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Jan 24, 2008
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A Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure

Seithr—an ancient energy thought to have brought mankind into existence when the world was new. The initial world oozed seithr from cracks in the ground as gas, and the first rainfalls carried droplets of seithr. The early races worshipped the planet and the life-giving energy seithr provided, and soon learned to harness the raw mystical power of seithr to produce seithrjen, or magic. Magic was used for everything in these early days: fire, shelter, hunting, and war. The destructive power of seithr slowly became the most desirable element for humanity as technology advanced. Seithrjen soldiers, backed by seithr-powered engines of war, fought over resources and upwellings of particularly potent and pure seithr. Exposure to these upwellings over time birthed a subset of humanity that naturally generated low amounts of seithr, who became known as Volur. These gifted few were raised as powerful politicians, wise scholars and fierce warriors, and many had achievements great enough to have their names etched into the annals of history and legend. Humanities struggles intensified to such a point that the other races formed a coalition and intervened, demanding an end to the pointless bloodshed. After much struggle, a peace was reached between the six tribes of humanity. For several hundred years, the races lived together in near-perfect harmony.
However, this peace was not to last. As if from nowhere, a large area of land now known as the Faultline began upwelling intense levels of seithr. The kingdom which rested upon this land, known as Lokasen, at first thought themselves blessed by the gods by this good fortune, and struck out against the other kingdoms with their newfound power. The other five kingdoms and the other races united and fought back, greedy for the mother lode of seithr that Lokasen now rested upon. It was the Final War of Magic, more brutal and bloody than any war that came before by a hundredfold. Untold scores of people died as each nation dug ever deeper into its seithr reserves in desperate attempts at gaining ground. The Volur of each nation were placed of the highest importance, becoming high-ranking generals and leaders for their sheer potential power. As the war dragged on, the nations dug deep within Aravad’s crust to find more seithr, tearing into the planet like a pack of wild animals devouring their prey. It proved too great a strain for the world to bear.
At first, it was only a few cracks, but the world began to give off higher levels of seithr than ever, like a kettle giving off steam when boiling. These levels were dangerous and toxic to the races that lived on the planet—the plants withered and died, livestock fell dead in their tracks, and the air became thick and murky. This seithr formed into foul creatures of base sentience known as Splinters, vicious monsters that sought no higher purpose than chaos and destruction. The races, realizing their folly, crafted a desperate solution: By creating gigantic seithr engines and drilling out around key points in the worlds crust, the kingdoms could rise into the air and operate as islands in a sea of sky. The seithr-riddled lands below them, the kingdoms have enjoyed relative stability since, with parties of seithr-miners travelling to the surface to collect the valuable but deadly resource.
However, in the past few hundred years, Splinters have begun to manifest themselves in the kingdoms, wreaking havoc on the populace. To combat this threat, Seithr containers known as “Familiars” were developed, varying in shape and size from user to user. With these, the people could use seithrjen once again, allowing them to combat the Splinters. But amongst the scholars of the kingdoms, troubling questions are sometimes discussed: Are the Splinters merely base beasts given form by the seithr, or is there more to them than that? Where does the seithr come from within the planet’s core? And what do the answers to these questions mean for the people of Aravad?


Avalon- The largest of the kingdoms, Avalon lies at the center of the kingdom-islands and is the most densely populated. Renowned for its entertainment and arts, Avalon has become a cultural mixing pot of the other five kingdoms, and is home to both the wealthiest and the poorest citizens in all of Aravad. The island on which Avalon is built is smaller than those of Ustuk or Lokasen, so the royal architects simply built up, with the newest and most refined structures at the very top of the gigantic, spiraling tower. The base rings of Avalon have fallen into disrepair and have become havens for the downtrodden and outcast members of society. The middle rings are home to Avalon’s many shopping districts and centers of business, packed each day with citizens from all walks of life to do trade and commerce. At the very top of Avalon lies the great “Palace of Wings”, home to the royalty of Avalon. Shimmering gold and blue, The Palace of Wings glows so brightly at night that the other kingdoms can see it. Deep within Avalon is the original Seithr engine, upon which the other engine designs were built. To release the fumes given off by the combustion of seithr within Avalon’s core, a series of vents encircle the side of the island and continuously expel dark seithr-gas. This gas clouds the lower rings of Avalon, filling the slums with irritating, murky smog. As a result of this seithr concentration, Splinters are more likely to form in Lower Avalon. This has led to the creation of an internally run “Avalon Protection Force”, or APF, comprised of fighting recruits who stand ready to defend the populace with their familiars.

