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Jan 24, 2008
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WiiChat has gone for a while now without a good, old-fashioned RP. Too long, and no longer.

Welcome to the future of our galaxy. 2,000 years to be precise. In the year 2897, humanity finally perfects space travel by travelling large distances at incredible speeds through dimensional gates , known as “jump points”, which are scattered throughout the galaxy. This comes about as a result of the discovery of ancient relics detailing how they are to be used by an ancient race of aliens called the Aliis who travelled the galaxy long ago, and we have repurposed them for human use. However, we are far from alone in this vast galaxy-- there are many other races out there who have been using the jump points long before us-- some friendly, some hostile. Quickly, humanity is entered into the main democratic order of races, The Unity. Life in the galaxy has never been peaceful-- though The Unity did regulate the galaxy for the most part, other races of monstrous aliens and power-hungry warlords have made their attempts on control of the galactic civilization, but they were always repelled. In an attempt to counter such threats upon the well-being and safety of all of it’s people, The Unity began a supersoldier program during the later half of the 38th century known as the COSMOS Project. The goal of the project was to create men and women of all species with enhanced senses and skills, able to fight both inside the cockpit and out. After various trials, the project was a success, and the Unity began mass producing enhanced “COSMOS Troopers”. In an attempt to counter some of the more extrasensory aspects of possible threats to galactic peace, Unity government scientists studied Allis data gathered from their jump points and their ruins scattered around the galaxy, even in places on Earth. The Allis had advanced telekinetic and telepathic abilities unseen in most other races, and by gathering ancient Allis DNA and infusing it into other species, the Unity hoped to create psychic elite warriors with abilities far beyond even those of the COSMOS Troopers. Unfortunately, this project was less successful: Most of the test subjects experienced no increase in psychic ability and died soon after DNA transfusion was complete. Further testing revealed that only specific humans, not other races, had the genetic compatibility for the transfusion. However, the few that survived became immensely powerful “Psykers” with advanced telekinetic powers. The Unity, looking to increase this desirable breed of soldier further, made what would prove to be a poor choice: combining Psyker and COSMOS Trooper DNA, they attempted to make a perfect, enhanced soldier. After numerous more failures, their efforts produced a single child with the enhanced strengths of a COSMOS Trooper and the vast telekinetic abilities of a Psyker. These powers complemented each other perfectly, and the child was far more powerful than the sum of his parts. He quickly grew into a man, but his DNA was fundamentally flawed; genetically, he was doomed to madness from the day he was born. Gifted with a dark intelligence and a frightening drive for power, the man silently gathered powerful followers from all species, promising a future of genetically “perfect” beings like himself ruling the galaxy. Finally, they made their move, slaughtering most of the elite Psykers and performing a bloody military coup against The Unity. The galaxy was shattered as the man took control of the Unity and began ruling the galaxy with an iron fist, enforcing his rule through his many soldiers. Pockets of the galaxy still resist, and there is talk of a Resistance forming to counter the psychic madman. Many COSMOS Troopers and a few Psykers not loyal to the dictator also continue the fight. Only time will tell if the galaxy will ever be free once more.
Welcome to StarEdge! This RP takes place far, far in the future, in a galaxy of space battles, alien races, colorful planets, and genetic supersoldiers. In this adventure, you’ll go on an incredible space journey through a myriad of worlds, along with fellow heroes, to stop a psychic madman from permanently seizing power in the galaxy-- or, you could be one of his sinister henchmen! The choices are yours, and yours alone! Before you dive right in, there are a few rules to go over. These are the basic ones, common to most RPs (veteran RPers can skip this):

-Please use proper grammar and spelling (Ex: “thei fleugh intoo sp8ce” will NOT be allowed)
-Try to make your posts as descriptive as possible. Remember, other RPers will be building off what you say. Give them a good foundation.
-No godmodding (a.k.a massively overpowering your character, there are a few exceptions but for the most part just don’t do it)
-No bunnying (taking control of another RPers’ character, this is ONLY acceptable if you talk with that player beforehand and they agree)
-No spamming, DPing, etc... use proper “Internet Etiquette” at all times, please.

