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Jan 25, 2009
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First of all, let me explain what a mafia game is, for those of you that don't know.

There are three groups:

Independent is usually the smallest group (at least from my experience), usually only having 1-3 players, if any at all. Mafia is small too, usually taking up around 1/5 of all the players. The Town is the majority.

Here's how it works.
-The mafia's goal is to outnumber (or sometimes eliminate) the town. If you're a mafioso, you know the other mafia members.
-The Town's goal is to kill off all the mafia. If you're a townie, you generally don't know the alliance of any other players.
-Independents have their own unique win condition.

There are two different phases, each usually being about 24 hours long. The phases are day and night.
-In the day phase, players vote for somebody they want to lynch off. The townies in this phase will try to lynch off a mafioso. The mafioso generally try to blend in with the town.
-In the night phase, the mafia chooses one person to kill off. Players may also use individual night actions, if they have them.

If you're town, and you're alive when/if all the mafia are killed, you win. If you're a mafioso, and you're alive when/if you outnumber the town, you win. If you're an independent and you achieve whatever your win condition is, you win.

For more info, click here.

Some other things:

Common roles:
-Cop (Every night the cop can check a player's alignment)
-Doctor (Every night the doctor can protect one person from a kill)
-Double Voter (Their votes during the day phase count for double)
-Vanilla (No ability) For the record I avoid using vanillas in my games

-Godfather (If checked by the cop, will show up as town)
-Roleblocker (May block someones night action once a night)

There are many more roles, but these are just examples. Cop and Doctor are probably the most common out of them.


-Observe voting patterns. For example, if a certain player never voted for a known mafioso, but did vote for a lot of townies, this might be reason to be suspicious.
-Make alliances. If you team up with a player you trust, then you can possibly have a better chance at winning. You can PM other players, or I can make a private Quick Topic for you to talk in.
-Claim roles. For example, if people are suspicious of you, you might want to claim your role/fake claim a role. Fakeclaiming is often not a good idea, because the person who actually has the role may call you out. If you're a townie and you have an important role, be careful about claiming, as the mafia might decide to kill you.
-Vote strategically. Try to be fairly aggressive with your votes.

Obviously more than this, but these are just examples.

Requirement for playing:

-You should preferably be on at least once a day
-You cannot break any of the rules
-You must have good sportsmanship
-You must try to be active

I do have some concerns about this. I'd like at least 15 players, but I don't know if this can be achieved. I'll settle for a little less if necessary. If you're interested, please post. Thanks.

On a last note, please try your best, and stay active. Admittedly the first mafia I was in, I was not active at all, and I was like "How is this supposed to be fun?" Not all games are super enjoyable, but I'm hoping that this one is, if it sees the light of day.


Where the sidewalk ends.
Apr 2, 2012
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I think you'd be good because you like to argue.


Where the sidewalk ends.
Apr 2, 2012
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You don't need 15 people. We can probably do it with 10 or less even.


Derpfish guru
Apr 2, 2012
Outer Space
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I play these kinds of game a lot, so why not, I'd join. I think people should try it, it can be a lot of fun.

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