Realms--Official RP

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No, he wouldt have. The story did not allow it to be so. Same with the continuance for Realms 2: Return of Evil.
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anyways yes i will be hosting a new RP eventualky. gonna let bodine's Seekers RP have a good run before i open Realms 2. so in your spare time, plan out some character ideas but nothing concrete cause i haven't worked out the final outline for part 2. also, any living chacter can be reused in Realms 2.
Richand nodded at Mark. He had a strange feeling they would meet again someday. Richand looked down into his hand. He had almost forgotten about it, but he was still holding onto the necklace Drake had given him back at Valentine Castle.
He said it was important... but why? This is over... isn't it?
The amber attached to the necklace shined brightly in the glare of the sun. Richand put the necklace around his neck. The feather fluttered against the wind. Richand looked up and saw that all eyes were on him. People were crying tears of joy, some were praying, and some were just cheering.
It took so many sacrifices... but we're finally here. Storm is gone, and peace has returned.
He looked up towards the sky.
Nicklas, Father... I'm sorry you didn't live to see it. I'll make sure you didn't die in vain. As long as the light shines on the world... as long as there are heroes to protect its' people... we will always have hope.
Richand turned and grinned at Siana, who smiled back at him and took his hand. No words were said, but none were needed. There would be time later. Richand turned back to the crowd and raised Stargleam into the air. It glowed golden, the sunlight shimmering off of it.
The crowd cheered.
Hope... is a wonderful thing.


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Haha just thought I'd drop in and say that initially I didn't sign up because I wasn't all that impressed with the the RP in terms of unique qualities and blah blah blah but I was dead wrong. This has flourished into something really interesting and developed. Just wanted to say bravo on something that, as far as I can tell, is very well written and an overall great RP.

Nice job guys :D
Cant wait for that stuff! This RP was great. I just finished re-reading all our work from page one. The story fits and flows very smoothly... We did a great job everyone!