Here are rules SPECIFIC to StarEdge (EVERYONE must read these):

-A maximum of two characters is allowed per person. This may be subject to change later as I see fit.
-Players may choose to be COSMOS Troopers or Psykers for their characters. However, the following restrictions apply:
1) A character cannot be both a COSMOS Trooper AND a Psyker. There is only one of those in existence, the main villain.
2) Though a COSMOS Trooper may be any species (human or otherwise), Psykers are only able to be produced from humans. Only humans have the correct genetic makeup to form a hybrid with the Allis.
3) The COSMOS Troopers remaining in the galaxy are numerous enough that it’s not unreasonable to assume there’s enough to go around. However, there are few enough Psykers left that not everyone can be a Psyker. One or two people RPing as Psykers is A-OK, but more than that and I will set a limit. Basically, think of COSMOS Troopers as members of SOLDIER pre-Final Fantasy VII and Psykers as Jedi post-Revenge of the Sith.
4) Both COSMOS Troopers and Psykers can either be good or evil, RPer’s choice.
-Robots ARE allowed as characters, the technology of the future has advanced far enough for true artificial intelligence.
-Only humans and original alien races please (No Klingons, Gungans, Vulcans, Ewoks, etc.)
-If you decide to create your own alien race, please make sure to include a basic physiology/biology of the species, as well as any interesting/ important tidbits of information about them in your sign-up.
-Make sure you read all of this! It’s important! To show me you have, put -BEGIN TRANSMISSION- and -END TRANSMISSION- at the beginning and end of your SU, respectively.

In order to be accepted into the RP, it is required that I accept a Sign-Up of your character. Here is a template for a basic SU:

Name: Pretty basic. First and last please.
Species: Also pretty basic. Just name the species.
Gender: M/F (or genderless, if the species is like that)
Allegiance: Once again, pretty simple. Good is those opposing the dictator, and Evil is those allied with him. Neutral is allowed for those not taking direct conflict (at least, initially). After allegiance, place profession if applicable (Ex: “Good-COSMOS Trooper”)
Appearance: Please go into great detail here. If the character is of a non-human species, explain what the physiology of the species is first before describing your character.
Homeworld: Name the birth planet of your character and just tell us what that planet is like. 2-3 sentences should be minimum.
Biography: Tell us your character’s history. This should be moderately in-depth at the very least. How did they get to be where they are in the story’s beginning?
Personality: Again, self-explanatory. Tell us what your character is like-- are they social or a loner? Sane or nuts? A few sentences at the least, please.
Ship/Weapons: What weapons/ inventory items does your character posses? If they have a fighting style, what is it? If they have a spaceship, please name and describe it here.

Now that that’s out of the way... strap yourself in, power-on your thermal cannons, and switch on your onboard computer. We’re in for one hell of a ride.

The Storm as Orbus Frater
Shiagu as Aelan Pharian
GigaRidley as Darius Lorne
lbu8 as Leo “Mac” Mcmillan and Jack Corsen
TimidGent as Gerumbio Noss
Febe as ARP

GigaRidley as Emperor Cykris
NeoSquid as Squig
Febe as Seeng Dichrona
The Storm as Rex Rgis Malum
Lennox as William Townes and James Lillis
PrinnyRam as Marche la March
TimidGent as The Watcher


Did I miss anything?
P.S: Yeah, I finished the Opening post earlier than thought.
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I'll sign up in a bit. Does my allegiance have to be a COSMOS trooper or a Psyker? or can I kind of do my own thing and wiggle into it, cuz I have some good ideas.
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Oh, of course not! Normal, unenhanced people are fine too. I'm excited to see what you've got up your sleeve, old friend :).
He he, Im not sure how successful this interesting RP will be, but Ill join.....and I cant get kicked out! Yay....


Name: Squig
Species: Nautmar
Gender: Unknown, but prefers to act as a Male. Will be referred to as such.
Allegiance: Evil general for Cykris
Appearance: Nautmars are an incredibly rare species, and several sub-species have been discovered. Squig is from the most rare and powerful of these sub-species.

