Saviors of the Ultimatum: Sign-up and Discussion

Uh-oh, it looks like we have a mental misunderstanding. Yes, sometimes I hate having to wait until someone notices me, but you could have easily went up to the heroes and asked them who they were first. Do something to be noticed, right? If your going to be in a RP, you need to learn to think through your posts.
Still waiting for responses in the plot...
Also, Chapter 3 will be up by the end of the week-- just fixing a few things.
seriously something needs to be done. I will make a sign up for a villain so someone would post. the story has to have a problem existing throughout the plot. the characters must face their enemy.
Sora, the plot just started. Conflict needs to be built into the story, not forced in as a catalyst.

We do need more activity, however. Phil, it would be nice to post in your own RP, you know xD
What we really need is a banana magnet. I told you guys before, "We wont run into any problems in the RP if we get a banana magnet." But does anybody listen to me?

Ok seriously, I'll post with King Piccolo and see if we can get something done around here.
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We do need more activity, however. Phil, it would be nice to post in your own RP, you know xD

I've felt terrible about this recently.

I have been so busy I feel like my mind is about to explode, what with midterms and both of my bands' show tomorrow... practicing and studying has essentially defined my life for the past week.

However, as of half an hour ago, both bands are essentially ready, and the only midterm left is Chemistry, which is, according to my friends, insanely easy. So I will have the chance to post tonight.

I am so sorry about my inactivity. I really didn't have the right to just not post, especially in my own RP, where I have the biggest obligation of anyone. I guess I let you guys down, and hopefully it won't happen again.
you haven't let us down. we've just been moving a little to fast for you because w forget you're wrapped up in real life problems. if anything we should be the ones apologising. take your time dude, i remember how hard it was to get 10 minutes of free time when i had midterms, and i didn't have a band to worry about. take your time.
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Guys, I’m really sorry, but music and academics have once again restricted me from posting… simply put, I won’t have the time to post today.

Tomorrow is also bad, as I wake up, then I’m doing various things, then I’m going to bed. I haven’t even factored eating dinner into my schedule tomorrow. Come to think of it, that could be a potential problem…

Anyways, because I won’t be posting for two days, I give bunnying rights to my characters to Bowserizer. Now, these are rights, not responsibilities, so he is not required to post as my characters—only if he so chooses to.

All of the current stress in my life will be lifted on Saturday. Until then, I probably won’t be on much. Once again, I’m sorry :(
No need to be sorry bud. Shadow's right. Just relax!
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I regret to say that, due to homework, I will not have time to post today. My apologies.
Right, I think I will be posting a sign up for Ratchet. I've got an idea that could involve him in the story and perhaps it could affect the plot. I may need help with his history though. I have not played Ratchet and Clank 1. That is the only game I haven't played in the series except for Crack in Time.
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Ah, the first one's the only one I've ever been able to finish. If you got any questions you can ask me, though it's been a while and I can't remember the villians name.