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Ladies and gentlmen i give u my sign up
Character Name: Drake (The Cursed Dark)
Country: Unknown
Alliance: Unknown
Appearence: Drake is 18 and 5 foot 11. He has long dark hair and cold blue eyes. He wears a set of neat black trousers, a black shirt and a black over coat. He also wears a large black cape which surrounds his entire body. On the back of this cape is a Purple star. Underneath the cape is a long black sword attached made of a metal which reacts to his energy. In the hilt of this sword also lies a purple star.
Underneath all his clothes engraved on his back is a large tattoo in the shape of a Raven.
Bio: Who Drake is, is a mystery to all. He is known as The Cursed Dark for one reason. Where ever there is a great battle or tragedy he is there. No one knows why but he always there. Some say that his appearance often means that a great tragedy is about to unfold. He was there at great siege against the cathedral by Destrey. He was seen at many of the great battles that insured including the takeover of Salfir. He was also seen around the Zamikios household the day of Lloyds death.
Personality: Not much is known about his personality other than one inn owner made this comment about him.
“He sure is an odd one”
Abilities: Drake is a skilled fighter whose many skills and abilities are hidden however there are some which are known. Drake is able to shoot balls of dark energy at his opponents. As simple as this ability seems he is able to adapt it in many way. He is able to compress this energy into disks which he can throw at his enemy. This makes it more deadly but reduces accuracy. Drake is able to spread his energy underground and have it erupt in the form of spikes or spires underneath his enemy. The main problem with this is that range is limited.
Draco has many other abilities that are hidden. One thing is sure however. He hardly uses his sword.

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Appearance:He stands about 5"9 and has a built body.He has a 7 pointed star on his chest to show his loss of sanity. He wears Big pale green armour with spikes on the shoulders and 1 spike on the head in the middle. He wears spiked greaves also. He also has spikes on his gauntlet. His helmet shadows his eyes so they look black. His Helmet has 2 things near the bottom of it that a gas mask has. When his armur is off his body has many scars on it. He has a scar on his mouth that looks like the jokers. He has blue hair that is slicked back. His eyes a light red from eating human flesh and being crazed.

Bio: He is the most viciuos of the elite worriors of the destry army. They considered him so insane and dangerous that they locked him in a dungeon with a spell untill he is needed in history once more. He is a ferocious canibal who craves human flesh. His name is Nurgle the worrior of death and pestilence.

Weapons: He uses claw gauntlets as weapons. They can retract or get bigger to a certain legnth. He usses all the spikes on his body as weapons and his hands.

Abilities: He has super stregnth and can go berserk.
Hmmm...nice sign up...simple, to the point...

he sounds kind of like the Minotaur story...

Nurgle...Nurgle....I cant put my finger on it but i remember hearing that name somewhere before...ik dont think its LOTR.....
No its my favorite table top and real time strategy computer game.WARHAMMER 40,000.
thats my favorite ****ing game ever.It just so epic.Right shadow you saw the trailer.
ahhh...Realms is going awesome... Sekhmet, Seth, and Naxus remind me of the Tri-Council. :lol:
i really think this one has a chance of staying alive.... everyone is being so much more active, especially with the lack of upcoming holidays. Whos going to see Friday the 13th this Friday the 13th? *raises hand*