The World Asunder

The chunk of metal missed Citri's head by an inch, although it skimmed her axeblade, throwing her attack off. She would have normally attempted to dodge it, but she wasn't entirely in the game at the moment. She halted herself and brought her free hand to her forehead.

"What kind of aim was that? Sure, I expect to destroy you, but any idiot can see that you're more competent that some grunt." she hissed, scowling. The man clearly doubted her ability. She bashed her forehead with her fist a few times in effort to snap herself into complete fighting mode.

She did a backflip, easily gaining a large amount of height. While directly above the man, she dove at him with a kick. He'd soon learn that she wasn't entirely reliant on her familiar. The fool.
Like an ax, it came on onto Sitz' left arm, the pure energy went through his body, down; bringing up dirt as the base of his feet dug into the earth. It hurt him. The kick actually hurt as if it was a normal kick hitting a normal person.

He skipped back and for a bit he traced his right hand against the area as it vibrated across his body signaling pain. He stare at the inflicted spot for a bout a second, before smiling.

This was going to be interesting.

She can actually give a hit. Guess it's time to see if she can take one too. Lambert leaped forward, his body low as he brought his left arm straight ahead soaring like a cannon ball towards Citri.
Citri failed to dodge the attack at all, but she had at least managed to lessen the blow by covering her face with her arms. Her arms stung immensely upon getting hit, and she was sent flying backwards. This Masked Knight fellow was indeed the real deal, not that she had expected anything less from him. Still, she couldn't help but be upset with herself for her relatively shoddy agility in this fight.

She got up and rubbed her left arm. It occurred to her that she had actually dropped her familar after getting hit. She looked around for it, and saw it laying worryingly close to the Masked Knight. The axe itself, of course, had vaporized when she had dropped it, leaving only the rod. He wouldn't be able to use it, but nonetheless, she would rather her strongest weapon not get stolen.

She quickly charged up some seithr, and fired a volly of red magic blasts at the Masked Knight, before sprinting towards the metal rod.

OOC: It should be noted that while I often refer to the axe as her familiar, it's technically only part of it. As you can read in the OP, her familiar is what allows her to power up attacks and fire magic blasts using seithr. Materializing an axe from that rod is simply another version of that, the rod itself is just designed to react to the actual familiar. I realize I didn't do a very good job of explaining that, but ah well, not a huge deal.
As his opponent was sent back, Lambert look in the distance, his chest out and his hands in fist, "Comeon, that can't be all."
Lambert smiled as Citri got back up. His grin however quickly died once red energy started flying at him like a gatling gun. He dodge one ray, "This' an interesting trick."

He was able to glide on his feet to the right, dodging another that flew through the air where his neck was just a moment before. The third one hit his chest, blasting an hole in the steel armor he wore, revealing skin, tanned form the hit. He didn't have time to register the blow as another hit his shoulder, another his stomach.

Lambert growled in frustration before rolling to the left. He inspected his armor, revealing a trio of holes in his costume. This armor wasn't cheap.

He was okay mostly, that magic burnt but nothing too much for some ointment. He glance up, as he notice the lack of continue fire from the girl. Realizing that she was running to the rod she had before.

Damn, he got distracted. That red magic familiar that she must've had, was annoying, but he would've dealt with it, but that rod gave her some serious strength. She was too close to it for him to stop her from getting it.
Lambert shot up in the air and raised both his fist up, sending them down with enough force to shatter metal.
Citri had barely reclaimed her axe rod when she noticed the Masked Knight right above her, just moments away from crushing her with his fists. She leaped forward, barely avoiding his attack, rematerializing her axe while doing so. She landed on her arms, but quickly managed to stand up.

"Can't remember the last time a guy has gotten me this worked up!" she exclaimed as she she vertically swung her axe down towards him.

OOC: Just going to refer to the axe rod as, well, the axe rod from now on, for reasons I went over in my previous post.
"So what are we gonna do after we recharge our familiars?" He asked Ansa.

He couldn't help but worry about the events unfolding in the park. His eye caught a TV nearby and he began to watch it, it was a live video feed of the park and what was currently unfolding there. He even seen Citri and the Masked Knight having a brawl at one point before the reporter changed what they wanted to focus on. Seeing her on the TV fighting someone that was supposed to be a great guy in person was somewhat concerning, what was she doing?

He looked down at the clock on the news feed, 11:02. He put his free hand into his pocket as he allowed himself to be completely absorbed by the events unfolding on the Television in front of him.
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Ansa took the Familiars and brought them over to a large, furnace-looking object. Inserting the weapons into the main grated slot, she turned up several knobs and the machine began to emit wheezy puffs of purple smoke.
"At the very least, I need to rest a little while."
Ansa sat down on one of the chairs and lifted up her pants leg slightly to check the damage. She winced a little; it wasn't a pretty sight.
"And I'm going to need to do something about this."
Zayn Winmore entered Lower Avalon with several of her most trusted guards, looking like she had never had a worse day. She rubbed her neck gingerly.
"All right, you know what to do. Spread the word... and be quick about it!"
The guards nodded and sped off in different directions to cancel the order. Zayn rested on a nearby bench and rested her weary legs.
This isn't for you, you masked bastard-- I was going to do this anyway! And, my gods, Citri. That little ***** and I are going to have a serious "chat" the next time I see her.