Nautmars have a spherical body, and are usually about 2 feet tall. Squig is green. They have 6 tentacles sprouting from their backs that they can use, along with short arms and legs. They have large, tube-like mouths with a sharp saw-like tongue inside. Nautmars have different amounts of eyes depending on the species, but Squig has 3 eyes.

Homeworld: Unknown. He just showed up one day inside of a small meteor, on the planet Sparterran.

History: After showing up at Sparterran in a meteor, his heavily damaged body was repaired in a lab. His species was rare, so massive testing was done on him, often painful. He helped work in the lab after his testing, almost as a slave. He began to grow very hateful of the lab workers.

One day, the lab was raided by space pirates. During the raid, he accidentally bumped a piece of an unknown metal the pirates brought (later named Krobane). Much to Squigs surprise, the metal melted with touch! Squig moved his hand off it, and it hardened again. Squig stole the stash of Krobane from the pirates and brought it back into the lab.

The scientists were very fascinated by Squigs find. The metal seemed to naturally generate electricity, which shocked anyone who got within a few inches of it. Even stranger was how it reacted with a chemical on Squigs skin. When the chemical touched the metal, it turned into a dense liquid! But despite being a liquid, it still stayed in one piece. The liquid was also very sticky, and it was difficult to get it off. Squig was the only one immune to both the stickiness and the electric shock.

A few weeks went by, and the pirates returned. They demanded that the lab give back the Krobane. When the lab refused, all the lab workers were murdered...except Squig. That was because Squig, out of fear, gave the Krobane to the Pirates. He was taken with them in their ship.

After getting to one of Cykris's labs, Squig asked if he could join the pirates, as their way of life interested him. The pirates excepted under one condition; Squig would have to defeat their strongest member in battle.
Using his agility and skill with a light sword, Squig won the battle and discovered how powerful he actually was. The pirates kept their promise and let him join.
The pirates explained that the Krobane was a newly discovered metal, and that they were taking it back to get it researched by Cykris's top scientists. They were shocked to find out how Squigs body handled the metal. Using some of the Krobane, they developed Squig two swords. Squigs skin chemicals could be pumped into the sword to turn them into liquid. The swords also obviously had electrical power, which could be turned off.
Impressed by how Squig handled them during battles, they made him four more; one for each tentacle.
Squig moved up in the ranks of the pirates, using his battle skill and surprising intelligence. Eventually he was promoted to a governor of Cykris's army.

Personality: Squig is really full of himself. He considers himself better than everyone, and certainly acts like it. He bosses around his army a lot, although is known to let them chill out and have fun once and a while, meaning that he is not completely uncaring. He dosnt take his job seriously at all, and often throws a party in any base he takes over.
Despite all this, Squig is still incredibly smart, although it dosnt usually show. He is actually quite good at leading an army, and enjoys surprising the enemy with unexpected actions.
He may be smart, but he lacks common sense and general safety. He does things like juggling a knife and stuffing his walky-talky with bits of cucumber, just for the hell of it.
If his weapons are taken away, Squig becomes a coward. This is why he brings his weapons everywhere he goes.


Squig has six swords made out of Krobane. The hilts of the swords are made out of different materials, so they will not melt. The handles have a device which can pump Squigs chemicals to the metal, causing it to melt. When melted, the swords are stretchy and can be used as a a sticky whip or molded into different shapes. They also can electrocute enemies, but not nearly enough to cause death.

The melted Krobane can be hardened into its sword form by inserting it into a special vacuum sheath that Squig usually keeps in his ship. Due to how annoying it is to do this, Squig will rarely actually melt his weapons. Of course, they can always be molded back into a crude sword pretty much anywhere.

He is also known to carry around a rocket launcher.

Squig has a large battleship called the Squig Cruiser, but like the name implies, its more of a cruise ship than a battleship. Its more devoted to entertainment than to actual fighting. He uses it to carry cargo and crew, launch smaller fighter ships, and to...well, hang out. It is painted mostly green and black.

