Saviors of the Ultimatum


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Jan 25, 2009
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5,000 years ago, the Supreme Deity Nintendo came into existence out of pure will. He, in turn, created the universe, which He named after Himself. There were many worlds in this universe, but none of them intersected with any others. They were, in His mind, perfect. He watched the Mushroom Kingdom, Dreamland, Hyrule, and all of the other worlds with happiness as their inhabitants led healthy, prosperous lives with no conflict.

However, this period of innocence was not eternal. After 4,000 years, evil and corruption had become a regular part of society. Demons such as Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and Tabuu came and went, leaving violence, death, and sadness in their wakes. Heroes fought hard and died, but even they couldn’t stop evil itself.

Supreme Deity Nintendo grew sad with His universe, and so he considered destroying it so he could start anew and prevent evil from coming into existence. However, he kept the innocent inhabitants of the worlds in mind, so he decided to create a new world called Forao (pronounced FOR-ow, as in cow, not glow) which he filled with magic, strange monsters, and even some basic technology. He told himself that if this world could stay innocent, then he would let the rest of the universe remain. He simply called this private deal The Ultimatum.

200 years of innocence passed in Forao, but even that was interrupted by a sorcerer named Cateraun who had acquired so much magical power that he went insane. After taking political power by force, he started a reign of terror, killing off all threats to his near omnipotence along with myriads of innocents, and kidnapping and sometimes killing princesses of the land to disrupt what remained of the politics that weren’t controlled by him as well as for classified other reasons.

A group of elite sorcerers that called themselves the Sages had predicted The Ultimatum years before Cateraun’s rise to power, and they feared not only for their own land but also for the entire universe. They scrambled to create a portal with which they could summon heroes and warriors from the other worlds of Nintendo, but in their haste, they also opened up links to other universes, such as Sony. They considered this link a stroke of luck, so they went far into Nintendo and other universes in order to find all of the greatest contemporary heroes anywhere.


The following characters are important residents of Forao that will have significant roles in the story. They are free to be bunnied by anyone, as they are different from the characters that you have been designated to role play as.

-Aroen the Great Sage: Leader of the Sages

Yeah he’s the only one so far. I haven’t evolved the plot beyond what you’ve already read, so new characters may be added to the list, but so far, he’s the only one. I’ll write his sign-up later.


1) No godmodding. Even if you’re Cateraun, I expect you to limit his extreme power.
2) No bunnying. Bunnying means that you take control of another person’s character. Even if you’re fighting them, you mustn’t declare their reaction.
3) Post length is limited to 3 lines in the default WiiChat skin, but try to make it longer than that if you can. Spelling and syntax checks are required.
4) Don’t make every post insanely long… those can be a pain to read and often discourage other members from posting. One every now and then is fine, but don’t make it a regular thing.
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7) If two people post at the same time and their posts have different outcomes of the same event, please decide which post is to be canon in the discussion thread.


WMBQ as Link from the Legend of Zelda
sorabrawl as Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Blair D. as Mario from Super Mario Bros.
Espmaster_ as Sly Cooper from various Sly Cooper games
Nozomi as Eclair Farron from Final Fantasy
Shadow*91 as Prince Laharl from Disgaea
Shadow*91 as Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach
DG~X as Jin Kazama from Tekken
GigaRidley as Marth from Fire Emblem
spyro king as Spyro from Spyro... haha
Bodine as Goku from Dragon Ball

WMBQ as Cateraun from Saviors of the Ultimatum
The Storm as Ganondorf Dragmire from the Legend of Zelda
The Storm as Gruntilda Winkybunion from Banjo Kazooie
Bowserizer as Grodus from Paper Mario
GigaRidley as Ridley from Metroid
DG~X as Kazuya Mishima from Tekken
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At noon, shadows didn’t exist. They never did, and they never will.

Forao was no exception.

Link was bathed with sunlight, just like the rest of the small Faraoan canyon he found himself standing in. There were several small indents in the sun-beaten, red desert rock that the canyon was composed of, and the only shade was found under these, but, despite being somewhat short, Link couldn’t even fit under those. He let the sun beat down on him, and he found himself squinting his eyes every time he looked up.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and Link felt as though he would have appreciated the glorious phenomenon of nature known as a nice, warm day more if he weren’t in the middle of a desert.

The canyon was small and somewhat cramped, but relatively deep for its length and width, falling down to fifty feet below the flat desert surface above. It was an odd break in the ground, as there was no water for miles. Link assumed that it had been created by a powerful earthquake years ago.

However, what interested Link the most was the portal that stood before him. He had been forced into an identical one in Hyrule, and then he fell out of this one an instant later. This was several hours ago, and while he was prepared to fight as soon as he appeared in this new land, he found that those who had taken him from his home were far from evil.

The Sages, led by the Great Sage Aroen, lived in the world Link found himself in called Forao. They were forced into hiding by an evil magician named Cateraun, and that very same magician threatened to destroy Forao, Hyrule, and all of the other worlds in the universe. Until a few hours previous, Link had not known that any worlds besides Hyrule existed, but now he was ready to fight for them and the good of humanity and life everywhere.

The only problem was that he had no idea where to begin. The Sages had not offered to help him or the other heroes in their quest, meaning they were alone in a new world. It was going to be more difficult than any trial Link had faced before.

Several other tired and disgruntled heroes from various worlds loitered around the canyon. The Sages had answered all the questions that had been asked, and now the awkwardness of delayed first introductions was due to begin.

Strangely enough, Link felt as though he had recognized some of the heroes—namely Marth, Sora, Sly Cooper, and Mario. He approached an area where several of the heroes had congregated and introduced himself. “Hey,” he said, “I know the Sages told you already, but my name’s Link. What world are you from?” The question was not directed at anyone in particular, but was rather used to begin a conversation of some sort. Anything to get this mission off the ground, he figured.

This was kind of rushed... sorry if it sucks
Sora was looking around his surroundings. He noticed there were white chalk markings imprinted on the rock surface. There were markings of massive birds with fire blasting out of their mouths, skulls in different shapes and what Sora noticed the most were the black chalked imprints of circular objects. He took a closer look and recognised his world among hundreds. The reason why he could find his world so easy was that Destiny Islands was in the first row of 5. He then was sidetracked as Link presented himself to the group.
“Hey,” he said, “I know the Sages told you already, but my name’s Link. What world are you from?”
Sora, shaking his thoughts away from him, put his hand up towards Link.
"Hey Link, I'm Sora. I come from a world called Destiny Islands. It's really small and yeah...not that interesting sometimes's a great place to chill out. I've wanted an adventure for a while."
Sora yawned.
"Man, it took a while to get over here"
"Ow!" said the young Goku, rubbing the top of his head. He stood to see a rocky desert like area around him. "Rough landing." he said to himself as he looked back behind himself to see the portal he came from. "Boy, this sure has been a wierd day. Last thing I remember I was training with Kami and Mr. Popo, then a bright light snatched me away."
He started walking out to the open desert, hoping to find something. "Then when I fell I suddenly knew why I was here... but this place doesn't look like it's in danger." Suddenly the portal started to slowly close behind him. He looked back, then remembered something. "Gah!" he yelled while running back to the portal. He stood infront of the portal and shouted. "Nimbus!" he yelled into the portal. A few seconds passed then a sound could be heard from the portal. Then a small golden cloud burst out of the portal, circled Goku, then stopped in front of him just before the portal closed. Goku put on a huge smile upon seeing his flying cloud and jumped on. "Hey Nimbus! Good thing you came along or this wouldn't be as fun." He said with a laugh.
After flying over the desert for a short while he saw a small group of people on the ground below. "Hey, I wonder who they are." He said to himself. "Guess I'll go check it out." Goku quickly decended down to the group and looked around. Then one spoke up. A stange man in green clothes with a sword on his back looked amoung them, introduced himself and asked who they were. He seemed to be here for the same reason. Goku ran up to the man and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Goku. Why do you have a green sock on your head?"
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Ic: Sly looked around. He was in the middle of a canyon. There were white markings on the wall and it was hot, hotter than re remembered being since Outback Australia. He got out his Binnocucom and tried to contact someone, but he was out of signal. He saw several other figures wandering around. One of them, Link, presented himself.
“Hey,” he said, “I know the Sages told you already, but my name’s Link. What world are you from?”
HE saw another figure, Sora, reach his hand out towards Link. And then he spoke.
"Hey Link, I'm Sora. I come from a world called Destiny Islands. It's really small and yeah...not that interesting sometimes's a great place to chill out. I've wanted an adventure for a while."
Sora yawned.
"Man, it took a while to get over here"

Sly laid low and took a few pictures with his Binnocucom. He might need them later.
And then he saw Goku, with Nimbus floating by his head, approach the group.
"Hi, I'm Goku. Why do you have a green sock on your head?" Goku said. Sly took a pictures of every other figure he saw. He tried to stay hidden until he knew what was going on, but there wasn't much to hide behind, an he feared he would soon get caught.
The blazing heat of the midday sun beat down on much of Forao... And yet, even in the heat of the sun, Ganondorf lay on the ground freezing. He struggled to open his eyes, and once he did found he heard them crack open, as if they had been frozen shut. He lifted his head and looked around, finding himself in the strange locale of an Arctic wasteland. He was'nt sure what had happened... The last thing he remembered was him following Link into some sort of portal... And now he was here.

And there was noone else around for what seemed to be miles...

He stood, his heavy weighted armor sinking him down into the snow, and he trudged through the frozen tundra in search of some sort of life. He realized he was exerting a great amount of energy, and realized he must be climbing a mountain. His assumptions were confirmed when he reached the top. He looked down said mountain and saw a small populated village at the base. He quickly made his way halfway down, the sheer cold nearly giving his extremeties frostbite.

