Saviors of the Ultimatum

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“Laharl…” Link called after him, only half expecting a response. He didn’t particularly like Laharl, but he had no intention of letting it show. The group would have to like one another in order to work as a team. This was something that he felt Marth in particular valued at the same level he did.

“Laharl, you are obviously very strong,” Link began. “But there are many others in this group who are exhausted. You’re the only one who wants to leave right now, and you know, we won’t be following you if you go ahead, because we are exhausted. But I have a hunch that this Cateraun will not be taken down by a single entity like yourself. You need us, Laharl, and we need you. When all of us are working with you, all of us benefit, even you; because we all have each other to depend upon.”

Link looked longingly at Laharl for several seconds upon the completion of his monologue, but was quickly distracted by a conversation between Marth and Sora. They were both trying to identify a girl that Marth had a relationship with that shared a past with the three of them, but neither of them could figure out the woman’s identity.

After several seconds of taciturn brainstorming, Link had another vision. He passed out, and saw yet another image…

It was of a man in an orange suit of armor that seemed to have numerous weapons and gadgets built in. His helmet was all concealing, and nothing of his figure could be seen.

The man approached Marth and removed his helmet, and Link was surprised to see that it was not a man, but a woman—and a very pretty one at that. She had a light complexion, blue eyes, long, straight, blond hair, and a shapely figure covered in a full-body, tight, blue suit. She looked as though she was in love with Marth, and Marth clearly felt the same feelings towards her.

Though Link was surprised to see that the person under the power suit was a woman, in his vision, he could see himself, who didn’t seem surprised at all. And that version of himself in the vision, it seemed younger… about two years.

Suddenly, he blacked out again.

The woman was in jeopardy, facing off with a large, dark, unidentifiable figure. Link could barely make out someone saying the name Nefirus with a mixture of fear and hatred. It was himself.

He saw Marth looking at the woman with fear in his eyes. Why was the woman facing this evil being called Nefirus alone? Link did not know, but it was causing Marth no measureable amount of stress. “Samus!” He cried, over and over again. “Samus, no!...”

Link snapped back to reality and looked at Marth and Sora. “Her name was Samus,” he announced. “And she was beautiful. I wonder where she is now?...” He quickly ended his digression on Samus’s whereabouts to announce the other piece of knowledge obtained in his vision. “Nefirus was someone—or something—that was evil. We all faced it at some point, and I think it was about two years ago, but I can’t seem to remember…”
Laharl paid little mind to Link, he knew what was going to be said and he didn't really believe it. There were few people or demons that could handle someone of Overlord level. As Laharl walked off, he began whistling a tune, his hymn to be exact.

Ichigo was sitting down as he listened first to Laharl and Mario argued then Link calling out to him to come back. He sighed as he knew that it was mostly his fault for starting everything. It's not that he was too exhausted to do anything, it was mostly he just wanted some sleep. Staying up all night was just a little taxing and some sleep would be nice.
2 minuets after Laharl left, Mario woke up and decided to help Ichigo gain some energy for future travels. Mario grabbed 3 mushrooms, grabbed a cloth, tied up the cloth with the mushrooms in it, and wrote a note. The note said, "Dear Ichigo,

As a friendly hero, I give you these items that will help you in the near future. Please accept this gift.


Mario The Pesky Plumber"