Miriel- A mysterious and beautiful land, the kingdom of Miriel is composed primarily of hilly plains and forested mountains, with small towns dotting the countryside. Before the Final War of Magic, Miriel was renowned as a place of spiritual enlightenment. High in the mountains of Aravad, Mirian monks meditated and contemplated questions of existence. Before the Faultline filled Lokasen with seithr, Miriel also was known to have the highest natural concentrations of seithr, and thus had the highest percentage of Volur of all six kingdoms. In the aftermath of the Final War of Magic, Miriel lost most of their Volur, but they never lost their spiritual identity. Miriel remains the least technologically entrenched of the six kingdoms, preferring to rely mostly on pure seithrjen and using machinery only when absolutely necessary. Their seithr engine lies deep beneath the planet, still working but overgrown in a dense underground forest that has sprung up from years of technological neglect. Miriel is also home to most of the few remaining Fae, or Elfkind, who have all but died out following the war. They have carved out their niche and live peacefully among the people of Miriel, holding onto what parts of their lost culture that they can.

Lokasen- While Lokasen was reviled as “enemy of all” during the Final War of Magic, they have long since made peace with the other nations and atoned for their sins during the war. Lokasen was by far the most affected by the seithr fallout that rocked Aravad in the days before the kingdoms took to the sky, and the land is still only beginning to recover. The natural plant and animal life are often sickly and warped in Lokasen, and Splinters naturally generate in the towns and cities of Lokasen very frequently. As a result, the Lokasenians have become a stern, hardy people, able to withstand harsh climate and conditions that would cause other folk to despair. This high seithr concentration also means that Lokasen currently has the highest number of Volur of the six kingdoms. The current king of Lokasen, Andrigar, is a beloved inventor who has made personal microclimate bubbles for the people of Lokasen. These microclimates purify the earth around them temporarily, allowing for successful farming and harvest. Lokasen's capital Zeldrid is surrounded by a gigantic body of water known as the Azure Gate, the only part of the island that has been barely affected by seithr poisoning, and the fishermen of Lokasen are some of the best in all of Aravad.

Vongola- Called the “Ruby of the East” for its crimson-colored earth and export of rare gems, Vongola is a very wealthy and beautiful nation. Comprised of a chain of smaller islands rather than one large landmass, each island is powered by a much smaller seithr engine than those found in the other nations. Vongola is viewed as an exotic and exciting tourist destination, and most of the income made by Vongolians not in the gem trade is earned via tourism ventures. Despite hundreds of years of mining, the islands of Vongola remain a rich resource for precious gems, believed by some to be forms of seithr that crystallized under intense heat and pressure. Vongola was the least seithr-plentiful land before the Final War of Magic, and as a result is threatened by relatively few Splinters today. This lack of immediate danger has made the Vongolians a peaceful and relaxed people, with comparatively few fighters in their population. Most of the Gedric, or Burrowkind, live beneath the earth in Vongola. A sizeable tribe of them has taken up residence around Vongola’s largest seithr engine, and they have tasked themselves with its upkeep and protection.