He made his way onto the precipace of an outstretched part of the mountain and peered down on the village. It was directly below him. If there was ever an avalanche in this region, that village would never survive...

He grinned at the very thought.

He took one more look down, and then lept off the precipace of the mountain. He sped down through the air, letting gravity take him down. He heels of his boots met the brick cieling of one of the homes and smashed through it. He landed on his feet in the middle of a room full of people, all dawned in animal clothing gathered around a small fire. And now they were all staring at him. He wiped his armor of remnant snow, and proceeded forward.

"What is this place? Where am I?" He spoke very aggressively towards the group.

"T-This is F-Forao... Ruler by C-Cateraun... W-Who are you?" One of the villagers stammered.

The great King of Evil grinned. "I am Ganondorf..." He lifted his fist and the symbol of the Triforce appeared. "And I will rule this land!"

What happened next is not certain. Many of the other villagers barely had time to react to the screams coming from the hut. There was a flash of green light, followed by a flash of red, and the hut exploded into peices. Body parts flew everywhere, and the mountain above roared as it unleashed its torrential slew of snow. The avalanche rushed in and was too fast for the villagers. The all were consumed by it.

Ganondorf had liberated himself from the blast, resorting to his Beast Ganon form, he bound across the frozen tundra, heading south towards the mainland.

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"So please tell me why we're in this canyon. I mean, every other question was answered. If they won't send us home until we beat that evil sorcerer then why didn't they warp us right there?" Laharl was complaining. It was bad enough he was kidnapped right when he was about to eat dinner. But after being told why, the sages didn't send them to beat this evil guy. Laharl believed that if they could warp them from their separate worlds then they could warp them to fight this sorcerer.

"Stop your complaining. We've all got to work together if we want to get through this quickly." Ichigo stated. Secretly though, he agreed with Laharl. It would have made more sense. "Anyways, my name is Ichigo Kurasaki."
"Hmph, whatever. I'm Prince Laharl, Overlord of the Netherworld."
Sly used his crawl move to hide under one of the indents, and took pictures of Ichigo and Laharl. He silently laughed under his breath listening to Laharl's complaining. Edit: He surveyed the pictures as he suddenly remembered being sucked into a portal and dropped off here. A man had told him he was summoned here to help defeat an evil wizard named Cateraun. He figured these would be the other heroes and decided since he was done with his reconnaissance. He might want to introduce himself.
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The Demon King floated above what use to be a town. With his arms crossed and an evil smirk on his face, he let out a small chuckle from his throat. He slowly decended towards the smoldering ashes and rubble. He looked around, sensing life, but little power. "Strange," he muttered to himself, "such destruction from such a small power level. It seems we have..." He caught a glimpse of a tall figure in the corner of his eye. "...a sorcerer. Power is nothing for you it seems." he said with a smirk to the mysterious, scary looking fellow standing before him.
Kazuya Mishima looking for nothing besides more power. To think having G corp in the palm in his hand, he still craves more power."Kazuya looks ahead" Sees nothing but destruction, he laughs to himself very loudly looking up, but while looking up he sees something. It looks rather large. Like some sort of dragon. He wants nothing to do with creatures much larger than him at the moment. "He turns around and runs."
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Ganondorf looked up. What he saw before him made him stumble for words. It was... What appeared to be... Some sort of green man thing.... With a turban on... Ganondorf could not help himself. He let out a small chuckle. The great King of Evil looked at the man with a menacing stare.

"The only use I have for power is to drain it from those who oppose me... I have the power of the Gods... Once I get the power from the other two, then I will be invincible!"

Ganon paused a moment.

"I have no use to spend time dealing with the likes of you... I have a world to conquer..."

Ganon transformed into his Ganon Beast form and leapt, dissappearing into a void that had opened before him in middair. The rift closed as he leapt in, and vanished into thin air.
Sly awkwardly crawled out from under the indent. "Um... Hi, my name's Sly." Sly waited for a responce. If I'm supposed to help save this world, he thought, I should team up with the other heroes. But I don't remember these people, yet I strangely recognize them from somewhere...
The King stood and stared at the place Ganondorf once stood. "Sorry," He mumbled, then burst through the air with a flash of light and a deafining boom, flying at unheard of speeds. "But this world is MINE to conqure! I'll be seeing you later you fool, but as for now I have buisness to attend to!" he yelled as he flew, the let out a horriblly evil laugh as he flew into the night sky.
Meanwhile, jin kazama had finished a tournment to determine the leader of the tekken force. As always he had won, with a dissapointed look on his face. As if he wanted to lose, or have a challenge."He lifted his bag up and as he was getting ready to leave." At the door there was a small man with a red hat. Looked quiet cocky. "Jin dropped his bag to the floor".