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Mar 22, 2008
Solaris - Official Sign Up Thread

The Solaris Universe is an incredibly futuristic Star-Wars-esque area. It is parallel with the Star Wars universe, meaning it can have similar factions (Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, etc,) and any characters you create can come from the Star Wars universe as well, along with interaction, meaning you can have your character interact with the iconic Star Wars characters or reference them any time you like. You can utilize any star wars strengths that you like (i.e, The Force, Lightsaber, Blaster, etc)

Many planets encompass the Solaris Universe, all of which may be named as the story goes on. Note that if you do come up with a planet, you MUST describe in INTRICATE detail the planets surface, climate, type of government (if any) Inhabitants, and technology. Note also that this goes for types of lifeforms, if you introduce a new one, you must provide sufficient information to literally "paint a picture" in the readers mind. This goes the same for the "Appearance" section in your SU's. Use detail, otherwise it may be rejected.

Note that if I reject your Sign Up, you will have the chance to revise it as many times as you want, hopefully improving each time, so dont take offense. Make good Sign Ups, and we can make this Role Play Godly. Please, dont mess this up.

Storyline: Mercochant has long been a planet of peice and prosperity. Belonging to the Galaxy Hubris, a subsidiary of the Mother Universe, Solaris, Merochant is the Main Hub of trading in the Solaris Universe. Mercochant is a huge planet, encompassed by one huge city. High skyscrapers and robotically controlled systems are a regular in the area. It is known as the "High Traffic" street of the Galaxy. Being the Central Trading Hub, nearly every type of Alien can be found on Mercochant. Nearly every item imaginable can be obtained here. Unfortunately, this has made Mercochant an optimal target for poaching and theft. The MSF (Mercochant Security Force) is always at the top of their game for this reason, but still finds dealing with the thefts to be hard on the Planet.

Another Planet in the Hubris Galaxy, Archos is the Political head of the System. This Planet governs all the rights of all beings in the immense Solaris Universe, although some of the outlying systems have decided to make their own rules. Archos' rule only extends so far. The current Government is a Democracy, utilizing four Senators from each Planet in the Solaris Universe. Votes are cast and Laws are placed. This System, unlike conventional Democracy, has outlawed a Ruler of the Democracy, having a rather unsettling event many years ago which has been long forgotten. This Planet plays host to every species of Aliens in the Solaris Universe, even the vile dissadents of the Outlands.

The Outlands are a series of Planets outside Archos's jurisdiction that are notorious for Smuggling, Gamblers, Murderers, and the other Scum of the Universe. For the longest time, a group of Gangsters called Nal Aleator has been running a Smuggling operation on the Planet Latrocinor. It is thought this Gang has been behind the many Smuggling Operations in and out of Mercochant. Their ruthless leader (yet to be named, spot up for grabs!) has led the Gang for many years, and lives up to their Vile reputation.

Among the outlying reaches of the Galaxy, the particularly strange system of Pravus has recently been rebelling against Archos's rule. A seemingly evil being (up for grabs as well) has been speaking his piece about how he beleives the Universe should be run. Unfortunately for Archos, many sentient beings have been giving in to his unusually high influence (one of the characters powers, must be included in his/her SU) and pledged their allegiance to this new Dictator.

Information: There are numerous free systems in the Solaris Universe, and each of them have different views about which side to choose. Each Planet also is home to a distinct race of Alien. Each of these must be described in IMMENSE detail. Your imagination is appreciated, as each constructive mind can bring something new to the table. Now, your SU does not just have to be Human, it can be whatever Alien race you decide on. Also, the technology is advanced, but standard rules apply. Do NOT make any device or do anything that would be considered a "God-Mod", and do NOT Bunny. If you do bunny, be sure to converse with the person who's character you are wanting to bunny, along with OK'ing it with me Via PM. If you should violate these common rules, your post must be edited. If you refuse, or if it becomes a constant repetition, you will be Booted from the Role Play, and not welcomed back unless I OK it. Now, have FUN!