Ustuk- Ustuk is the nation of skilled craftsmen, known for the expertise of its blacksmiths to create weapons and armor of near-legendary quality. This legendary reputation has come about thanks in no small part to the Dwarves, who live in great numbers among the humans of Ustuk and have taught them their ancient smithing secrets. The smiths of Ustuk, aided by their dwarven companions, forged many of the legendary weapons used during the Final War of Magic still spoken of in reverent tones today. With the advent of the Splinters appearance in the worlds above, the smiths have begun to work overtime to produce new “Familiar” weapons to channel seithr through. The largest of the six islands, Ustuk is a harsh and rocky kingdom, with towering spires of stone and deep crevasses that almost go through the entire island. As Ustuk’s rocky structure has begun to fall apart, the dwarven smiths have reinforced the island’s outer shell with a framework of durable iron to literally hold the kingdom together. This iron framework not only grips the outside, but also runs through the core of the island, and the seithr engine of Ustuk is deep within this framework. The smiths of Ustuk have begun a tradition where, once a young apprentice comes of age, they must delve into the planet and touch the outer shell of the seithr engine, deep within the iron jungle of the planet’s core. This ritual of ”Touching Ustuk’s Heart” is believed to provide the budding smith with the inspiration he or she requires to construct masterful creations worthy of the kingdom.

Erigan- Known by the people of the other kingdoms as the “Factory of Frost”, Erigan is the technological powerhouse of the six kingdoms. Even before the Final War of Magic, Erigan was at the forefront of technological innovation, creating new methods of transport, weaponry, and comfort powered by seithr. After Erigan was lifted into the sky, their brilliant scientists created a system of seithr-power for the entire kingdom with wires circulating all around the nation, and the Erigan seithr engine acting as its beating heart. To prevent the engine from overheating, extreme cooling systems were distributed throughout Erigan’s crust. While the seithr power has allowed Erigan to jump decades ahead of the other nations in technological advances, the excess cold from the cooling systems has lowered the temperature of Erigan’s climate significantly and placed the nation in a near-perpetual state of winter. As the Splinters have begun to appear more and more frequently, Erigan’s scientists have accelerated their research into the nature of seithr and the Splinters, hoping to find some key weakness of the creatures to be exploited.


Humanity (Mankind)- The most numerous of all the races on Aravad, humans are a hearty and stable race, more able to resist the debilitating effects of seithr than other races. As the only race able to produce Volur, humanity seems to have a closer link with seithr than the other races, and they are found in great numbers in all six kingdoms.

The Fae (Elfkind)- In legend, the Fae are said to have been the precursor to mankind, a “perfect ideal” of what humanity can be. The Fae are lithe and elegant humanoids, closely resembling humans except for their uniformly silvery-white hair and near universal incredible beauty. The Fae are unique in their ability to absorb and contain vast amounts of seithr naturally, although over time the effects will destroy their body from the inside. In the aftermath of the Final War of Magic, many of the Fae began to disappear, either succumbing to seithr poisoning, interbreeding with humanity and losing their cultural identity, or something else entirely. The remaining Fae mostly live in the kingdom of Miriel, although groups of them also live in Avalon and Lokasen. Dark rumors have begun to circulate which assert that something or someone has been killing off the remaining Fae. These rumors remain unverified.

The Dwarves (Ironkind)-
Said to have been sculpted from rock and clay in origin mythology, the dwarves are the toughest of all of Aravad’s races, able to live in the most extreme conditions. Possessors of mysterious and ancient smithing sorcery that requires no seithr, dwarves are most at home in the heat of the forge. Most of the remaining dwarves have carved out a home in the nation of Ustuk, a kingdom that symbolizes their gruff and no-nonsense attitudes.

The Gedric (Burrowkind)-
A reclusive and secretive race, the Gedric are a race of burrowing, mole-like creatures that only recently have begun to negotiate and treatise with humanity. At full height, the average Gedric stands approximately 5’6, with exceedingly long arms ending in sharp claws used for both digging and combat. The Gedric are abnormally attracted to anything shiny, and hoard the gems and treasures buried beneath the surface, demanding that they be the exclusive ownership of those that claim the underground. This stubborn insistence is beginning to bring them into conflict with the miners of Vongola, who dig ever deeper to profit from their nation’s rich materials.

The Thryth (Ogrekind)- Once thought to be a legend, the Thryth are a race of large, muscular humanoids that inhabit the icy slopes of Erigan. Standing at approximately 7 feet in height, the Thryth are a powerfully muscular race, further distinguished from the other races by their prominently large canines on their lower jaw and a brown-red skin color that fades to grey upon death. Despite their fearsome appearance and their natural super-strength, the Thryth are a peaceful and intelligent race, interacting quite happily with the people of Aravad. Many of them have even become accomplished scientists in one of Erigan’s many academies, and work tirelessly to uncover the universe’s secrets through logic and technology.

