
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Darius paused at the question. The young man seemed trustworthy, but Cykris's henchmen were everywhere. If the wrong person got wind of his identity, the Querymen would descend on him before he could say "Resistance". Darius finally decided to risk it.
"I'm Dr. Darius Lorne. You can call me Darius. No one calls me 'Doctor' anymore."
Darius stifled a chuckle.
"I'm no medical genius, but I can take a quick look at your shot."
Darius grabbed the young man's left shoulder and leaned in to take a better look. The wound was relatively small, but deep; thankfully, it looked like the thug that had shot him had an older-model blaster. The heat from the laser had cauterized the wound, but it would take a day or two before the arm could be moved comfortably.
"I have to say, kid, you got pretty lucky, all things considered. We ought to get a wrap and some gauze for that, but you ought to be good as new soon enough. Any place nearby where we can get anything like that?"
Orbus smiled. "Before we go any further, I am Orbus Frater; stowaway of Inops... I have lived here all my life, so forgive the smell, it is all I have ever known. Here, follow me."

Orbus led Darius through a few alleyways, down a few side streets, up a few trash heaps, and down into the bellowing stinking depths of the diseased rock known as Inops. They finally stopped at a small building made underground, a minute sign on the door in a forgotten language was posted.

"See this?" Orbus pointed at the sign. "This is written in a language not spoken for years It is made so not just anyone can get in unless they know the password, and only few know how to say that word in this forgotten language. Luckily though, you have me."

Orbus grinned, looked at the door, then muttered and hissed an undiscernible word. There was a creaking sound, and the door opened to his voice recognition. The two of them stepped inside the door, a tired old man sitting in a chair behind the desk sat sleeping, and Orbus smiled.

"Here we can get whatever medical aide we need... Darius, I welcome you to the office of Dr. Kessler."
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Darius was shocked by his stroke of good fortune.
"As it just so happens, Dr. Kessler was the man I was looking for."
Darius walked up to the sleeping old man and gently pushed him, waking him from his slumber. The man leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes, pushing his glassy spectacles off of the crook of his nose.
"Orbus? Is that you? I told you... not to hide out here... it's too dangerous!"
"Not quite, Hermann."
Dr. Kessler looked up and nearly fell out of his seat in shock.
"Darius! My old friend! I'm glad you're here!"
Leaping from his chair with surprising speed, Kessler shook Darius's hand jovially.
"Likewise, Hermann. I must say I got very lucky in finding you. If it wasn't for your friend Orbus here..."
Kessler chuckled.
"Well, I try to keep a low profile. This planet is crawling with loyal servants of the Emperor. Orbus helps out by going out into the open and in places I can't."
Kessler suddenly noticed Orbus's wound.
"Orbus! Your shoulder! What did you do this time?"
Kessler began rummaging through a box of medical supplies on the floor.
Squig stood on the edge of his battleship and stared at the jungle below him. He was flying over the planet Jungella, which was famous for having incredibly bizarre and rare animals. He was there to pick up a batch of beetles called Gelotous Mamutho, or Jellys, as he liked to call them.

"Hmmm....this planet is pretty, I guess, but I wish that master wouldent force me to be his errand-boy. Am I right, Fallo?" said Squig

Standing next to Squig was a tall, muscular man named Fallo Orderias. He had short blond hair, an intimidating yet handsome face, and wore a black tuxedo. He was Squigs official bodyguard, and in addition to protecting Squig, he was also forced to do anything that Squig told him to do.

"......that makes sense....." mumbled Fallo

"What? For the love of god, man, speak louder!" complained Squig

"I said that what you said makes sense." said Fallo, louder this time

"Thats right. I mean, Im a general for crying out loud, why am I stuck doing this boring stuff? Oh well. Hey, I hear that theres some super-hot and tasty peppers that grow deep in the jungle here. We should buy some when we land." said Squig, licking his lips

"Well, if you want those peppers, youd better hope that money grows on trees on this planet!" yelled a voice behind Squig. "Those things are super-expensive due to how scarce they are!"

Squig turned to see one of his crew members walking towards him.

"Well then, I guess that we will just have to go on an expedition to find some." said Squig. "You, Fallo, and some other crew members can come with me."

"....but....but.....but you dont understand how dangerous it- "

The crew member was cut off by Squig.

"Stop whining and fetch me five other guys, you sissy. We are going whether you like it or not!" yelled Squig

"OK, fine. But dont say I didnt warn you."

Squig stood for a moment, thinking going into the jungle to search for peppers. He was considering abandoning the search, as he too knew about the dangerous beasts that lived in there, many of them extremely poisonous. But he got over this after remembering that he had on his ship nearly every antidote in existence, along with a quality hospital. They also had strong weapons to take with them.


OOC: lol, I promise that Squig wont get this sidetracked very often. I just wanted to show how immature he is.
Orbus chuckled as the old man began to bandage his wound.

"Just another scuffle with Gentor, nothing out of the ordinary... A few scrapes and bruises here and there, nothing too severe. I have to say though, if it wasn't for Darius here, I might not have succeeded in collecting what I have found..."

