Saviors of the Ultimatum: Sign-up and Discussion

Well whatever we do we better do it quickly guys. I go to basic training in March and I want to see this to the end.
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So I wasn't allowed on WiiChat after my poor midterm grades...

But now I am.

How's the RP been going? I haven't checked the thread yet, but judging by the posts in this thread, looks like it's been going pretty slow.
Name: R.O.B.
Game: SSBB, Mario Kart DS
Age: N/A
Picture: sorry i could'nt get one :/
Physical Description: Has a base with wheels and several small rocket boosters. a long cylindrical(spelling?) torso with two arms that have grippers on them has a square head with two eyes and a light indicating charge for his Eye Phaser weapon has a cord that runs from the base to his head; use: unknown
Pesonality: Cares deeply for his fellow units often defending them against unfavorable odds dislikes Ganondorf because he forced him to use his brothers as suicide bombers t0 expand the Subspace Region usualy the silent type but has recently downloaded a patch for his programming that allows him to speak

yeah i know i posted my intro WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY after the RP was started but i saw this thread after playing a 16 hour Brawl tourney as R.O.B. so please ignore my ignorance
I think I can safely say, this roleplay is dead...
We put in a valliant effort but it didn't work out
I'd say, "Let's try my RP." but there'd be no point. Nobody would want to AND I'm going away in March for 37 weeks of Army basic training.
Hey guys... sorry I wasnt on at all recently. Im sad the RP is dead... however, i willcontinue to put up the alternate plot soon, hopefully this weekend but no promises. Just out of curiosity, whos stillaround?
p.s. sorry about the godawful typing, Im on my PSP.