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The Carcharan's eyes narrowed.
"I believe you've mistaken me for someone who cares. The Emperor holds a great deal more respect for us than some two-bit trader. However, if you really are loyal, then perhaps we can work out some sort of arrangement. I will board personally. No blood will be spilled if you cooperate."
The screen went dark as the alien went to join the boarding party.
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Darius pondered for a moment.
"Our chances against the Pirates right now are slim. Our best bet would be to just cooperate and see if we can strike some sort of bargain."
"I like the way this fellow is thinking." said Lillis "Let's not spill blood when we needn't, eh? We are gentlemen here, even if the other side aren't. A bargain it is, then."

"A bargain sounds good, yes." said Townes "But we're not exactly in a position of power here, if'n you follow me. What's to stop them from just taking everything we have?"
"Everything we have? You mean everything I have, everything I've worked for and earned! My entire worth is invested in this vessel and the goods on it. If they take my assets, I'll be penniless! Even though I wouldn't be dead if we surrender, I'll have lost my entire life! I understand if you would all like to flee in escape pods now, but I would rather go down with my ship than lose everything I've worked for!"
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Darius raised his eyebrows under his mask.
"You have escape pods? I won't leave you here, but I have something that is of the utmost importance. Could we send it on a course to the Resistance base immediately? We don't have much time!"
"If it's that important, the last place you want to put it is in an escape pod." said Townes "I've seen a dozen smugglers make that mistake. Just because a pod doesn't have life forms aboard it, don't mean it won't get shot down or intercepted. If we're wanting to bail, it'll have to be in a craft what can outmaneuver these pirates. A manned craft. Seeing as the your ship's out into the void by now, it looks like we ain't got such a craft."
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"Also, Emmy is a wonderful AI but..."
Thank you Master Noss
"...but she can only pilot one vessel at a time. Sending out your "items," whatever they may be, would mean Emmy would have to leave the ship in stasis. We'd be stranded here until she returned... if we could survive that long."
Squig decided to call Seeng again.

"Seeng, Squig here. I have determined that there were in fact resistance members aboard that green ship. Unfortunatly, it managed to escape.

Now, I was wondering if you could help me with one of two things. One, you could come back to the ship and help me take down a large resistance base. Two, you could attempt to track down that green trade ship for me. Over."

If Seeng came back to the Cruiser, Squig would try to find out more about her so he could get revenge for her stealing his ship. If she went after the green trade ship, then he would be one step closer to taking down Darius.

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