Saviors of the Ultimatum

"YEEEEEOOOOOW!!!" Goku jumped in the air, patting his rear trying to put out the flame. When he landed he ran in circles as smoke emitted from the back of his pants. "Ow ow ow ow! Hot! Hot!" He yelled while running to a nearby puddle. He quickly sat himself in the water and sighed in relief as a hiss sound was made. Then he lept back to his feet and took out his power pole. "You big bully!" Yelled Goku in anger. "You're a witch! Grandpa warned me about witches. He said you shouldn't ever use magic unless it's to help people! You wont use your black arts on me!" With that he showed his physical abilities by taking an unbelievable leap up onto Grunty's broom. "Now say you're sorry and I wont hurt you."
Laharl had been walking all morning before he finall found a town. He repositioned his sword over his shoulder before walking into the nearest building that looked like it had lots of people. He chose right, as he walked into a crowded tavern. Larhalr walked up the barkeeper and set his sword down. "Hey guy."
"What?" the barkeeper didn't seem offended by how Laharl rudely addressed him, he was likely used to it from other rude customers.
"Where is this Caturan guy?"
"Why do you want to go to him?" the barkeeper said instantly and looked at the small demon.
"Cause I wanna kill him."
"Are you nuts!?" the guy yelled. instantly every eye in the tavern wa on Laharl. "Some kid like you taking on Caturan? "You'll die!"
"Are you gonna tell me or do I have to make you?" Everyone began laughing as Laharl said that. He looked no older than a teenager. How could he force a grown man to do anything? Laharl just sighed and banged his fist on the counter, causing it to break. "Tell me or I hit you next."
The barkeeper was easily spooked by how some little kid broke a solid wood counter with apparently no effort. "J-j-just keep along the main path. You'll c-c-ome to the capital t-t-town in a few hours."
"Thanks." Laharl hefted his sword back over his shoulder and headed out as easily as he had came.
Ridley stared curiously at the newcomer.
"Cateraun, eh? So that's who rules this world? Hm... I couldn't care less what happens here. I'm looking for a way back to Zebes, my base-- but it couldn't hurt to cause a little carnage while I'm here..."
Deep in the Subspace of Darkness a lone R.O.B. unit reactivates and wonders what happened...then flashes back to the battle between Sonic and Taboo and then realizes there is a staircase with a light at the top he decides to go up it and arrives in a room with a single terminal that has a R.O.B. access terminal that would allow speech, something once thought impossible for a R.O.B. unit
he notices another doorway leading to the room in the castle where the conversation between Ridley Cateraun and Ganondorf R.O.B. fires his Eye Phaser at Ganondorf
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So what actually happened? Did everyone suddenly become inactive? It seemed like it was going in a very good direction.