The Kapshen (Scalekind)- Of all of the races of Aravad, there is one that all others hate and fear—the Kapshen. The Kapshen are a fervently war-like race that instinctively believe that the other races were placed there by their gods as a test of their might, and that their one purpose is to fall to the blade of the Kapshen. Reptilian in appearance, the Kapshen stand at an average of six feet tall, with slim but muscular bodies and heads reminiscent of a velociraptor. A Kapshen’s entire life is devoted to combat, with members of the species acting almost as hostile towards each other as they are to the other races. While most of the Kapshen stalk the desolate edges of Lokasen, tribes of them have been found in all the kingdoms. The only cause Kapshen ally themselves with other races for is the destruction of those not with the Kapshen, and criminals and savages of all races have found common ground with the Kapshen in their hatred of those who have persecuted them. Though the Splinters currently pose a far greater threat, the warriors of Aravad must always be on guard for Kapshen raids, lest their loved ones be brutally slaughtered in the name of mindless conquest.

The Splinters- Not a race in the traditional sense, the Splinters are a dangerous and cryptic group of forms created by remarkable concentrations of seithr. How they are actually formed, and what their true purpose is if any, have yet to be uncovered, but it is readily apparent that the Splinters pose a constant and severe threat to the six kingdoms of Aravad that is hard to understate. While the base form of the Splinters is approximately humanoid in shape, they have been known to take on a variety of different forms, linked together by their shadowy, ethereal appearance, with a smoky dark purple body and glowing green eyes. They are incredibly fast and flexible, twisting impossibly around slower strikes and attacking with razor-sharp claws or fangs. Other Splinters manifest shadows of weapons in their hands, which they wield with surprising skill for seemingly mindless beasts. While any weapon can injure a Splinter, they are most vulnerable to seithrjen, which sometimes instantly destabilizes them upon contact. To this end, Familiars were created.

The Familiars
The six kingdoms greatest defense against the Splinters, a Familiar is a weapon or object charged with seithr, allowing the holder to strike with seithr-powered blows and perform seithrjen in the absence of a heavy seithr atmosphere. Several Familiars were created during the Final War of Magic for legendary heroes, but instead of using them for the simple task of holding seithr, these Familiars absorbed the seithr-rich atmosphere in addition to their own personal seithr stores for crushingly powerful attacks and techniques. A Familiar’s shape varies wildly from person to person—a sword lined with veins of seithr, a staff filled to the brim with controlled liquid seithr, a set of amulets or talismans lined with seithr, and a pair of guns linked by seithr cable are all considered to be Familiars. Most warriors in the six kingdoms have a Familiar of some form or another on them, and they are the only truly effective weapons against the omnipresent threat of the Splinters. However, Familiars are not unlimited sources of seithr, and most towns and cities have a seithr-recharging center where, for a small price, your Familiar is soaked in a dangerously seithr-rich chamber, allowing it to be refreshed.

For the most part, the six kingdoms have lived together peacefully since the Final War of Magic. However, tensions have begun to rise between Miriel and Erigan due to increased Splinter activity, with the Mirians blaming the overuse of technology and rejection of pure seithrjen on the Splinter rise. The Eriganians believe the Mirians to be silly little monks oblivious to technology and trapped in the old ways of the past. Avalon has been dealing with its own problems independent of the increased number of Splinters, due to class struggles between Lower and Upper Avalon. The tension between the two groups will soon reach a breaking point if no peaceful resolution is reached. Vongola is also dealing with the problems involving the Gedric in their mines, and so far negotiation has accomplished frustratingly little. The six kingdoms are monitored by a unified police force called the Kingdom Guard. Though the Kingdom Guard was once looked upon favorably by the people, recently several branches have been plagued with corruption and misuse of power. As the Splinters pose an ever-greater danger, these problems could not have come at a worse time.

Welcome to The World Asunder! Set in a techno-fantasy universe similar in technological achievement to the worlds of Final Fantasy 7 or 8, in this adventure you will play as one of the many heroes of Aravad, and go on an adventure to learn the nature of the creatures plaguing your kingdoms. In doing so, you will come face-to-face with a greater threat than anyone ever imagined...
Or, you can play as a bad guy and blow stuff up. That's cool too!
Before you dive right in, there are a few rules to go over. These are the basic ones, common to most RPs (veteran RPers can skip this):

-Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. Mistakes can be made, but just try not to do it, as it will make reading your posts a lot easier and more enjoyable.
-Try to make your posts as descriptive as possible. Remember, other RPers will be building off what you say. Give them a good foundation.
-No godmodding (a.k.a massively overpowering your character, there are a few exceptions but for the most part just don’t do it)
-No bunnying (Taking control of another RPers’ character, this is ONLY acceptable if you talk with that player beforehand and they agree. If they do agree, make a note that they said it was all right at the beginning of your post so that we all know.)
-No spamming, Double Posting, etc... use proper “Internet Etiquette” at all times, please.

Here are rules SPECIFIC to The World Asunder (EVERYONE must read these):

-A maximum of two characters is allowed per person. This may be subject to change later as I see fit.
-Players may choose to be Volur (a seithr-generating subset of humanity) if they wish. However, only humans can be Volur.
-Only humans and the listed other races (see above) are allowed, and Splinters are not allowed to be characters. If you have an idea for a race that you REALLY REALLY want to use, make your case for it via Private Messaging and I'll decide whether or not to allow it.
-IF YOU DECIDE TO BE AN EVIL CHARACTER, PLEASE SEND ME A PM! There are plot elements that as evil mastermind of the plot I will divulge only to you.
-Make sure you read all of this! It’s important!

In order to be accepted into the RP, it is required that I accept a Sign-Up of your character. Here is a template for a basic SU:

Name: Pretty basic. First and last please.
Species: Also pretty basic. Just name the species.
Gender: M/F
Age: Duh.
Country: What country was your character born/raised in?
Allegiance: Once again, pretty simple. Good is those who fight to protect Aravad, and Evil are those aligned with Aeolus, a mysterious wanderer who seeks some higher, sinister purpose (for more details about Aeolus, read his Sign-Up)
Appearance: Please go into great detail here. What does your character look like? What do they normally wear?
Biography: Tell us your character’s history. This should be moderately in-depth at the very least. How did they get to be where they are in the story’s beginning?
Personality: Again, self-explanatory. Tell us what your character is like-- are they social or a loner? Sane or nuts? A few sentences at the least, please.
Familiar: What kind of Familiar (seithr-charged weapon or object) does your character wield? What sort of seithrjen do they use? You can be as creative as you like here. Do they wield pyrokinetic powers? Can they slow down time momentarily? Go into detail about their powers if you can.
Other Skills: What other weapons/ inventory items does your character posses? If they have a fighting style, describe it here.

All right, let's get to it!



Parakarry as Tal Sorico
Hoboturtle as Ulrich La March IV and Lambert Sitz
Bowserizer as Lindsey Wells
GigaRidley as Ansa Hifhildr


GigaRidley as Aeolus
The Storm as Exsul Rgis-Malum


Johaggis as Weidr Durgsson and Gale Elvek
Lennox as Kai Fishwash and Samna Fishwash
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Tal Sorico
Species: Gedric
Gender: M
Country: Vongola
Allegiance: No allegiance, but generally lawful good.
Appearance: Tal is an albino Gedric. He also "does machines." Meaning that he's good with machines. Like, fixing, and making them. He wears red goggles, which are usually worn on his forehead, but he puts them down when he is fighting, burrowing, or swimming. He wears a leather vest and baggy pants. Also, he's pretty short, only 4'8".
Biography: Tal is a mechanic and a diplomat. He has been attempting to bring peace between the miners and the burrowkind for quite some time. Since he can fix machines for the miners, they have grown quite fond of him. However, most of the burrowkind believe he is a traitor for attempting to help humans, and have a distrust of him.
Personality: He is an all-around nice guy. He's also very determined, and never gives up. If he was in a job interview, he might say his greatest weakness is his persistence. See what he did there? It was actually a strength.
Familiar: Claws that he made himself. They are good for fighting and digging.
Other Skills:
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@Parakarry: Short sign-up, but I like it! Just flesh out what his Familiar can do and you're Accepted!
Are there any organizations or powerful groups involved? Maybe political, economical or social strife? What's the extent of the floating lands, do they have oceans or marine environments?
Ulrich La March IV
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Country: Ustuk
Allegiance: Good(?)

: 5'3 and 165lb, Ulrich thought he was a dwarf for a good part of his life. His less than intimidating stature plus a missing tooth or two gives him a harmless appearance. He has brown skin and green eyes. He wears aviator goggles, brown pants and a jacket with a green tie. Brown and gold golds.

: Ulrich came from a long line of great inventors. Ulrich the II, during the great war, create a giant familiar that shot soldiers at an enemy fortress. It only took a couple hundred bodies to break through the walls, allowing it to be captured. His father Ulrich the III, conducted test to see if the surface was becoming more livable. After the twentieth dead lab assistant, hypothesized "no." After his dad was arrested at a young age of ten and a bounty was placed on his head so that "he could be locked up before he did a thing", Ulrich decided to travel the world to find inspiration. That was about nine years ago and at nineteen he is no where closer to finding his great discovery.

: A evil genius. Maybe, probably only half right there. He is inspired to continue his family tradition of science, however doesn't have a thesis and is usually board of anything after a couple minutes.

-Impossibility Machine: Ulrich's backpack, equipped with arms, drills and torches to help with create. The Impossibility Machine feeds Seithr from itself to his inventions, allowing Ulrich to create low scale familiars on a fly.
-Windy Stick: A metal stick with three propellers on the end. Can be used to float a couple feet up or send a gust of wind at a direction.

Other Skills
: A expert on familiar engineering, or at least he suppose to be. He mostly just smacks stuff together and they work somehow.
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Glad you asked!
For the most part, the six kingdoms have lived together peacefully since the Final War of Magic. However, tensions have begun to rise between Miriel and Erigan due to increased Splinter activity, with the Mirians blaming the overuse of technology and rejection of pure seithrjen on the Splinter rise. The Eriginians believe the Mirians to be silly little monks oblivious to technology and trapped in the old ways of the past. Avalon has been dealing with its own problems independent of the increased number of Splinters, due to class struggles between Lower and Upper Avalon. The tension between the two groups will soon reach a breaking point if no peaceful resolution is reached. Vongola is also dealing with the problems involving the Gedric in their mines, and so far negotiation has accomplished frustratingly little. The six kingdoms are monitored by a unified police force called the Kingdom Guard. Though the Kingdom Guard was once looked upon favorably by the people, recently several branches have been plagued with corruption and misuse of power. As the Splinters pose an ever-greater danger, these problems could not have come at a worse time.

As for marine life, all of the islands have lakes and other sources of water. In particular, Lokasen's capital Zeldrid is surrounded by a gigantic body of water known as the Azure Gate, the only part of the island that has been barely affected by seithr poisoning. The fishermen of Lokasen are some of the best in all of Aravad.

EDIT: @Hoboturtle: Can't stop laughing, Accepted!
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Lambert Sitz : Masked Knight
Species: Human (Volur)
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Country: Avalon
Allegiance: Good

Appearance: A big guy. Tall and muscular. The stereotypical cape features, a square jaw and beady eyes. He normally wears blue armor from the neck down and is always wears a black cloth mask at ALL times.

Biography: A single father after his wife, Rachel died, Lambert had to always be away from home in order to work and support his two daughters, Karin and Romy. One day while working on the ever expanding towers of Avalon, Lambert came onto a familiar in a form of a mask. Trying it on in a moment of jest. The mask gave Lambert power beyond what he could imagine, this allowed him to work a hundred times harder than before. Lambert worried that some noble would want the mask back but there was no one who recognized it. He didn't mind because now he had enough energy to work and bond with his family.