Mario sticked the note onto the cloth, and went outside to look for Ichigo, after 2 minuets of looking, Mario discovered Ichigo. After 30 seconds of walking towards him, Mario came up and said, "Mr. Ichigo, I have a gift for you. The items in the bag will surely help you." Mario set the bag in front of Ichigo's feet, and walked away to his tent.
Sora looked at Link with confused exhausted eyes. He was half asleep.
"Nefirus...I remember that name...I think..."
Suddenly the word "cannon" crossed his mind.
"Why am I relating that name to a cannon?" he thought aloud. Chills went down his back. He brushed his sweaty sandy spiky hair with a look of exhaustion. He needed to rest and the heat oppressed him. He felt dizzy and eventually after swaying to and fro, he fell to the ground. There was something wrong with the Destiny Islander. He was not like himself. He was tired and weak...and also thirsty. His lips were as brittle as a snake's scaly skin. Something poisoned him as he fought the zombies yesterday, causing water to not reach throughout his body and the water inside of him was dissolving. His skin was turning pale.
After a quick look at the castle, Sly decided that there was no way for him to get in alone. There were guards and security more than even he'd ever seen. He around the gates and saw the vassel lying dead just in front of the castle. "This place is might be too dangerous right now to go into without a plan. I'll ask around at a few of the other towns to see if I can find any trace of the rest of my new team." He decided. He self pakced himself a few supplies for the road and climbed over the wall, sneaking out in the middle of the night. When he got to the other side, he use his Paraglider to glide down. He set off down a road that he thought should lead to another town.
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"I think Laharl's right!" Goku said to the heroes with a fist in the air and a grumpy look on his face. "There's been a bunch of times I've been too tired to move but I kept going anyway. Because it's what I had to do. The longer we wait the more people will die and I wont let that happen. I don't blame you guys for staying but I'm going with Laharl to help." Goku took one last look at his friends and ran off in Laharl's direction.
A calm understanding flooded through Marth, but no vision came. He did, however, recognize the name Samus and knew it held great importance. An overwhelming affection came with the name, but no picture or personality to attach it to. It was all very strange.
"Samus..." Marth spoke the name out loud. It sounded... right, but how exactly, he couldn't be sure. Suddenly, Marth saw Sora falling to the ground, his skin turning white as bone. Marth rushed to his side.
"Something's wrong with Sora!"
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“Sora!” Link rushed over to his fallen comrade’s side. Great, he thought, just great. How could those zombies have been poisoned? They were just transformed into zombies yesterday… and why did it take so long for the poison to take effect?

Nothing about what had just happened made any sense at all. Frantically, Link checked his pack for remedies, but the only antidote he could find was only effective on a very particular Hylian poison. He looked around at his other partners. “Does anyone know anything that might heal him? Apparently, he’s been poisoned by the zombies, but he didn’t make contact with them; he only struck them with his Keyblade. Zombies themselves shouldn’t be poisoned either, having been freshly created…”

Suddenly, it hit him. “Maybe the poison was released to the town and it infected all of the inhabitants… and that very same poison could have been the one that killed them all and turned them into zombies,” he mused. “That would make the poison an airborne infection, which would mean that all of us could be affected ourselves within minutes!”

Despite a state of approaching hysteria, Link was able to think quickly. “But that child that we rescued was unaffected by the poison, which means he must be immune. Maybe if we inject some of his blood into Sora—or maybe all of us, including Sora—then we’ll be fine, and Sora might be healed.”
He turned to face the group. “Hey, does anyone have some sort of method for fast travel?” He was mostly looking at Goku, hoping for him to offer up his magical cloud, but anyone with a quick form of transportation would be helpful.
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Ichigo took a look at the package Mario handed him. "Uh, thanks but I don't know how items from your world could affect me. Don't worry, all I need is a good sleep." Then Link started yelling about poison and transportation. Ichigo sighed but stood up."If I knew where to go I could use my shunpo and be there in a matter of minutes."

Ganondorf cracked his knuckles as he approached the main castle entrance. He was being very cautious to hide his true power level, just in case he may frighten Cateraun by accident. He pushed through the large oak doors and entered the main entrance hall. As he walked along, a squire ran up to him, questioning who he was and why he was there. Ganondorf grinned and bellowed deeply.

"I am Ganondorf... And I am here to speak with your leader, Cateraun..."

The squire nodded and quickly ran off to find Cateraun.