Your SU should look like this:

Name: (First and last)

Race: (Alien, if human, Spanish, American, etc.)

Gender: (M or F, as Alien gender may get confusing)

Appearance: (Go into GREAT detail here plz. Color, appendages, etc.)

Biography/History: (Again, GREAT detail plz)

Personality: (Good detail needed here)

Weapon/Altercations: (Favorite weapon(s), reason, Altercations meaning missing limbs, mechanical arms, eye changes, robot upgrades, any special upgrades)

There are some slots that need to be filled, and they are as follows.

Good Characters:

Leaders of the Free Republic of Archos (there are two of them that make the decisions):

Master of the Jedi:

Evil Characters:

Gang Leader of Nal Aleator:

Dictator Leader of Pravus:

Dark Lord of the Sith Faction in Solaris:

These are only the slots that must be filled before we can start. You are still free to make other characters as you wish. Maximum of two characters per person though. PM me or post on this thread to reserve a spot that you want asap before it gets taken! First come first serve. Lets do it!
It's been ages since I last attempted to RP (I think I snapped after the others started getting emotionally attached).
I'll check back after others join in.
Name: Karkasdia (Nickname is Dia)

Race: Demon. Looks like a very pale, male human.

Gender: Male

Appearance: A very pale, humanlike demon. He is thin, but fairly muscular. He wears baggy purple pants, and a baggy light blue shirt that's similar to spandex. His shirt has no sleeves, leaving his arms completely revealed, except for the black bracelets on his wrists. The shirt is also patterned with large purple diamond designs. He wears a purple cape that is really torn up, making it look like he's had it through many events. He has long white hair that covers both of his eyes most of the time. He wears simple light blue shoes and red diamond earrings. Has purple eyes.

Biography/History: Although his true origin is unknown, he lived on the planet Amethyclops (In the Outlands) for a very long time. He needs a strange gem called a Dark Crystal to survive. Although the crystal can grow on any planet where there is evil, Amethyclops had a strange abundance of the substance, allowing Karkasdia to survive here easily. The planet was dark, cold, and had little civilization. There were many monsters on it, but Dia used his advanced magic powers to protect himself and his few friends.

One day, about five years prior to the events of this story, rebel soldiers were planning to steal large quantities of the Dark Crystals from Amethyclops. Knowing that the planet had little use to them, and few inhabitants that mattered, Archos decided to blow it up. The military ordered the inhabitants to evacuate, and did not allow them to take any Dark Crystals with them. They didn't tell the creatures and people living there why they were going to blow up the planet.

Dia, forced to leave his home, managed to smuggle out a small hoard of Dark Crystals by hijacking a small military ship. He got out of there at top speed so he wouldn't get captured. Since then he has been planet hopping in an effort to absorb the Dark Crystals he needs to stay alive. Dark Crystals are found underground on most planets with lifeforms, but no known planet has even a fraction of the Dark Crystal that Amethyclops had. This caused Dia to hold a huge grudge against Archos.

Personality: Very gloomy, but also very flamboyant. He isn't gay or straight, through; he has no sexual attraction to anyone, and never has. He holds a huge grudge against Archos, and although his top priority is getting Dark Crystals, he enjoys doing what he can to hurt them.

Weapon/Altercations: He has advanced magic powers. Some of his powers are:

-Ability to fire psychic energy as an attack
-Can teleport short distances
-Can create somewhat weak magical barriers

All his magic is Dark Crystal based, and if he is starved of his only energy source, he will be unable to use these powers. Diamond patterns are also visible on most of his visible magic.

He is also a skilled swordsman, and carries a thin black sword with him.

He is immortal as long as he has Dark Crystals; he can still be killed, however.

He can control the dead, too. He has the ability to animate dead bodies, as long as they aren't too badly damaged, and make them do his bidding. They are a bit weak, however.


lololololol Ghirahim inspiration everywhere~

What do you think?
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Name: Aztlar Armantor

Race: Hispanic

Gender: Male

Appearance: He wears a white tie with a striped vest over a green shirt along with black sleeve garters. He also wears black slacks and black shoes as well. Most noticeable of his attire is an electronic visor adorned over his eyes, silver colored and has three red lines going across it. He has tanned skin, white hair, and light facial hair.