One day however his youngest daughter, Karin was attacked by a splinter. Lambert made quick work of the monster, but something overtook him. He had the power to easily stop this monster, why not others? So he dedicated his time in ridding lower Avalon of the monsters and other criminals that surround it as a hero known as "The Masked Knight".

-Mask of Justice: A mask which because of the amount of Seithr needed to power it can only be wield by a Volur. The mask constantly absorbs Seithr and in turn grants the wearer impossible boost in strength, endurance and speed. It takes the appearance of a black mask made of cloth, but is made of a indestructible material.

Other Skills: He is a skilled carpenter. He also knows how to cook and fix clothing, skills he had to learn from taking care of his daughters.
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Aeolus:Sinister Wanderer
Species: Human Volur
Gender: M
Age: Unknown, Appears to be in his late 20's
Country: Unknown
Allegiance: Evil
Appearance: Standing at 6' 2" tall, Aeolus is a very slim but still imposing figure. He wears the uniform of a Kingdom Guard High Officer, a rank given to important non-combat operatives. This uniform is a deep blue dress shirt with black tie, and black dress pants. Both shirt and pants are inlaid with spiraling silver and gold patterns indicating a high rank within the Kingdom Guard. Aeolus keeps the top few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, and his tie hangs loose, showing a lack of care for his appearance. Over his uniform he wears a tattered, open golden robe of indeterminate age, but with the sigil of the Unified Forces from the Final War of Magic on the back. Normally the hood of the robe is up, concealing his hair and eyes, but when pulled down it reveals a face with sharp features and spiky, medium-length red hair. the sleeves of the robe are rolled up to the elbows, exposing the arms of his dress shirt. Both his forearms and the lower part of his legs are tightly wrapped in cloth bandages that occasionally pulse with glowing yellow runes and spark with electricity.
Biography: There is not much known about Aeolus at this time. From his clothes, it would seem that he is or was once part of the Kingdom Guard, although he does not seem to belong to any particular regiment. What can be said is that whatever he is planning for the world of Aravad, he has been planning it for a long time, assembling allies and henchman over the past 20 years, all the while remaining the same age in appearance. While he is unknown to the greater population of Aravad, working as a mastermind in the shadows, he is spoken of in whispered rumors among the Fae as the monster responsible for killing off their brethren. Why Aeolus is doing this, and to what greater purpose, currently remain a mystery.
Personality: In most situations, Aeolus puts on a sickly sweet and polite demeanor, with a wide smile and an innocent attitude. However, this is merely a thin facade, and among his henchman or hated foes, his true, demented personality emerges. Aeolus is foul-mouthed and sadistic, with a highly unstable personality and a major superiority complex. He speaks rather simply for a mastermind, but is a tactical genius who plans his moves well in advance. He also has more than enough power to back up his boasts and jeers to his enemies, making him possibly the most dangerous being in all of Aravad.
OverSoul Raijin: The wraps that cover Aeolus's arms and legs act as his Familiar, constantly absorbing the seithr his body naturally produces to recharge. They grant him increased speed, agility, and formidable electrical powers that manifest as yellow and black electrical bolts that surround his body. Aeolus can charge items with electricity or cloak his arms and legs in it for crushingly powerful flurries of frenzied attacks, overwhelming his opponents easily.
Other Skills: Aeolus carries a supply of kunai, or throwing knives, on his person at all times which he uses as close combat slashing weapons and as conduits for his electrical Familiar. He has become adept enough with his kunai to swiftly and deftly parry and trade blows with larger weapons including swords and axes. Aeolus has also achieved perfect mastery of the martial arts style known as "Wild Dancing", which prioritizes reach and speed to deliver rapid, cruel blows.
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Well, there's a lot of wiggle room within the Good alignment, but Aeolus and the people who follow him are pretty bad dudes. Of course, you can also make a neutral character.

Hopefully obvious joking aside, I'm reading it now. Unsure when you should be expecting an SU from me. Perhaps I'll wait to see if there's a shortage of a certain type of character.