StarEdge-The COSMOS Project (Official RP)

Aelan nodded. "That my dear friend, sounds just about right!" She went back to the driver's seat and clutched the wheel. She glanced at ARP, a small wave of nervousness coming over her. "D-do you really think we should do this? I mean, she made it REALLY clear not to..."
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Darius activated the message port with a few quick button presses.
"Welcome to ComDex secure message transfer service. Please state your name."
"Please enter passcode, User #4095."
Darius typed in his password. A large blue screen with the words "No New Messages" flashed.
"Send message."
"Please state recipient."
"Contact Name: L."
"Thank you. Please wait a moment."
The computer was silent for a minute.
"L is not available, User #4095. Would you like to leave a message?"
Damn it, Leo, of all the times to not be at the computer...
"Leo, it's Darius. The rendezvous with Hermann was a trap, but I got something important. Obviously, I can't tell you what here, but trust me when I say that this could be a breathrough. I'm heading back to base."
Flipping off the communication channels with his generals, Cykris activated a different channel.
"Calling Marche La March and Rex Rgis Mallum," a robotic voice replied.
"Squig, good job on getting that Resistance info. I want you, Fallo, Limdix, and the rest of your crew to head over there right away. Show them who runs the galaxy now." said Cykris

"Will do, master Cykris!" said Squig

Squig noticed that Cykris had hung up, so he did the same. He sensed that Cykris was slightly angry about Darius slipping through of his tentacles like grains of sand.

Before taking off to Pognyte, Squig had to drop the beetle off somewhere. Also, he had the feeling that he was forgetting something....

He called Seeng. Maybe this was what he was forgetting to do.....

"Seeng? This is Squig. What have you been up to lately?"

No...there was something else that was slipping his mind.
Light refracted off the glistening black hull of the Spectre as it lazily glided through open space. The stars reflected upon the ships exterior surface, and even sent radio waves back to whence they came. This ship was invisible to the univers, it did not even exist.... Save for those who were aboard it or already knew where it was. The gentle hum of the engines tirelessly ran through the interior of the ship, keeping its passengers awake and abroad. It took alot of effort to run a ship that was, as far as anyone else knew, non-existent. Yet they made it happen. The ship would never show up on radar, it would never be able to be tracked, and noone would know where it was unless they were aboard it. None, except for one.

The radio transmission receptor on the Spectre's control bridge beeped intermidently, signifying an incoming call.

"Master," said a rather putrid looking alien working the ships communication controls, "You have an incoming call..."

A deep heaving breathe was heard through the shadows, and out of the darkness emerged a dark colored lizard-like alien. One whose cold stare could be felt in the souls of all his victims. Rex Rgis Malum reached down a scaly finger, and turned the intercom on speaker to accept the incoming transmission.

He heaved deeply, and spoke in a deep, snake-like hissing voice, "Lord Cykris... Good to hear from you again... How may I earn your business this time?"
Seeng touched down on the moon of Inops once again, and stepped out of her ship. She gave a quick scan of the area, and saw a few Querymen standing together, one was scratching his head and surveying the skies.
She walked up to them, and said, "Looking for Lorne?"

One of them nodded in response, and said, "Looking for some other guy too, he hit Hox here in the head. Maybe made him even stupider then he was before."

"Hey!" Said Hox, "I ain't stupid...I got a education."

"What did this man look like?" Seeng said.

Hox glared at her, "Human, he was a man...Uh, real sgraggly lookin'. Took off in some silver ship."

Seeng nodded to him, "Well, thank you for you help. Tell your leader that Cykris wants you to report to him. I imagine he has some sort of assignment for the lot of you."

After turning away from the Querymen, Seeng received a call from Squig.
"What have I been up to? Why Squig, I did not expect to get a call from you on your own personal time...This warms my heart. I have been ordered by the Emperor to investigate Inops and search for any further information on Doctor Lorne. Might I inquire as to what the great Squig has been commanded to do?"


"Yeah she did!" Said ARP, "And you know who we don't listen to?"

Aelan shook her head.

