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The Storm

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Mar 22, 2008
Vinni, for the first time in his life was thankful. He wrapped his feet in the soft cotton, which cooled them to an extent. He rose, and began gulping large amounts from the water bottle. The water itself was cool in the bottle, but as soon as he took the cap off and began drinking, it was hit by the heat. As refreshing as it was, it burned his tongue as if he was drinking hot coffee. He didnt care though. He ignored the pain and capped the bottle. He followed Ricky cautiously, still in a hurry though. They did not have much stamina left, the heat having drained their body of energy. And an exit from the molten fields was still nowhere in sight.

And it was still getting hotter.

A few more hundred yards down, Vinni dropped the water bottle on the ground. The plastic had melted onto his hand and was smoking. The water bottle itself hit the ground with a thud, and water bubbled as it spilled onto the molten surface. Within 4 seconds, all the water had evaporated. Vinni's pores had stopped sweating, which meant one thing. He was out of water. He coughed as the heat took effect on him, his clothing starting to burn as he trudged along behind Ricky. The gel had melted from his hair and fused itself with his scalp, and he truly was in pain. His face began to smoke as his facial hair began to burn.

He took out his knife, and stared into it for a moment. He then violently scraped at his face with the knife, cutting off the hair along with flesh. He screamed as he began doing the same to his arms which were beginning to burn under his clothing. The cloth that had been wrapped around his feet began to smolder.

The heat was driving him insane.


Atrox viewed the scene from a television set in his office. He and Oliver had been watching the players progress for some time now. The camera panned from the dense forest region of the maze to the volcanic area. Many players scorched bodies already littered the landscap. He saw two others who still were going at it though.

"Hmmm... They have a will..." he coughed as he placed his hand on a dial. It had temperature settings on it, and was already set to 400 degrees Kelvin.

"Oliver, I beleive they need more heat..." He chuckled as he turned the dial to 500 degrees Kelvin.


Vinni clutched his throat as his lips smoldered together. His mouth was so hot and his body was so deprived of water that he could produce no spit.
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Jun 4, 2009
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Alot of threads haven't been posted on in a month or two. Now I believe it. The forum is dying. Not thread, forum! Arrgh...
I'll stay here until its completely dead, but after that I'm going to Ninstation.

Haha, maybe when the forum dies it'll go the Reapers game and earn the right to live...
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