The Seekers of the Lost Treasure: A Fortune and a Legacy


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Welcome to The Seekers of the Lost Treasure: A Fortune and a Legacy. This RP is a different aproach to RPs in the past. Instead of being about fiction, sci-fi, anime, etc. it's a story revolving around the art of treasure hunting. Similar to what you may have seen in things like Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider this is more realistic than the RPs before. The characters are human and therefore have the limits of humans.

In early 2009 a search began to find the ancient Incan relic known as the Idol of the Gods. This treasure has two rumors about it. One says that it's owner will gain a life that never ceases. The other tells of a horrible curse. Ofcoarse, these are just mythological ancient superstitions. What is definant about the idol is its worth. It's said that this statue has been crafted of pure gold, silver, and diamonds worth enough to give its finder enough wealth to last them ten lifetimes!
Ofcoarse something like this is at the top of everybodys "must find list". Controversy is bound to take place and a struggle to find it first is inevitable. Some treasure hunters are excited to find the one thing nobody has ever been able to find. Others are so compelled by greed and lust over the possible fortune that they would do anything to get it, even at the cost of lives. Unfortunatly, a group of modern day pirates known as the Black Bloods and a huge European crime syndicate called the Investors try there worst at retrieving this priceless artifact. Would anybody be crazy enough to try and beat these two ruthless groups to the puch? For a die-hard treasure hunter that's not even a question. This compelling story will be full of twists and turns and so much action, adventure, and danger it will feel like a huge block buster hit! [/totally bragging]

-Me (Brandon Bodine and Hector Phillips)
-The Storm (Boris "The Bear" Ugoslov)
-Disturbed (Antonio Reveiced)
-Giga Ridely (Matheus Glodico)
-Shadow*91 (Rikki Soxion and Grant Wilson)
-Bayne (David Asher)

Most of you know the rules, but just in case.

-No bunnying (Controlling characters or factors that are not suppose to be under your control)
-NO GODMODDING!!! I emphasize this one more-so than I would if this were like most RPs. Technically godmodding will be a lot more strict for this one do to it being based on a realistic factor. If your character gets shot in the leg and manages to get away from it then not only are they going to be walking with a limp and be slower, but they'll have to treat the wound so it wont get infected or loose too much blood, otherwise you'll be godmodding. See where I'm going with this? A lot more factors play into this than usual.
-Use proper writing. No chat-speak please.
-No double posting, spamming, etc. Follow both my rules and the general rules of the forum.

Brandon Bodine, a young adventurous treasure hunter, has been very busy the last six years finding valuable artifacts and getting into a lot of trouble. With him is a long time family friend, Hector Phillips, who has funded most of their expeditions over the years. Hector was a friend and treasure hunting partner of Brandons late grandfather, Jonathan Bodine. After Hector and Johns' career as treasure hunters came to a close, Hector tried finding profit in other ways, a few bad deals later resulted in Hectors large debt to the Investors, a large and powerful crime syndicate originating in the U.K. The six years of treasure hunting has lead to only a small amount of sucess for Brandon and Hector, but not near enough to pay off his debt, or even put a dent in it for that matter. Fearing that his time is running short, Hector Phillips decides it's time to search for a treasure that has haunted him for years. A treasure he couldn't stop Jonathan from searching for, resulting in the mans' disappearance. The Idol of the Gods, an ancient statue said to have the power to give it's owner everlasting life. The statue is rumored to be made of gold and silver and encrusted with many diamonds and worth enough to pay off Hectors debt ten times over. Thus begins our story...

{Los Havannah, Florida / Riko's Beachside Boat Lounge}

It's another day of work for Brandon at his secondary job at Riko's Boat Lounge. He spends most days here fix old, damaged boats and selling them. He's payed fairly and likes the work, but rather be elsewhere. He was just starting on the days boat when he saw his buisness parnter Hector Phillips walking up the dock. "Philly! What brings you here, old timer?" Hector chuckled and straightened his sunglasses. "What do ya think I'm here for kid?" he asked. Brandon stood up from his kneeling position and started wiping off the smudge from his hands with a dirty towelette. "Well I'm sure it's not a job application heh heh. So I'm guessing you got another one for us?" Hector smiled and put his hands on his hips. "Ah, you know me to well boy. Come down here, I got something inportant to tell you."
Bodine hopped down from the boat onto the deck. He wiped his pants off and waled to Hector. Hector put his hand on Bodines' shoulder as they slowly walked down the deck. "Now Brandon," said Hector. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you, about John." Bodine looked to Hector with a worried look. "Grandad?" he asked. "Yeah, you already know he went missing trying to find that damn idol, but, there's more to it." Hector said. "What do you mean?" he asked. Hector dug in his shirt pocket and pulled out a small, aged piece of paper. "This." he said.
Bodine took the paper and examined it. "Why did you keep this from me?" Bodine asked. Hector sighed and said, "Cause I knew you'd look for it, and I didn't want the same happen to you as did your grandfather. But now I think I know how badly you want to find this thing, for him." Bodine chuckled. "Eh, you got me there. You know what these are right?" Hector nodded his head. "Yeah, coordinates, somewhere in the Atlantic." Bodine turned to Hector with a huge smile on his face and nudged his shoulder. "Let's go find that idol."

[Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean]

Bodine was in the cabin of a small yacht owned by his employer, Riko. He had his grandfathers' paper in his hand and a seachart sprawled out on a table. "I can't thank you enough Riko for helping me out buddy." He said without looking up from the map. "Hey," said Riko who was busy driving the boat, "I usually wouldn't go out of my way like this, but this is for your grandpa. I can't say no to that hombre." Bodine acknowledged Rikos' statement with a chuckle and continued searching the map.
"Alright Ricko," Exclaimed Bodine, "we should be close by. About 130 miles southeast of Isla Nublar." Riko looked back, "Okay, just a bit farther right." Bodine looked around. "Yeah this should be good." Riko cut the engine and they both went out on deck. Bodine grabbed the scuba gear lying on the bench, sat down, and started to put it on. "Now I'm going to have a look around. I'll radio you in on the masks' walkie-talkie when I need you to pull up the crane." exclaimed Bodine. Riko nodded his head. "Okay, just don't go drownin' down there esse'. I'd hate for your little 'adventure' to end before it begins." Bodine let out a small laugh as he zipped up his suit. He bent down to pick up the oxygen tank and strapped it on himself. Then he hiked one leg over the boat and sat on the edge then began to adjust his mask. "Okay," He said, "can you hear me on the radio." Riko gave him a thumbs up and said, "Loud and clear bro." Bodine then checked the lights on his mask and shoulder straps. "Alright, everything looks good. Riko, if I'm not back in five minutes... keep waiting." Bodine then dropped down into the water, hearing the splash and Rikos' laughter.
Several minutes passed till Riko got the command via radio to start the crane. When the end of the cable surfaced, attached to it was a large, rusty, metal box which Bodine stood upon grabbing the cable for balance. After they set it down on the deck Bodine grabbed a crobar and got to work opening the box. "It's a lot smaller than I thought." admitted Riko. "So the Idol is in that thing?" Bodine laughed and shook his head. "No Riko," He said while putting the crobar down and standing upright. "Just another clue." He then bent down and placed his fingers under the lid of the box and flipped it open. After the lid crashed on the other side of the box Bodine started digging through the box. He pulled out a small leather cover book and flipped through the pages. He laughed a bit under his breath. "Grandad you dog you."
"What now Bodine?" asked Riko. "Well," replied Bodine, "I'll have to... to... uh-oh." Riko looked to Bodine with confusion. "Uh-oh? What is it." Bodine, who is staring out to sea replies, "Matheus's men." Riko looked around at sea in shock. "You mean the Black Bloods!?!" Bodine started walking to the cabin of the yacht. "Yeah, they've been lookin' for me ever since I started searching for information after Phil gave me those coordinates a few weeks back. Guess they finally caught up." Bodine then begins to search through the cabin while Riko stands behind him, looking at him worriedly. "Well shouldn't we get out of here!? Escape!?" Bodine pulls out a suitcase from the cabinet and lays it on the table. "In this thing?" he replied as he opens up the case. "We'd wouldn't last a second." Rikos' eyes widened as he heard his hopes fall. "We're doomed man! What the hell do we do!?" Bodine then pulls a 9mm pistol from the case, loads it, cocks it to check, then hands it towards Riko. "Know how to use one of these?" Riko stares at the gun for a second, then takes it. "Yes, but we're not going to live to see tomorrow are we?" Bodine smiles as he loads his own pistol. Then starts walking to the deck. "Don't worry, this sorta' stuff happens all the time."
Bodine steps out on the deck and immediatly takes cover behind the crane of the boat after seeing the five speed boats were nearing the yacht. "Riko, radio Hector, tell him I'm in a bit of a tight spot and help would be appreciated." said Bodine. "Whoa!" he yelled as a bullets whizes by and clangs on the crane. The shot is the folled by several as the boat is pelted with a spray of gunfire. "NOW RIKO!!!" yells Bodine. Riko stumbles back inside the cabin to radio for help. Yelling from the pirates can be heard amidst the gunfire. Bodine hears his name and a few choice words, some in english, some in various latino languages. When the boats neared the yacht even more, Bodine turned and fired a few rounds at the oncoming pirates, not looking back again to see if he hit or missed. The speed boats then began to circle the yacht, leaving Brandon an open target. He then took cover behind a crate strapped down on deck. He stopped and aimed at the boats, taking out two of the pirates, then returned to his ducked position behind the crate. His cover started to wear down as bullets began to break trough the crate. He thought for a second how lucky he was that he hadn't been in one of those spots then jumped out from his cover and stood beside the cabin for cover. He heard Riko yelling profainities to the pirates as he shot aimlessly at them. Bodine quickly reloaded his gun and began firing away at the pirates. "Bodine!" yelled Riko, "Help!" Bodine heard a lot of ruckus goin on in the cabin. He thought to himself, '**** **** ****!' Then he placed his hand on the side of the cabins' exterior. "Okay," he said to himself as he jump around to the cabins' side wall and sprinted around to the door, barely doding bullets that flooded the air around him. He looked inside the cabin to find Riko struggling with one of the Black Bloods that has found his way onboard. Bodine tapped the pirate on the shoulder, the pirate looked around but all he saw before blacking out was a fist. Suddenly the front windsheild of the cabin was shattered even more with bullets. These were shot by another pirate on the deck. Bodine quickly returned fire through the opening and silenced the unwelcome guest. As they duck under the table Riko yells to Bodine, "So this has happened before!?" Bodine chuckled while flinching at bullets wizzing by. "Nah, I'd say this is a first! If Phil doesn't get here soon we're history!" He then jumped out from under the table and grabbed the Ak-47 from the unconcious pirate, hid by the inner wall of the cabin and fired at the encircling boats through the doorway. One of them exploded after Bodine shot it's gas line in its intierior. Bodine looked as the ragdoll-like bodies of three or four pirates fly through the air and land in the water. "Damn," he muttered to hisself, "that's gonna hurt in the mornin'." Suddenly an arm from the other side of the wall grabbed the Ak-47. It was followed by an elbow in Bodines' face that knocked him off his feet. He looked up to see one of the pirates holding his Ak and aiming it right at him. "Die!!!" yelled Riko as he started shooting at the pirate. One of the shots hit him in the shoulder. The pirate screamed in pain then unloaded the Ak on Riko. Bodine saw his opening and quickly kicked the pirate in the stomach, knocking him through the doorway back to the hand-rails at the edge of the yacht. Bodine ran up to the man and kneed him in the stomach, grabbed his shoulder, and gave a series of jabs to the pirates face till he reached unconciousness and Bodine flipped him over the hand-rail into the sea. He quickly picked up the Ak and rushed back into the cabin. "Riko!" shouted Bodine, who could barely hear himself due to all the gunfire. "Riko!" He shouted again, now kneeling down where Riko lay. But Riko was already gone. "Damnit!" Bodine yelled as he punched the floor. "Damnit!"
Bodine ran outside, picked up a magazine for his 9mm pistol, and shot hectically at the boats surrounding him in anger. A few shots got too close for comfort, pinging off the floor at his feet, and he quickly dove behind the large steel crate that he and Riko excavated from the ocean. Soon after taking cover, he heard a loud thump on the floor next to him. He slowly looked down to see a small grenade without a pin rest against his bare foot. (Note he's still in his scuba suit) His eyes widened as he muttered under his breath, "Oh ****!" It was too late to throw it back so he stood and ran in the open. "No no no no no no!" he said to himself as he neared the end of the boat. He put his foot atop the rail of the boat and jumped just as the grenade exploded. As he was airborne heading towards the water he heard the sharpnel of the grenade whoosh past him. Suddenly, when he expected to come into contact with ocean water, he landed on something hard. Nothing broken but the landing jolted him a bit. He looked around to find he was in the back of one of the speedboats occupied by two pirates. One was driving, one was now poking Bodine in the forehead with his AK-47 machine gun. "Hola Bodine." Said the pirate with a chuckle. "Get up." Bodine cursed under his breath as he got to his feet. He looked at the pirate with a nervous grin. "Easy big guy." he said. "I'm guessing Matty wants me alive so he can have what I found, right?" The pirate laughed. "No no Bodine, Senior Matheus said to take whatever it is you found, and that you're free game." Bodines' expression grew even more worried as he nevously chuckled then cursed once again under his breath. 'Think damnit think' He thought to himself. He quickly went with the first idea that came to mind and pointed towards the direction the boat was headed. "We're gonna crash!" he yelled. The pirate looked around then Bodine grabbed the hilt of the AK, elbowed him in the side of the head and pushed him overboard. Bodine stared at the passing water for a second and said to himself, "I can't believe he fell for it." As he looked upon the water he watched as another splash right next to the boat passed by. His eyes followed the splash as a waving arm emerged from the water. As his eyes slowly turned their attention to the front of the boat he muttered to himself, "What the hell?" Then when he looked forward he gasped. He looked to see that the boats driver was missing, and to make matters worse he was heading straight for the yacht. "Oh boy..." he said as he readied to jump. He soon dove into the water, rather painfully at this speed, soon before the speedboat collided with the yacht and exploded. Bodine resurfaced to see the pirates retreating. Possibly the presumed him to be dead or still aboard the sinking yacht, along with whatever sort of treasure they think he found there. He patted the waterproof hip pouch to make sure his grandfathers journal was still there. Just then a loud noise came from overhead. It was an old propeller airplane, model from the 80s or 70s. Bodine grinned and let out a laugh. "Took you long enough." he said quietly as he watched the plane zoom by while decending down closer to the waters surface. Bodine then swam towards the now floating airplane. When he got near the plane the hatch door on the side squeaked open and a short metal ladder poked down into the water. Hanging partially out the door was Brandons' friend Hector Phillips. He looked around at the wreckage floating nearby then took his cigar out of his mouth to speak. "Jesus Christ... What tha hell happend here kid?" Bodine swam closer and grabbed onto the side bar of the short ladder. With a half grin he replied, "Well everything was fine untill they started shooting at us."