"We don't listen to animals! What was that thing? A cat? What does a cat know? Aelan, you need to follow that green ship," Arp chirped.

"...A...Alright." Aelan replied. She gripped the steering wheel, and headed closer to the green ship prepared to follow them as soon as they left Inops' moon.
"Hey lady, Im calling strictly for business. Anyway, Cykris told me to beat up some resistance guys at Pognyte. Shouldent be too hard....." said Squig

Despite what Limdix had reported, Squig still believed that there were resistance members hiding aboard that green pear-ship. He decided to ask Seeng about it.

"...what exactly do you know about that green trade ship?"
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-Somewhere on Prator-

“Beep Beep Beep!” The obnoxious noise of an alarm clock spread through Leo Mcmillan’s sleeping quarters. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes and turned off the annoying beeper. Slipping his feet into a large pair of black boots, Leo rubbed his eyes and walked over to his small eating area. A makeshift fire-pit was set up in the corner farthest from his bed with a set of pots and pans hung on a nearby wall. Leo grabbed a size-able frying pan and placed it above the fire. He grabbed a pair of eggs and cracked them over the pan, tossing the shells out a window. Mcmillan surveyed the room.

It was small, eight quick paces would take an individual from one end to the other. It contained a bed, a miniature refrigerator, the fire-pit, and a small dresser holding Leo’s clothes. The entire room was made of wood and a large tree trunk ran through the middle of his loft. Mcmillan flipped his eyes and stepped over to his dresser. He pulled out a clean gray T-shirt and a pair of cargo pants and began to change while staring out his window. He was about 20 feet of the ground in a tree house perched barley a fifth of the way up a giant redwood. Hidden among one of the many forests on the planet Prator, Leo’s treehouse was invisible from the air and very difficult to see from the ground, making it an ideal hideout.

The eggs were done, Leo placed them between two slices of bread and put out the fire. He walked to the center of the room and knocked twice on the the wooden trunk. A piece of the wood slide to the side to reveal the trunk was actually a hollowed out stairway. Leo made his way down the spiraling stair case until he was about 10 feet underground. Here the passage widened out and became much more modern looking. The underground hall where impossibly white and opened up to a large circular room filled with monitors and projectors. Leo approached a tall slender man sitting at one of the terminals, “Wade, whats up?”

Lomas Wade looked up from his work to acknowledge the greeting, “Just checking out the backgrounds of some of the latest arrivals.” Wade went back to typing away at the holographic keyboard, skimming over files. His eidetic memory gave him the ability to process and remember everything me read or heard, making him a human encyclopedia.

Leo moved his attention over to a wall of flat screens depicting a camp scene. Men were walking around, eating breakfast, showing off weapons and bull-shitting. “Find anything interesting?”

Wade shook his head, pointing to the screens Leo was looking at, “Most of these guys are troubled backgrounds, any of them could be one of Cykris’ spies. I just don’t think we can trust these people.” Lomas paused, apprehensive about questioning his leader, “why are you letting them stay here anyway?”

Mcmillan sternly looked at Wade and spoke, “Lomas, you know better than anyone its getting more and more difficult to find good jobs. All of the rich and powerful, the people we always still from are either dead, hiding from Cykris or on his payroll. Pretty soon, we’re gonna run out of people to steal from. Cykris needs to be stopped, or we’re all going to be laying face down in the Brogmore swamp.” Wade nodded in agreement, and continued working on his puzzle. A loud series of beeps echoed throughout the room indicating they had a message. “Wade, whose it from?”

Lomas put down his puzzle, discussed that he was interrupted again, and answered, “Umm...It says unavliable, hold on I’ll bring it up.” Lomas typed away at his keyboard for a few seconds and a faceless voice began speaking throughout the command center.

"Leo, it's Darius. The rendezvous with Hermann was a trap, but I got something important. Obviously, I can't tell you what here, but trust me when I say that this could be a breakthrough. I'm heading back to base."

