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Darius rushed out from the hiding spot to see the ship taking off. ALthough he was glad the plan was working, he was going to miss the Silverwingl it had gotten him through more than a few tight situations in the past.
"I just hope they'll be alright..."
The transmitter beeped to indicate Squig had hung up, Seeng looked outside of her ship to see his ship docked by the Emerald Moon.

"Reckless, as usual," she thought.

Seeng looked around the area quickly and noticed a larger ship; delivery-class, drifting lazily nearby the Emerald Moon. Darius trying to escape, no doubt. And if not...Well...

She dialed Squig's ship again, "Squig? Squig, are you there?"

"Squig is out, lady. He said to uh...Give you the message that if you get here sometime this decade that he went ahead inside," a crew member answered.

Seeng narrowed her eyes and replied, "Alright...Well, you can go ahead and call Squig on his personal transmitter and inform him that I am going to investigate a suspicious delivery ship that appears to be leaving Inops' moon. Besides, he seemed rather confident he did not need my help." She paused before adding, "Also...Let him know that Darius' ship...The Silverwing is taking off. He may want to consider pursuit."

"I'll do what I can."

Seeng switched her transmitter off. Although she wasn't entirely confident that the man she had spoken to would relay her message to Squig, she had to press forwards. The Silverwing stunt was too obvious, probably a trap. She sped toward the Delivery ship, and slowed to a halt as she pulled up next to its entrance.

She switched on her transmitter again and said, "Hello, this is Seeng Dichronas of the Unity. I am looking for a traitor to our emperor, his name is Darius Lorne, and have reason to suspect he may be aboard your ship. Connect the entrances of our crafts and allow me to enter, or I will board by force."

OOC: Too much Firefly, I'm starting to think of this Government as the Alliance.
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"You reckon they've had enough time to scan us for life-forms?" said Townes

"Should've done" replied Lillis "Most likely we ought to give 'em a minute more. Let's get back to the cargo bay, though."

"Alright" said Townes, unfastening his safety belt. They had filled the cargo bay with heavily weighted crates, two of which were empty. Lillis and Townes each squeezed into a crate, and fixed a magnetic cord between them to be sure that they would not get separated. Lillis held tightly to the remote which opened the bay doors.

"Now?" said Lillis

"Wait for it..."


"Wait for it..."




"Do it."

Lillis pressed the button on the remote, and the bay doors opened, jettisoning the cargo into space, and giving the Silverwing a slight boost in speed as it continued forward.

"How you doing, Junior?"

Townes vomited inside his helmet

"Just fine; thanks for asking."
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Before Squig could reach the building, he got a call on his phone.

"Squig, Fallo here. Seeng went to investigate what I think is that pear-shaped delivery ship. Also, that silver ship from before....the Silverwing, apparently....has taken off. Over." said Fallo

"What! But why isnt -" Squig was cut off by the sight of lasers speeding through space. The Cruiser was trying to shoot the Silverwing down! But 5 seconds later, the shooting stopped, and Squig received a call on his phone.

"Captain, we stopped shooting because we just finished scanning, and there are no lifeforms aboard that ship. It was most likely launched from that veggie-ship as a trick. Should we pursue? Over." said the crew member

"Yes, pursue." Squig was almost certain that Darius was aboard this ship...the one that Seeng was going to. "In fact...disable the Silverwing with a few weak shots and beam it in. Darius might be.....wanting it back. You know, just in case we dont get him now. Over."

But Squig still wanted to check out that building. He knew that there must be something important inside....information, a valuable item, something. His men were taking care of everything else anyways. He ran towards it again.
Master Noss, an incoming cruiser pod is entering the Orbit.
"****. Get back in the storeroom quickly. Sorry for the false alarm."
The cruiser pod entered the Emerald Moons docking bay. Gerumbio noticed Squig's face crudely painted on the ship.
Squig? I thought Darius said it was Querymen! I can deal with Squig's men.
A pink alien with a long neck and a conical head emerged from the ship.
"It is I! Limdix! Squigs third-in-command."
So that basically makes him nothing.
"Well, the Emerald Moon trading Co. welcomes you to my traveling shop! What can I do for you?"
"I'm not here to shop! The almighty commander, Squig sent me here to investigate a suspicious ship leaving your docking bay!"
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"We think you are harboring Resistance soldiers"
"What would give you that preposterous idea? I am not harboring anyone here, we are alone, I assure you! Emmy, run a check on life forms throughout the ship."
Scanning... scanning... Two lifeforms detected in docking bay
"Well..." Limdix scratched his long neck. "I suppose robots can't lie. I guess we made a mistake."
What an idiot. Gerumbio smiled. "I don't blame you! With these resistance members running about, it's hard to know who to trust. Anyway, you must be going. I need to continue my course around the galaxy. Always busy, you know."
"Okay then! Sorry about the mistake!"
Suddenly, two wooden crates hurdled into the docking bay. Lillis and Townes popped their heads out of them.
Limdix stared for a minute. "What is this?"
"Ummm... Slave trade. It's technically illegal. But yeah, they're definitely slaves."
"Okay! It all makes sense now!" Limdix put on his long cylindrical helmet. "See you around!" He sped off back to the Squig cruiser.
What a bright young man.
Gerumbio was elated. "Emmy, you've finally grasped the art of sarcasm!"
I'm actually being serious. Apparently, robots can't lie.
Limdix grabbed the intercom transmitter."Boss, we made a mistake! It's just Gerumbio Noss! There aren't any resistance guys at all!"

"Hear that, Junior?" said Lillis, removing his helmet after Limdix had left "We just got ourselves sold into slavery again."