Squig also owns a smaller personal ship called the Squig Rocket. It looks like a normal bottle rocket, and can launch fire. It also has the near pointless ability to fire hot peppers. Its painted green and white.

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Interesting idea... but hot peppers? Really? XD
This is relatively serious, so the hot pepper stuff is a bit silly. However, otherwise I like what you have so far. These pirates under the employ of Cykris... are they a race of aliens? Overall, I do enjoy the idea of a creature who isn't even remotely humanoid but is still a threat. I'd Accept you, but... you forgot something! Check the rules once more.
lol, fixed it.

The pirates are basically a group of aliens (of any species, including human) that work for Cykris. They arnt in the army, but they are similar. They basically just go and steal things from enemy planets and stir up trouble. Sparterran is one of these planets.

BTW, you know what that name is based off of?
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Super Paper Mario? Also, Accepted. Also, excited to see what you've got in store, Storm!

Name: Rex Rgis Malum

Species: Ferinus Viperre

Gender: Male

Allegiance: To the highest bidder

Appearance: Being an inhabitant of planet Ustulo, Rex is a lizard-snake. He is able to change color, change size and, at times, if he loses any appendage he can grow them back. This applies to nearly every appendage. However, this power does have a cost. It cannot be used in succession. If a body part is cut off more than once, it will not grow back. He maintains a human stature, his scaly body reaching 6'3". His skin is incredibly rough, being born the traditional Viperre way, his skin is made of Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. This substance resembles the roughness of the arid stones in deserts.

The skin is piercable though, proving an effective but not invincible shield. The one thing it does provide full immunity from is heat. Being of Viperre descendence, heat is their natural source of energy, and so their skin evolved to withstand tremendous amounts of heat, nearly reaching Supernova. Small stone spikes cover his entire body, yet his face is somehow human. It is a rocky, grainy face, but he has eyes, a mouth, one nostril in the center of his forehead, and small holes for ears located in the very back of his head. He also has a pair of ear-holes on the tops of his hands. These are used for hearing what others cannot.

He has small spiked rocknails that are attached to his fingertips. He uses these either for battle or to tear things apart. His teeth are serrated and set in three rows from the front to the back of his mouth. The move like a conveyor belt, new teeth constantly replacing the old ones every other week. His rocky body is colored a deep Brown color. His body will change color depending on both the temperature and the climate of his surroundings. He can also change color at will, making him a very useful spy. Typically, he wears no clothing. This is so he can better "accustom" himself in any situation if needed.

Homeworld: Ustulo is a scorched desert; home to some of the feircest predators in the Universe. It is known amongst travelers as the "Furnace Planet." The atmosphere being able to reach temperatures of over 450 degrees, the Planet is rather repulsive to the normal traveler. However, the occasional Game Hunter will attempt to grab a piece of the rare substances the Planet holds.

Biography: Rex Rgis Malum is a member of the family Ferinus Viperre. This family is a long-lived and long-evolved chain of lizard-snakes. They are known to have some of the toughest skin in the Universe, making them an opportune target for most hunters of rare skins and merchant traders. The Ferinus Viperre are a rare species, mostly associated with the other dangerously dark creatures of Planet Ustulo. The Ferinus Viperre are known to reproduce in the center of their known Planet. As the adults are already immune to heat, the eggs which hold their children are not. The egg is taken to the core of the planet and broken open prematurely. The fetus of the baby Viperre is then buried in the molten sand while the parent returns to the surface.

After several months of "incubation", the baby is ready to leave the core of the Planet. Due to the immense pressure and heat, the newborn's skin grows as Metamorphic Igneous Crystal. The baby then utilizes its claws and digs its way to the surface, fasting all the while and taking 3 weeks to reach the surface at best. The Viperre are able to survive for months at a time on a single meal, losing none of their weight or strength in the process. When the newborn arrives at the surface, it is already able to fend for itself. Rex was born this way, along with every other Ferinous Viperre on the Planet. Feeding on small creatures at first, Rex was confronted with his first real challenge when he was several months old.