The old hag was whizzing about on her broomstick. She was soaring through the sky at lightning speed, laughing to herself and paying no attention to where she was going. Suddenly, she saw something small far on the ground below. It looked like a boy. She flew down and realized it was a boy.... A boy with strange hair, and a tail... She thought this was odd at first, but then again, she was a two hundred pound witch on a broomstick, so it wasnt all that odd.

She flew down to the tailed lad and stopped in front of him.

"Do my eyes decieve me, What do I see? A Child? A monkey? Or just a small flea? But a child you are, there is no doubt of this... A cute one too, come give Grunty a kiss!"

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"Ganondorf, eh? Sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on it..."
Ridley was perched on a higher wood panel in the rafters. He had snuck into the castle through a large open window and had been snooping around for information on why this castle seemed to attract him to it. He had found it surprisingly easy to go unnoticed, despite his bulk. People don't generally look up until it's too late. Ridley grinned down at the king of evil, exposing his wickedly sharp teeth.
"So, why are you here?"
Ganon heard a voice from above, glanced upwards, and saw some type of, what appeared to be, a dragon. Ganon could already feel the creatures power oozing off him... And he felt no need to make more enemies in this world than he needed to... After all, one more minion never hurt anyone. Ganon's power rose slightly and he levitated up to the rafters where the creature was and floated in fron of him, noticing the creatures razor fangs bared.

"I am here to rule... I dont know who this Cateraun person is, but I intend to see just what he is made of... And then I will go about conquering this new world... Who are you and why are you hear?"
Ridley cocked his head to the side.
"Damned if I know. I came here through some sort of portal and wound up here at this castle. I've been trying to figure out why. The name's Ridley. I'm a Space Pirate Commander-- though I doubt you know what space pirates are. You're not from here originally either, are you?"

Goku stopped running and looked up to the old hag on the broomstick floating just inches above his height. Most people would be appaled by the sight of the ugly hag, but not Goku. He doesn't see beauty or ugly, only people. "Hi," Goku said to the woman with his hand in the air as a friendly gesture. "My name's Goku. I'm a boy not a monkey silly, but I do like monkey's, they're funny." Goku let out a small giggle. He then sniffed the air, catching a scent. "You smell funny. Like dirty clothes, fur, and feathers. Did you get in a fight with some animals?" Goku said jokingly with a laugh, not knowing how right he was. He then jumped up on the the broomstick and with his foot patted between Gruntys' legs. For most people this is a highly offensive gesture, but Goku does it often with innocent reasons not knowing how rude it is, he has his reasons. "Oh!" he said, "So you're a girl! Sorry, sometimes it's hard for me to tell."

King Piccolo

"Is it that obvious?" Said a deep voice to Ridley. Slowly, King Piccolos head came into view next to Ridley, but not facing him. Piccolo was floating upside down with his arms crossed and his usual evil smirk on his face. He then slowly spun around upright, still floating. "I've met the pig wizard already but you're a new, scary, face." He said to Ridley, narrowing his eyes. "Allow me to introduce my self. My name is Piccolo, evil king of the demons. I too wish to see this Cateraun. Like you two I was brought to this pathetic world without knowing why, but unlike the two of you my being here is a bit more of a suprise." He paused and slowly floated to the ground. "You see, before I was dragged here I was dead. It would seem this Cateraun has revived me for reasons of his own. Unfourtunately for him I'm not the grateful type. Depending on what he has to offer he may or may not have signed his own death wish."
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Grunty's eyes nearly bulged out of her head when Goku stuck his hand between her legs... And as he felt around, she grinned a little bit, but quickly wiped the smile from her face and kicked him off her broom.

"Stay away from me you little brat! I may be old, crusty and fat... But I've got a trick under this hat! Now taste this power, eat my shat!"

With that, Grunty speed off on her broomstick, expelling a green colored gas from the back of the broom at Goku. The gas sped towards him, and as it hit the grass, it burned up as if in a supernova.

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