Townes vomited, then pulled his helmet off and threw it onto the deck, breathing heavily.

"Did it... did it work?"
Aelan looked at ARP and grinned. "It's getting interesting now! She thinks we have a traitor!"

ARP sighed. "You know that it does not change anything. not yet anyway. It is not like we actually HAVE a traitor on board." He rolled his eyes at the excitement of his friend.

Giggling a bit before regaining her composure, she ignores ARP's skepticism and replies into the intercom, "Understood. I will have the door opened right away!" She knew that there was nothing to hide and, besides, the woman on the other end sounded powerful. Aelan opened the hatch and went to the door to meet the person named Seeng.
Squig walked up to the building. He peered inside the window to see nothing but darkness, save for a candle on the far side of the room.

He tried opening the wooden door, but it was locked shut. It was a card key lock, so his Krobane sword wouldent work this time. Fallo approached him.

"Squig, do you want me to "persuade" this door to open? I could probably do the trick." said Fallo

"Go ahead." answered Squig

Fallo walked about 20 steps away, and ran towards the door at full speed. The door busted right down when he rammed it, and Fallo quickly looked around for signs of life.

"Areas clear, captain." said Fallo. "Ill watch your back."

Squig walked inside. Garbage lay all over the floor. He picked up a can, and a small green mouse-like creature ran out of it, disturbing him. Suddenly, Squigs walkie-talkie started beeping, scaring the living daylights out of him.

"Boss, we made a mistake! It's just Gerumbio Noss! There aren't any resistance guys at all!" said a familiar voice

".....Limdix, are you dead serious? There arnt any resistance losers on there at all? Over." said Squig

"No, sir!" said Limdix

"Well...****. Looks like Im back to square one. Over." said Squig

"Too bad, boss. Dont worry, Im sure youll find him soon!" said Limdix

"Yeah....give Seeng a call and tell her about this. Oh, and remember to say "Over," you blabbing idiot!" said Squig, hanging up.

He made his way to a computer in the back, the only source of light in the room besides the candle. He saw that someone was writing an E-mail. It read:

"To Dr. Rodrim

Dr. Rodrim, it is I, Nelscar. I have acquired vital information pertaining to a possible weakness of Cycris. I cannot send it over this E-mail, in fear that someone else will obtain it somehow. Ill be at the resistance base orbiting Pognyte ASAP, after I steal a ship. See you soon.

From, Nelscar

....a resistance base orbiting Pognyte, a moon of Dallminor? Fallo! This is huge! I have to download this E-mail immediately!

"Squig, watch out!" yelled Fallo

Squig turned around to see a black-colored alien running down the stairs towards him. He watched in horror as a flame shot out of the gun it was carrying.

Fallo leaped into action. He grabbed the alien by the head and threw it on the ground, and quickly got out his laser gun. He shot the alien 5 times in the head before it could even get up.

"Thank me later, Squig." said Fallo. "Just get that information back to the ship!"

OOC: Sorry guys, I should have replied sooner.

Also, when I say walkie-talkie or phone, Im referring to the same thing. Walkie-talkies in the future are very similar to cell phones.
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The ship's door slide open, and Seeng found herself facing a young girl and a robot. The girl had a broad smile across her face, and the robot (which seemed to be a simple model) looked exasperated. Not exactly what Seeng had been expecting.

Seeng nodded politely and stepped into the girl's ship. A quick look around indicated to her that is was unlikely Darius was aboard...But still...
"I am sorry to have been so forward with you," Seeng said, "But as I said I am looking for a traitor near the moon of Inops and frankly, it is not the sort of place where one would expect to see a delivery ship. Forgive me for asking, but what is your business here?"
"You guys can come out now. Darius, explain to me what's going on. What do we do next."
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Darius stepped out of his hiding spot.
"Thank you so much, all of you. That ought to buy us some time. Here's the situation: I was led here by a Queryman who could mimic the faces and voices of others-- some advanced Psyker, no doubt-- and Dr. Hermann Kessler was killed. At least, I think so. Regardless, he gave me something of great importance before the Querymen got him. We have to give it to the Resistance as soon as possible!"
Emperor Cykris sat in his throne. Flicking on two of the switches on his chair, he brought up two lines of communication: One for Squig, and one for Seeng.
"Squig! Seeng! Report! What do my generals have for me today?"
"Whoakay there, friend" Lillis interjected as he removed his vac-suit, trying to flatten the wrinkled waistcoat and shirt underneath it "Now, believe you me, I have nothing but respect for the fine work you folks over at the resistance are doing. But, er... my friend and me, we're not exactly the heroic type, you understand. We're already on the Empire's bad side, we ain't looking to get ourselves any further against them."

"I'm afraid he's right" said Townes "We're willing to help you get away, but we don't want to get mixed up in any business that will get us killed. Right now we just want to get as far away from Inops as you can take us."
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"Well, that'll be pretty far. We're going to Prator."
I have to get the Power Node to Leo...
"We can take the jump point near Inops into the Golgari System, and there's a jump point there that can take us to Prator."
Darius cast a sideways glance at Orbus.
"Well, Orbus? Are you ready to meet the Resistance?"
Orbus seemed warily frightened of everything that was going on. Alot had happened in the past few hours. He had gone from being on the stench filled planet of Inops, to getting ready to meet the resistance members. He was far more excited then he let on.

"I cant wait!" He said with gleem in his eyes.
"Yes, no doubt you're very excited." said Lillis "Well, we wouldn't want to intrude any more than we must. Prator... that's near Aeli, no? Townes, isn't Wallace on Aeli?"

"That he is. Let's see if he's not willing to let us crash with him for a little bit. Gerumbio, you mind if we borrow your message port?"