Leo looked gave Lomas a quick glance indicating for him to prepare for Darius’ arrival and quickly walked out of the circular room towards the only hall that led down.
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Darius quickly walked back into the docking bay. Looking out through the window, he could make out the approaching jump point. He had seen them countless times, but they never ceased to amaze him. Floating in the endless abyss of space were two tall metal obelisks, engraved with runes and Allis writing. They were parallel to each other and faced vertically upwards in accordance with the ship's position, although they could just as easily be upside-down if the ship changed position. The obelisks seemed to pulse with an odd energy.
"Orbus! You've never been through a jump point before, have you?"
"Ah, Rex. Your talents are most formidable indeed. I'm here to inform you of a new bounty I'd like you to go after."
Rex drummed his rocky fingers against the telecommunications array intercom and grinned. The serrated teeth in his cheesy grin only added to his aggressive animalistic behaviour.

"What prey do you have in mind this time, my Lord?"


Orbus looked sickly at Darius.

"This would be my first time... I get a little space sick I think..." He then began dry heaving.
"The trade ship...?"
Seeng began to pace, and said, "Are you following it? At the moment I do not know much about it other than the fact that Darius is not alone. I imagine he has at least one, if not two companions...One of which has a penchant for throwing things at people's heads."
"Here Orbus, take these." Gerumbio handed him a clear canister of blue pills. "They'll help with the motion sickness, but you might be a bit drowsy for an hour or so."
Hold on….. he was feeling a slight disturbance in his pants. Maybe he was still spooked by that event with that mad scientist and the scalpel. The nut job kept screaming nonsense like how Marche shouldn’t ever be allowed to breed. It wasn’t his fault that the guys lab got blown to bits, I mean who leaves that big of an arsenal out in the open. He thankfully got out of there in one piece and as a plus, he was able to boil the guy’s head down and made a nice cup out of his skull. I mean like really nice, it was one of his favorite possessions. And what did that guy mean he wasn’t going to be a good father. He would make a great dad, he could do everything a father was suppose to do. Like destroying his son’s childhood home and taking over the universe and then kick his ass when he leads a rebellion against him, but like a good dad he would forgive the boy, maybe buy him a planet like Zambo or maybe a pony. Everyone knows that kids like ponies.

Anyway that vibration was starting to disturb him. Maybe he should get a doctor to check that out, oh wait false alarm, it was just his phone. He was okay and the call was from-

“Hello?” the mercenary and all around cool guy said. “The Emperor wants to see-” his voice rose to a unbelievably high pitch “me”. He leaped head first into the door on the slide of the ship. A few moments later the shuttle flared to life, shooting off to a location unknown.
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"Are you following it? At the moment I do not know much about it other than the fact that Darius is not alone. I imagine he has at least one, if not two companions...One of which has a penchant for throwing things at people's heads." said Seeng

"You think that Darius is aboard that ship? One of my men tells me otherwise...You might just be being stupid, but I should check with him before assuming that." said Squig before hanging up

Ha and Fallo got in their vehicles and flew back to the cruiser. Minutes later, they arrived in its docking bay.

"Limdix! Limdix! Get the hell over here!" Squig shouted through the loudspeaker
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"I never said..." Seeng stopped herself.

Perhaps this would get that idiot Squig out of her way; better yet, it would make him look like a fool to Cykris.

"I never said...That you should rule the possibility of Darius' presence on that ship...Out...?" Seeng reported to Squig.

With a click she hung up on him.
She did not have the time to be fooling around with Squig...She knew Darius had been tricked into coming to Inops, but she got the feeling things hadn't gone quite as planned. He had escaped with something...And Seeng was prepared to find out what.
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Cykris spoke through the communications array in front of his throne.
"Rex, Marche, you two are two of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. I wanted to personally inform you of my latest bounty."
A picture of Darius Lorne appeared on the communications array.
"Dr. Darius Lorne, former Unity scientist and member of the ISAP. Back in his day, Dr. Lorne was at the forefront of genetic research and helped with the Psyker Project. He has also been injected with the COSMOS Trooper formula and is formidible in hand to hand contact. I want him alive. The bounty is 5 million Diom.That becomes 1 million if he dies."