What many claim is a feeling given by the release of heat from one object to another. Others say it is the harsh light that shines upon ones eyes and forces a glare upon their retina. Still, there are some that claim warmth is a sensation felt in the heart when embraced by one you love, and in turn, loves you back. It does not matter which of these meanings is what warmth is to you. The lone truth is that warmth is a feeling that most lifeforms take for granted and shy away from, never knowing that in a moments notice, at the changing of the wind, at the death of a flame, even at the end of a blade, warmth can be taken away. Extinguished, forever. Stolen from you. Taken.

This is the feeling that Exsul Rgis Malum regrets feeling the most... Because it is one he never had the chance to experience.

Reminiscing the thought of his long dead mother, a tear shed itself from the crust cocoon in Exsul's eye. Blinking and wiping the tear from his face he reconstituted his composure and resumed what he had been doing for almost a week straight; staring at the sun. Staring, attempting to make sense of such a thing, perhaps even trying to reach the source of its energy. The glare had no effect on Kapshen, and being of the race, gazing into the sun did not bother him.

From his precarious position leaning on a tree in the city of Avalon, Exsul could admire the sun whilst observing the day to day interactions of his sworn enemy: humans. He held back his utter disgust and contempt for each one that passed by beneath his grainy smile. He did not need to waste energy on them, not when he knew that one day it would be he whom ends the blemish there race has left on history. To Exsul, the human race was a disease, he saw it as nothing more than a skidmark on the road paved for the future, and he intended to see it removed with great haste.

Yet none would be able to tell the difference between Exsul and another human. They looked nearly identical thanks to the appearance changing ability passed down by his raped mother. There were times when Exsul could not decide if he hated humanity or himself more for being part of it. Yet he digressed, hid his true feelings beneath a silver tongue and mask of charismatic lies that wove a web far too intricate for anyone to wade through. If you were not one of the few privileged to know the truth of who Exsul Rgis Malum really was, chances are, you would never know, and he liked it that way.

The wind blew lightly, causing his black hair to dance on it. It also, however, brought with it a scent of human sweat and strife. This was one of Exsul's favorite odors, second only to human blood. He turned to gaze and let his eyes feast upon the battle that was taking place at the park near him between what appeared to be a normal human along with another dawning a Mask.

He decided to simply watch and see how it played out, and perhaps give in to his primal instincts and feed on the corpse of the victor in this fight.

He chuckled to himself as he relished the though.

Hmmm.... Dinner AND a movie...
“Kid, lets be honest here. Don't you have a curfew? folks must be worried.” Lambert taunted. To be honest though, he was pretty tired going into this fight. He had spent the last few hours going from battle to battle and considering the guard's usually response to emergencies, his opponent was probably going into this fresh.

He had to go on the offensive and not allow this fight to drag on, while his familiar did feed off of him constantly, it did so at a much smaller rate when he was inactive. He needed a rest soon.

Looking down, he saw cracks in the earth at his feet. Kicking downwards, he dug his foot into the earth,scooping some of the rocks with his feet upwards. He twisted and kicked the fist sized stone at Citri, before charging after it. The rock wouldn't hurt much, but he hope that she would guard it instead of his attack.
Citri looked at the rock flying at her face. She also looked at the Masked Knight. She had plenty of time to react accordingly and jump out of the way of both attacks, but she didn't -- she hesitated yet again for some reason. Said hesitation resulted in her being hit with the entire attack, sending her flying backwards, landing in a cloud of dust.

"I-I...too much...going on in me..." she muttered to herself, fuming with anger over her continuous slowness during this particular fight. She inspected her clothes: they were largely torn up, and were absolutely covered in dirt. She noticed that she was bleeding from her forehead and right arm, as well.

She winced in pain while getting up. While dusting herself up, she turned to look at the Masked Knight.

"You've...earned a bit of respect from me, Knighty. You certainly know how to have a good time." Citri said, holding her right arm. She glanced at her axe, dematerializing it. "That said...this fight -- it was all a fluke! I wasn't with it." Citri growled. "My body, it lusts for vengeance. Don't think you won't get it, Knighty. The girl you're looking at is NOT one to neglect her hit list."

After glaring at him for one last second, she spun around and walked away. She looked back once to spit in his direction.

