Realms 2 sign-up/ooc thread

Sorry it took so long to add this person but havn't had time to all week.

Name: Alicia Tamina
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Alliance: Destry
Apperance: 5ft.6in. Dark Blue Eyes & Brown Hair. See Pic for rest of Details on Amor & Weapons. Minus the cape. Sorry guys but it wouldn't let the pic appear on here.

Bio: Alicia was raised in a clan of warriors, ninjas, assasins. the clan helped provide Destry with intel, assassinasions, & some of it's most elite soilders. She was the only child of the head of the clan so was treated differently since a female isn't suppose to learn all of the clans' secrets Or be head of the family(1st born is to become head of clan if father dies).

Alicia began her training when 5. She was the most skilled warrior & assasin in the clan, but couldn't learn any ninjutsu. Foe that reason she was treated as an outcast & bannished from the clan till she killed 100 soilders or learned a ninjutsu. They threw her out when she was 6 & gave her a knife to defend herself with.
For 3 years she trained honing her skills till one daay she found a batallion of soilders.

She snuck over & killed 5 soilders before they realized that she was there. She killed another 3 before they organized & surrounded her. They kept on attacking her but she was so nimble & quick she was able to use other soilders as sheilds. They fought the whole day. Out of 150 soilders only 6 remained. They were exhausted but otherwise unharmed. Alicia was exhausted & badly injured from the last attacks of 3 soilders. She had to finish it right quickly or she would die from blood loss. The 6 charged ready to avenge their comerades. All of a sudden Alicia's hands glowed with black flames, & she lunged at themhitting them with the flames. The flames took the the shape of black fire crosses & the soilders were dead.

She bandged the wounds & rested for 3 days before cutting off the heads of the soilders taking them back to the village. When she returned the whole clan was surprised to see that she was alive & that she brought back the heads of 150 soilders. She explained to the clan what had happened with which she was accepted back. After wounds were cleaned & rebandged her farther explained that she used an lost art know for using black fire to destroy enemies, & the move she used is called Crucis Flamma Excessus a.k.a. Death Flame Cross. She was given a scroll about the fighting style to help her better control it. She trained for 5 years learning more & increasing her skill.

It was then she was given the clans' weapons & armor. The clan knife Tempestas(Tempest), the clan sword Armatura Dilapido(Armor Demolisher), & the clan armor Excessus Fluctou(Death Surge). The armor has magic on it that makes it fit the user's body adjust when changes happen. The armor's leg parts changed into a skirt when she put it on. The armor also increases the person's stamina, strength, & endurence times 4.

She left to train in the mountains, & while she was gone the clan was mysteriously wiped out. That's when she found out about the war between Destry & the other 3 countries. Beliving it to be the fault of the 3 countries she swore to destroy them. She didn't fight in the 1st war, instead trained from the age of 15 till 20.

One day she was getting ready to attack & destroy a Salfir village, but before she could try the village was in flames. She watched from a distance to see what was happening & she saw some soilders killing people not caring who got in their way. After the attack when the soilders left she followed them in order to learn more about them & who they worked for. Alicia ended up following them to a baselike place. She waited for nightfall before sneaking in & exploring staying to the shadows. She eventually found a chamber that was open & slipped in.
She had slipped into General Vibro's room. He instantly drew his sword & pinned her against the wall with sound waves.He wanted to know why she was there. Alicia explained it all to Vibro. When she finished Vibro released her & took her directly to General Nogeth. He explained what she had told him & requestes that she be allowed to join. She was excepted.

She was 21 when she joined & raised up to a high ranking soilder by the time she was 25. She only takes orders only from the Generals & the Leader.

She has been looking for someone rebuild the clan with after the war. In accordance to the clans laws she is to find someone strong. The laws also dictate that she have fathered an offspring by 25, but under the circumstances she had to ignore it. She is interested in Generals Vibro, Nero, & the Destrian Assasin Yamata.

Personality: She loves to fight & make people suffer. She is a bit cold hearted not caring about other soilders, but tries to prevent unessesary deaths so that there are enough troops for the war. She follows orders loosely sometimes changing what's necessary. She is a little short tempered & is prideful.

Powers: Her physical skills allow her to hold her own against a gerneral that's not using their powers, but otherwise going all out(She has to go all out using everything to do this). She can use Excessua Flamma(Death Flame) which uses blck flames to destroy her targets.

Theme Song:

So what do you guys think?
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guys i am very sorry i havnt been on. We are going through a money crisis right now. Our internet was turned back on but only for this month and maybe for longer but i am sorry. If it is ok i will like to still participate until it runs out.
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could somebody post? i know storm made the last post and it was really only made to make it easier for burr, giga, and shyest to bring thier characters into the action easier.
still though, why the sudden lack of posting?

(i'm also doing this to bump this incase it's needed for anything)
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ok everybody it's time for a vote.
i have two different endings to this mini-war going on right now. ending A; the Shadows win and kill everyone that isn't a story character, which flee to build up a stronger force and eventually rechallenge the Shadows.(ex: Richand, Oric, Siana and such. the good guy characters)
or ending B; realizing the Shadows can't win, Vent will declare 'Retreat!' and the Shadows leave as quickly as they came.

either way i've got the Shadows next moves planned to a good extent so it's really a debate of if we get the city for a new base.

everybody gets 1 vote and i close the vote in 3 days. also you must post the current count(including your vote) or your vote doesn't count.

i vote for ending A
Ending A (Shadows win): 1 vote
Ending B (Shadows lose):0 votes
I vote for ending 1 (shadows win)

I also wish to submit this. Each side must suffer at least 1 story character casulty.
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storm, you've gotta edit your post. you didn't do as i said.

and as for the kills thing, that's up to each person. i don't plan on killing any of my characters and i know Inu doesn't want his killed. there's not many Shadows as only Inu and Demon actually have a 2nd shadow to kill but Inu told me he wants his alive for when he gets back on and it's up to Demon if he wants either of his killed.
I say the Shadows win this one.
Also, Storm; when you ask about the one casualty do you mean in the overarching story, or in this fight? If it's in this fight, it seems rather early, but...I dunno.
I think it's a majority.
Shadows Win: 4
Shadows Lose: 0

However, the main question is how the heroes are going to leave. These guys should probably be forced out, I know that my characters won't retreat willfully when all these lives are at stake.
Ok, so far its Shadows=4 Heroes=0

@ Burr: Well... As you see, I just killed my own. lol. Do whatever you wanna do. I killed mine because I hgad a third character, and I deemed him as "expendable".
Ok, so far its Shadows=4 Heroes=0

@ Burr: Well... As you see, I just killed my own. lol. Do whatever you wanna do. I killed mine because I hgad a third character, and I deemed him as "expendable".

And what a death it was... major thumbs up, man. I'm pretty sure she just means that it's a little early for a major villain death or major hero death. I mean, I liked Forenz, but he wasn't a main player in the plot.
Also, Dani, Are you going to make another character? You only have one so far. Just wonderin' :D