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toomstone said:
i said illidan god dam it :mad5:
anyway dont have time to make my list up atm do it to night...
toomstone being form the oposing faction hunts after them like a hunter... toomstone trips and falls over a rock... they turn around at the noise so toomstone being a dwarf activates stoneform and hides him self from their eyes...

(What in the world, is Illidan? I just guessed it was some cavern you made up...)
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wii_girliefairie said:
(who are u guys looking for now? im dead now.. thanks to bw..)

(I'm not looking for anyone, I'm just making my stuff up as I go along ;) )
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wii_girliefairie said:
(lol wtf.. i know how to use a knife... god bw is a retard)

(Hey, he's not the one who killed herself with a dagger!)

Bilzar continues down the cavern. He steps carefully looking back and forth just in case someone is really down there. He comes to a trickling waterfall that leads down with a small creek, he rests there for a while, getting a drink. Bilzar falls asleep....
bilzar said:
(Hey, he's not the one who killed herself with a dagger!)


bw heals a fairie (twizdid) that was hurt by a knife. -_-

then bw travels down a cave...
bw finds link

then bw shapeshifts into a wolf

and walks slowly up to link
Link sees bw! and makes Midna morph him into a wolf, and he gets ready for whatever might be thrown at him.
Link dodges the fireball, and runs to the lush, thick forest where he can think more clearly.
then bw transforms into his true form, a big red alien (like the one on avp) and the alien had wings

name: bw (alien form).
type: creature.
spells: fire breath spell, shapeshifter spell, multiplying spell
weapons: claws, sharp teath, acid spit, spike tail
Armour: metal armour
weapon power:7
magic power:3
Link then transforms back into an elf and stares at the ugly alien from a distance.

name: Link
type: Forest elf
spells: din's fire, nayru's love, farore's wind
weapons: sword, shield, double clawshot, bow and arrows, ocarina of time, bombs, etc
armor: tunic, chain mail, possibly some rupee-sucking red magic armor
speed: 5, 7 while rolling, 9 on Epona, 10 as wolf
strength: 6, 10 while wearing gauntlets
weapon power: (with master sword) 9, as wolf 7
magic power:5
health: 20 hearts :lol: