To all who Role Play, and any who remember the success known as Realms...

The Storm

Legendary Super Saiyan
Mar 22, 2008
Dear Richand Zamikios,

This is your oldest foe and mortal enemy, Storm Valentine. I am sending you this letter to inform you that I have escaped the Void of Eternal Torture, and that I will be sure to stop by your humble abode to finish destroy both you and your dear Siana. Role Playing has since died, with the story of Realms being the last successful RP. Richand, though I am the villain and desire nothing less than your destruction, I am afraid I cannot continue this story without you. What say you? See the latest IC post in Realms: Rebirth of Evil. Return to Renit, help me find people to replace former characters, and let us continue the epic struggle that Realms had come to be.

Every villain needs a hero... You complete the story, Richand. Return to Renit, and help me finish what we began.

I ask you this... Join us.


Storm Valentine, Dictator of Destry