[Somewhere in Russia, a few hours after the events in the Atlantic.]

Boris sets the phone back done on its reciever then leans back in his chair. He taps his fingers on his desk while thinking for a bit. "Antonio," says Boris as he looks to his right. Antonio sits in a chair across the tabel. "Yes?" replys Antonio. Boris positions his hand infront of his mouth, still deep in thought. "My patience with Mr. Phillips has grown quite thin. If he comes back alive from this wild goose chase I want you to go and retrieve him for me." says Boris. Antonio acknowledges his statement with a nod, then adds, "Sir, may I ask just what is it he hopes to find that will pay his debt?" Boris sighs and combs back his hair with his hand. "Some fairy tale artifact, supposed to be some Incan statue." He replied. Antonios eyes widened. "The Idol of the Gods!?" He asked excitedly. Boris calmly yet suprisedly looked up at Antonio. "Yes, that is what he said." Antonio stood up, thought for a second, then leaned over, putting both hands on Boriss' desk. "That man may never find it, but we could. The Idol of the Gods is worth more than you can ever imagine...."

[A small port town located in Panama. The small town has been taken over by the Black Bloods]

The vicious Black Bloods group seems comfortable making their home off of the citizens of this town. They force everyone to stay in their own homes and leave all the shops, restaurants, and hotels all to themselves. Of coarse, this town isn't occupied by the WHOLE gang of criminals. Just those who have been out "working" lately.
In one of the few bars in this town, a group of the pirates drink, sing, and have a good time. In the corner of the room, sitting at a table with a bottle of whisky in his hand, is none-other than the Blood Wolf himself Matheus. He grins as he looks out to his men who are have a good time. Just then, one of the pirates approaches him and tells him something in his ear. Matheus then angrily stands up and quickly makes his way past the drinking lot. He busted through the doors and immeadiately sheilded his eys from the sun with one hand, and pulled out a pistol with his other. He started waving his pistol in the air as if making a "shoo" gesture and yelled out something. His voice was being greatly muffled out by the roar of the helicopters roaters, which he was walking towards. After the chopper landed the motor cut off and the thunderous roar slowly subsided. "I said you can't land that here, puto!" yelled Matheus, who could finally be heard. Out of the side opening of the chopper stepped out two heavily built men in nice suits. The pirates that had the chopper surrounded all had their guns pointed towards it. Then out stepped a tall elderly man with a strong, respectable, powerful look about himself. It was Boris Ugoslave. Matheus raised his pistol, aiming it straight for Boris. "Hombe', you got major cohone's to park that **** here." said Matheus, with a angered look in his eyes and an angered sound in his voice. Boris put both of his hands behind his back to give a more formal look to himself. With a slight sarcastic chuckle he exclaimed, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Boris Ugoslav. Perhaps you heard of me. I'm come here for a buisness proposal."

Later Boris, Antonio, Matheus, and Boriss' bodyguards are alone in the bar. All of them except for the bodyguards sit at one of the many tables. Matheus slams down his fists onto the table. "He's still alive!?! Goddamn that cockaroach! He never dies!!!" Yells Matheus as he jumps up from his chair. Boris calmly lights a cigar with an old-fashion fuel lighter. After a few puffs he puts the lighter back in his jackets pocket. "Yes he is." answered Boris. "We recieved a phone call from his partner, Hector Phillips, a few hours ago. He said they were searching for something and had a run-in with your men." Antonio took a sip of his beverage and rested his arms atop the table. "This isn't the first encounter from what Mr. Phillips has told us in the past." Said Antonio. Matheus sighed and took his seat. He leaned back in the chair and looked back and forth at the two. "Yeah," exclaimed Matheus. "That ********** rodent Bodine has been a pain in my ass for a long time now. He's a bit of a rival I've been wanting to dispose of for a while. So get to the point. I know you didn't fly all this way just to tell me my men need target practice." Boris cleared his throat. "You see, Matheus, Hector owes my foundation a great deal of repayment. He thinks he has found a solution." Antonio then added, "Do you know what it is they are searching for? They hope to find the Idol." Matheus gave Antonio a 'are-you-serious?' look. "The Idol of the Gods?" he asked, then followed up with laughter. "You might aswell look for God himself man, it's just a big fairytale!" Antonio was then angered by Matheus' statement. He leaned forward over the table and said in a spiteful whisper-like way, "You little worm! The Idol is real and it worth all the rare treasures in the world combined!" Matheus then stood up. "What did you just call me?" He exclaimed. Boris then sighed. "Enough gentlemen, this is buisness. You can play on your own time." Matheus sat back down. Boris continued. "Now, what do you say to this? I pay you and your men to not only help search for this statue, but to kill those who try to find it first? And when we do find it, you get a share of the wealth." Matheus thought for a second as he leaned back into his chair, then smiled. "To find a treasure of unfathomable woth, and to see Bodine die. To be paid for all of this? How could I say no? Seniore Ugoslav, you have a deal." After that the two shook hands. Boris and Antonio stood, said their thanks, and left.
A pirate walked in the door and stood next to Matheus. Another two walked in afterwards. The pirate looked to his leader. "Sir," he said. "Can we really trust him? I've heard stories of how..." Not even waiting for the man to finish his sentence, Matheus pulled out his pistol and shot the man once in the stomach. He fell to the ground on his hands and knees. "You question my judgement PUTO!?" yelled Matheus. The man began to cry. Without hesitation, Matheus shot the man in the head. "NOBODY CAN MAKE A FOOL MATHEUS!! NOBODY!!!" Yelled Matheus. He then looked at the other two pirates and pointed his gun at the body. "Clean this **** up, and get ready to go hunting!" With that, Matheus stormmed out the door.