Biography/History: From the planet Latrocinor. He was born into a peaceful community based on subsistence farming and minimal trading, during the birth stages of the Nal Aleator. But as the influence of the smugglers spread, life became more unbearable in his home. It came to the point his family and loved ones were killed.

Aztlar became experienced with the sword in case he would ever need it. At one point, he attempted to fight back, but was ambushed and nearly died. He fell into a coma and remained in that state for 7 years. By the time he awoke, all of Latrocinor and even other planets were under the influence of the notorious Nal Aleator.

Aztlar had little choice but to find another haven. He settled in Archos and became obsessed with revenge, but via different methods. He studied law and government, eventually becoming a top-of-the line prosecutor who tried to cripple the Nal Aleator's corrupt influence and find them guilty at all costs. Due to suspicions from the government on his methods, he hasn't been active lately.

Personality: Best described as smug. His philosophical, rugged, and confident attitude show him to be unwilling to listen to others. This gave him a sense of self-importance and superiority. That ironically drove him to compromise the law by finding loopholes, and he eventually resorted to forgery and other crimes to achieve his goals.

oh, and coffee.

Weapon/Altercations: Recovery from certain death wasn't easy. He was virtually blind and was fitted with a visor to be able to see properly. The visor lets him access data and use hax to find what he needs.

He is a decent sword fighter but prefers using back-stabbing elements in combat.
Relies on knowledge about a fight and its surroundings to be in a comfortable zone.
........his LAZORFAIC lets him use emp attacks that cripple electric systems and entities.


That's all I got right now.
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Wiiassasin and Nick, both are excellent and accepted. Keep em comin, and to spread interest, copy the URL and post it to as many peoples profiles as you can. I want this to be huge, and it's looking good so far.
^ First Assasin, now MR... By some miracle, Wiichat might enter a new age of RPing, and the senior roleplayers just might return. That'd be a sight for sore-eyes.

Still ain't coming out of retirement either way, though.

Name: Karkasdia (Nickname is Dia)

Is his sworn enemy named Pearl? :lol:

That's all I got right now.

Someone needs to make a Phoenix Wright - Star Wars cross over right now.
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Name: Rex Rgis Malum

Race: Ferinus Viperre

Gender: Male

Appearance: Being an inhabitant of planet Ustulo, Rex is a lizard-snake. He is able to change color, change size and, at times, if he loses any appendage he can grow them back. This applies to nearly every appendage. However, this power does have a cost. It cannot be used in succession. If a body part is cut off more than once, it will not grow back. He maintains a human stature, his scaly body reaching 6'3". His skin is incredibly rough, being born the traditional Viperre way, his skin is made of Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. This substance resembles the roughness of the arid stones in deserts.

The skin is peircable though, proving an effective but not invincable shield. The one thing it does provide full immunity from is heat. Being of Viperre descendence, heat is their natural source of energy, and so their skin evolved to withstand tremendous amounts of heat, nearly reaching Supernova. Small stone spikes cover his entire body, yet his face is somehow human. It is a rocky, grainy face, but he has eyes, a mouth, one nostril in the center of his forehead, and small holes for ears located in the very back of his head. He also has a pair of earholes on the tops of his hands. These are used for hearing what others cannot.

He has small spiked rocknails that are attached to his fingertips. He uses these either for battle or to tear things apart. His teeth are serrated and set in three rows from the front to the back of his mouth. The move like a conveyor belt, new teeth constantly replacing the old ones every other week. His rocky body is colored a deep Brown color. His body will change color depending on both the temperature and the climate of his surroundings. He can also change color at will, making him a very useful spy. Typically, he wears no clothing. This is so he can better "accustom" himself in any situation if needed.