OOC: Sorry to cut that a bit short, but I think we really need to just focus on plot development for a while. A higher quality fight can occur at a later point.
“Tal Sorico” held against the light was a square shape card printed with a picture and basic information about the mole man in front of him. He had spent a better part of the day dragging the gedric all the way to this hotel. It wasn't easy getting him here, and he had to spend all his cash renting this room for the night. Now Ulrich would have to use his own money for snacks.

He could sell his organs maybe…
…nah, that usually got the attention of the guards.

Grumbling to himself, Ulrich flipped Tal over and stuffed his wallet back into his pocket.
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Tal slowly opened his eyes, the world around him was dark and blurry.

"Where... am I?"

OOC: I will be taking over both Tal and the Grey Reapers.

An act that Exsul could never fully understand. It was a human emotion to make the choice to retreat. It was a base animals recognition of death that gave it cause to retreat. What puzzled Exsul most about the subject is how a human can willingly retreat without facing some form of certain demise. He had just witnessed it in front of him. The fighting had stopped, and one combatant willingly left while the other seemed content with the decision. How can a species exist and continue to evolve when they willingly turn away from conflict, the very thing that causes them to grow? Exsul was, as usual, very disappointed with what he had witnessed. Then again, perhaps he was just frustrated that the bloodshed had ceased.

He did enjoy such things, after all.

Without hint of further entertainment, Exsul decided it was time he continued traversing the streets if Avalon, where he could pursue enjoying the wide array of delights, disappointments, small successes and utter failures that was the human race.
Karigen had abruptly left the APF HQ to have a small wander around the streets of Avalon, things seemed to have calmed down a bit and there were no flights to Lokasen for a few day if he did so choose to head back home. He had left Dirge with Ansa before he left, just in case he encountered Zayn again. She wouldn't be happy seeing him again let alone seeing him wandering around with her familiar so he'd decided against that. His clothing was stitched up and cleaned. He had also been inspected by an experienced medic and he had been swiftly given the green to go, his injuries from the fight with Zayn were minor and they'd heal after a few days.

He'd searched pretty much everywhere around the park, he quickly checked his pockets for any forms of money before pulling out the small box he had stolen back in Lokasen, he took a couple of coins from it before heading to a nearby store to get himself a quick snack as all the fighting and running had done a number to his stomach. Walking out with a small can of soda and a bag full of random foods he began to head back to the APF HQ that was until he noticed something unusual. It was a human in a tattered brown leather shirt and black leather pants and he was a tall well built man but something was off...

He began to walk in the same direction as this person, why did this person give him a bad feeling. It was until he was close enough to notice his eyes, they were like his!

"Interesting..." He mumbled to himself as he opened up the can of soda and began drinking it as he hastened his walking pace and went straight towards the person.

Let's see what you've got to hide... He thought to himself as his free claw slipped into his pockets, nothing. With a disappointed growl Karigen quickly downed the rest of his drink and threw it away before he branched off, he took one final look at the man he had tried to steal from. Losing himself in reality he began wandering aimlessly as he became lost in thought, why did that person have the eyes of a Kapshen and how had nobody in Avalon noticed this? Karigen began running through a list of possible theories to his own question and had become completely lost in thought.

*Thunk* Karigen fell after coming into contact with someone, he let out an annoyed groan before looking at who he had walked into this time.

"Oh! C-Citri! Sorry!" He said surprised, he wasn't expecting to come across her. He pulled himself up and inspected her. Her clothing was ripped and torn in some places and she had a couple of bleeding wounds.

"You sort of look like ****..." He said as he looked at her with a concerned look on his face. He scratched the back of his head, he was nervous she'd just start wailing on him again as if he was a punching bag.

"Want something to drink?" He asked as he began to fumble around his bag for a bottle of water.
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Citri woke up to find herself sitting in a dark alleyway, propped against a brick building. She scratched her head and tried to remember how she had ended up here. She remembered losing to the Masked Knight. The fight was very hazy and she couldn't remember any specifics whatsoever, all she remembered was that it occured. She remembered walking away from the scene, while becoming increasingly tired and light headed. She figured she stumbled into this alleyway and decided to rest.

She was still rather confused and out of it. She stood up and dusted herself off. Noticing that her hand felt wet, she glanced down to see blood on her fingertips. That's right, she had sustained injuries during the fight...she had nearly forgotten about that detail.

She maneuvered her way out of the alleyway, hugging the brick wall to assure she wouldn't fall down in her state. She had barely reached the sidewalk when she was bumped by somebody. Normally she would have barely noticed, but as this person made contact her her wounds, she couldn't help but yelp as she steadied herself to not fall over from the impact.

"Oww...." she mumbled. She looked at the person's face. "Kevin! There you are! I was looking all over for you...wait, no I wasn't. Was I? Oh, that's right, I don't know what's going on! Whoops!" she smiled awkwardly while clutching her right arm. ", what have you been up to?"

OOC: Sorry for the late response.