He encountered a giant Calx Vernus, in english it means "stone snake". The Calx Vernus swallowed young Rex whole. However, due to Rex's intensely rough skin, the worm's innards were ripped apart from the inside as Rex slid down his throat. This did not kill the worm, however. Rex spent the next couple weeks inside the worms stomach, feeding off the worms meals as it ate, sharing with the worm a Parasitic relationship. Unable to gain any nutrients from its meals, the worm soon died of starvation, and Rex burrowed his way out of the worm's stomach, emerging from its mouth. Rex then spent a few weeks guarding his host's carcass by day, and feasting upon it by night.

A Calx Vernus has the most protein-filled meat in the known galaxy. Rex was able to quickly triple in size during the time it took to finish the worms carcass. Time did not pass normally on Ustulo, haing three suns, it was impossible to tell how time passed. After a very long time, Rex reached his current height and potential. Having ripped apart a recent gang of hunters, he was able to usurp one of their starships. His primative instincts left, and the other side of his brain kicked in. He began to investigate the ship, learning to read the files, learning to speak the trans-galactic language English, and learning how to fly the ship.

He took the ship and flew blindly into space. Not knowing the known galaxies secrets, he embarked on a mission to find as much knowledge as he could about the new world he had discovered. A few years have passed, and Rex has gathered many followers. He is now one of the most feared head-hunters in the galaxy. His talents and allegiances belong to the highest bidder.

Personality: Rex is a vicious predator by nature. When in the heat of battle, he gives in to his animal instincts. In normal relations, he is very calm and collected. Due to his appearance, many tend to avoid him. He has no true uncontrollable animocity toward anything unless he is hungry

Ship/Weapons: Rex's ship is the same one he stole off the hunter's who attacked him. It is a sleek, fast ship that slips in and out of radar in the blink of an eye, aptly named the "Spectre". Rex has a plethora of creatures in his employ that attend to his needs and ship. Rex carries with him a small energy pistol, along with an assortment of explosives. His skills, along with the power of his weapons make him an incredibly dangerous adversary. He has recently become keen to getting hired to kill off certain Psykers, being that his skin refracts all telepathic control, save for the strongest.

Rex is a Lizard-snake creature, and can therefore move like one. He is able to leap great distances, and fall from extremely high heights with little to no actual damage being caused to him. His natural animocities make him ideal for combat, as being a lizard-snake, he can leap and climb walls, along with having the ability to resist and carry extremely large amounts of weight. His body itself is the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal. His mouth also secretes a very deadly toxin that he can launch at foes in the form of spit, and said toxin is so corrosive he can even use it to eat its way through walls and metals.

Rex tends only to use his claws for hunting. In personal combat, he uses a pulsar energy blade the color of the sun that he found amongst the hunters that attacked his homeworld. Using his primitive urges, he has enhanced his dexterous strength with the blade by implying the feirce nature of his homeworld. He calls the style, in human tongue, Vapaad. Vapaad's strength comes from the ability to harness a creatures natural animocity and applying it to sword combat. Being his creation, he is the sole living master of Vapaad.


Dum dadada dum du da DUUUUUUUM!!! tadaaa! lol
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Wow. Just wow. I am personally stunned and awed by the amount of awesome in this post. You just forgot one little thing (read through the rules one more time!)
Otherwise, I am just blown away. Big thumbs up!
EDIT: Accepted!
Also, I'll post my bios for both my characters in a bit.
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lol. Sorry Gigs, I had forgotten. Fixed it though. Glad you like it though. lol. Its been awhile since I've made an SU... Not sure if it qualifies in the "epic" category or not though.... lol
Thanks Gigs! And sorry Nick... I cant be no less than what I am..... and that is.... EPIC!!!!! lmfao
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Well, my gf (you may remember her as BurrHenry) would like to join, and Bowserizer says maybe. I'm hoping lbu sees this and joins in, and FINGERS CROSSED FOR WMBQ!!!
That's pretty much it so far, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word! At the very least, it'll be a week or so before starting... I hope Shadow comes back before then...