Planet: Ustulo is a scorched desert; home to some of the feircest predators in the Universe. It is known amongst travelers as the "Furnace Planet." The dirt being able to reach temperatures of over 450 degrees, the Planet is rather repulsive to the normal traveler. However, the occassional Game Hunter will attempt to grab a peice of the rare substances the Planet holds.

Biography/History: Rex Rgis Malum is a member of the family Ferinus Viperre. This family is a long-lived and long-evolved chain of lizard-snakes. They are known to have some of the toughest skin in the Universe, making them an oppurtune target for most hunters of rare skins and merchant traders. The Ferinus Viperre are a rare species, mostly associated with the other dangerously dark creatures of Planet Ustulo. The Ferinus Viperre are known to reproduce in the center of their known Planet. As the adults are already immune to heat, the eggs which hold their children are not. The egg is taken to the core of the planet and broken open prematurely. The fetus of the baby Viperre is then buried in the molten sand while the parent returns to the surface.

After several months of "incubation", the baby is ready to leave the core of the Planet. Due to the immense pressure and heat, the newborn's skin grows as Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. The baby then utilizes its claws and digs its way to the surface, fasting all the while and taking 3 weeks to reach the surface at best. The Viperre are able to survive for months at a time on a single meal, losing none of their weight or strength in the process. When the newborn arrives at the surface, it is already able to fend for itself. Rex was born this way, along with every other Ferinous Viperre on the Planet. Feeding on small creatures at first, Rex was confronted with his first real challenge when he was several months old.

He encountered a giant Calx Vernus, in english it means "stone snake". The Calx Vernus swallowed young Rex whole. However, due to Rex's intensely rough skin, the worm's innards were ripped apart from the inside as Rex slid down his throat. This did not kill the worm, however. Rex spent the next couple weeks inside the worms stomach, feeding off the worms meals as it ate, sharing with the worm a Parasitic relationship. Unable to gain any nutrients from its meals, the worm soon died of starvation, and Rex burrowed his way out of the worm's stomach, emerging from its mouth. Rex then spent a few weeks guarding his host's carcass by day, and feasting upon it by night.

A Calx Vernus has the most protein-filled meat in the known galaxy. Rex was able to quickly triple in size during the time it took to finish the worms carcass. Time did not pass normally on Ustulo, haing three suns, it was impossible to tell how time passed. After a very long time, Rex reached his current height and potential. Having ripped apart a recent gang of hunters, he was able to usurp one of their starships. His primative instincts left, and the other side of his brain kicked in. He began to investigate the ship, learning to read the files, learning to speak the trans-galactic language English, and learning how to fly the ship.

He took the ship and flew blindly into space. Not knowing the known galaxies secrets, he embarked on a mission to find as much knowledge as he could about the new world he had discovered. He landed, by crash, eventually on the Trade World Mercochant. He has wandered the towers and high standing streets of the planet, learning of the Planet's inhabitants and attempting to see their way of life. During this time, he was attacked by another group of hunters. Being on a trade world, his head was as high a price as anything.He was decapitated and dismembered. His body was thrown to the bottom trenches of the Planet, living amongst the filthy poor who resided there.

Being a Ferinus Viperre, his skull and other body parts grew back within a week. He now traverses amongst the low class peoples. He vows to wreak hazardous vengeance against those that cursed him to his present fate.

Personality: Rex is a vicious predator by nature. When in the heat of battle, he gives in to his animal instincts. In normal relations, he is very calm and collected. Due to his appearance, many tend to avoid him. He has no true uncontrollable animocity toward anything unless he is hungry.

Weapon/Altercations: Rex tends only to use his claws for hunting. In personal combat, he uses a pulsar energy blade the color of the sun that he found amongst the hunters that attacked his homeworld. Using his primitive urges, he has enhanced his dexterous strength with the blade by implying the feirce nature of his homeworld. He calls the style, in human tongue, Vapaad. Vapaad's strength comes from the ability to harness a creatures natural animocity and applying it to sword combat. Being his creation, he is the sole living master of Vapaad.

There it is. My apologies for no bold usage, can't figure out how to do it On my phone.