He discreetly reached into his ragged robes and pulled out the metal rod, inlaid with carvings, and laid it on the Doctor's desk. Kessler jumped back with surprise and his eyes grew huge with excitement, shock, and a trickle of fear.

"Orbus... That can't be... Is it?"

Orbus simply smiled.

"Yes, it is Doctor. Its the thing we have been searching for. The resistance now has a weapon."
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Darius stepped over to the rod and picked it up, turning it in his hand. It felt surprisingly warm and made a low humming sound. He looked at the carvings along the edge of the rod.
"This... this is Allis writing, isn't it?"
Kessler nodded.
"That's right. This is an Allis Power Node. Orbus heard rumors through the Inops underworld that someone had discovered it in one of the old ruins on the planet. Finding out whether the rumor was true was a more difficult matter, but it looks like our hard work has paid off."
Darius's eyes widened under his mask.
"Are you serious? This... little rod is a Power Node? I thought they'd be bigger!"
"The Allis continue to surprise us, to be sure. Who knows what other secrets they may yet have left behind? But that's not important right now. You know what this means?"
Darius nodded his head slowly.
"Well, yes. A portable unlimited reactor. The only other two I know had been found were at Unity headquarters, being researched... before Cykris took over."
Kessler waved his hand and tutted.
"Yes, yes, the power is important. But, if my theories are correct, this will allow us to finally activate Allis technology. The bigwigs over at Unity HQ never thought to try it out."
Darius was totally shocked.
"We can use Allis weapons now?"
"Well, it'll definitely take some time to figure out exactly how. All the more reason for me to keep low. If Cykris found out we had this... well, I wouldn't want to be me."
"I'm assuming this is why you sent for me?"
Kessler cocked his head to the side.
"Sent for you? I did no such thing! It was a complete surprise to see you here!"
"No, no! You sent me a holo-message, I definately saw your face, and you asked me to come find--"
Darius went quiet as the horrible truth dawned on him. They had been set up. He spoke in a terrified whisper, completely different from his usual demeanor.
"The Querymen."
Kessler's face was a look of absolute terror as he came to the same conclusion. The Querymen had tricked Darius with an illusion to make him think he was talking to Kessler. He had led them right to him!
No sooner had he figured out the truth than a pounding came from outside the door.
Kessler grabbed Darius and Orbus, and thrusting the Power Node into Darius's hands, shoved them into a large closet in a back room.
"There's a secret room behind this closet. Hide there, and don't come out until you're sure it's safe! You must keep the node out of their hands!"
"But what about you, Hermann! I got you into this, I won't--"
Kessler cut him off.
"I don't blame you for this, Darius! I'll be fine! Now HIDE!"
Slamming the closet doors behind him, Kessler ran off to confront the intruders. Darius grabbed Orbus and moved through a false back panel into a dark, cramped room. They could hear faint voices coming from the main room.
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A crystalline woman tossed a few coins to a cab driver for driving her to Jungella. She nodded to him before morphing into a more comfortable feline form. Above the tree tops she noticed a familiar battle ship preparing to dock. Seeng heaved a sigh before trotting over to the clearing where she assumed the ship would land.
"That fool is probably just looking for more of those damn hot peppers..." She muttered. As the aircraft began to descend, Seeng slinked toward it, and shouted, "Squig! Don't even bother getting out of that ship, I've gotten word from our man at the docking bay in Inops that he has spotted a man who resembles Darius Lorne. While I would prefer to take care of a mission like this myself...I...Well, it is farther then any hired man would take me for a reasonable price, and I was told you were close to Rutul."
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The Watcher stepped into Kessler's house with two querymen.
"Hello, Kessler."
Kessler tried to remain calm.
"I know he's here Kessler."
Kessler lied. "Know who's here?"
"Don't play dumb with me Doctor."
The Watcher turned to his cohorts, Hox and Von Carlisle. Hox was a Kanhund, a race of muscular, bulldog-like hunters. Edmund Von Carlisle was an expert marksman with a mohawk and sunglasses. Both of them wore long white trenchcoats, the uniform of the Querymen.
Hox sniffed the air and growled. "I can smell two others."
The Watcher grinned at Kessler. "Two? What a pleasant surprise."
"I swear, there's nobody here"
"Still keeping up the act? Edmund, show him what we do to traitors."
"Heh-heh." Von Carlisle withdrew his shotgun. "Boom-time."
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Darius listened closely to the voices, but couldn't make anything out. Suddenly, there was a sound like a gunshot, and everything was quiet. Darius slumped backwards.
"****... ****..."
Darius prayed that Kessler was all right, but he didn't have much hope.
"I know you two are here. This is neither the time nor the place for this encounter however. I counted on the Quarr being alone. I had some... questions for him." The Watcher sighed. "No matter. We will meet each other very soon. Come Hox, Van Carlisle."
Hox snarled. "But boss, I wanted to kill sumtink"
"Not now Hox. Soon." The door slammed.
Goodbye, gentlemen