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The RP is FINALLY open

-Seekers of the Lost Treasure: A Fourtune and a Legacy-
*Insert major orchestrated opening score here*

[Small shack at a shipping dock somewhere in the Bahamas]

*Click* Hector Phillips shut his cell phone after just having a conversation with Boris Ugoslav, leader of the Investors syndicate. He informed him of his plans to pay him back for his debt, and their run-in with a group of Black Bloods.

Brandon Bodine enters the shack and grabs a bottled water from the fridge. "Who was that, Philly?" he asked. Hector turned around with his hands resting on his sides, just now noticing Bodine. "Oh, uh, just an old friend wondering what I've been up to, that's all." Bodine looks at him while twisting open the cap with a smirk on his face. "Right, no trouble I hope." he said just before drinking from the bottle. Hector paused. "Nah, kid." he replied. "You worry too much." Bodine got a laugh out of this. He set his bottle on the table. "Sometimes you say I worry too much, other times you say not enough." Hector chuckled. "Well you worry too much about the little things, but blow off the big problems. So, what now. What's in that journal of your grandfathers?" Bodines face lit up as he remembered. "Oh yeah, c'mere." He said as he opened the journal and placed it on the table.

"Grandad was definately on to something Philly, something big!" Hector leaned over the table, resting one hand upon it for balance, looking at the journal. "How big are we talking kid?" Bodine smilied. "We're talking 'Exact-location-of-the-Idol' big." Hector rose up a little at this news as his eyes widened. "Wow, you've gotta be shittin' me Bodine!" He exclaimed. Bodine looked up to Hector, laughed, and shook his head. "Nah, directly to it. Somewhere in the South American Amazon. Only Grandad could've done that Philly. And I've been looking into it and now theres a village of people about thirty miles away from the location. But they don't have a strip for a plane. I'd say the fastest way to get there would be to go seabound to the small fishing town right here," He pointed to a location on a map the journal was lying atop. "And hirer a driver to take us through here," His fingers followed a trail on the map. "and that should take us to the village. We'll have to walk from there, no roads, trails, nothing but jungle."

Hector covered his mouth as he took in all this. His hopes of paying back his debt and keeping his life was about to happen. And it was made easy thanks to his old friends extensive years of research. "Thanks John." Hector said quietly to himself. Bodine leaned into Hectors line of sight. "Well, Philly? What do ya think?" he asked. Hector then snapped back into reality. "Oh, yeah. The Black Bloods are trailing you right?" Hector asked. "Well yeah, they have connections all over anywhere south of the US. They'll probably know we've been here before tommorow." Hectors face grew serious. "Then we gotta move fast Brandon. We're going to have every no-good dirtbag breathin' down our necks if we don't get going, right now." Hector said. Bodine starred and smiled. "So let's get out of here."
[An outdoor resturant in Tokyo, Japan]

"Yo, can I get a martini here?" Riki Soxion was relaxing at his favorite eatery. He had just got his drink when his cell rang. Riki took a small drink before answering. "Riki here."
"Riki? It's me, Sela. Yeah the money's been wired so the job's officially done. Nice work."
"Thanks Sela. Why don't you come on over here and I'll order you a drink? I know your watching, you can't keep your eyes off me girl."
"Shut up. You got another request, if your willing to start up so soon."
"Depends. How much are they paying?"
"You're last job wasn't a third of this payday."
"Now that's some serious bank. Who's hiring and for what?"
"A group called the Investors. They want you to track down a couple guys and follow them to some treasure. Their intel puts the men on some island in the Bahamas but from what they said, these guys move around a lot so you'd have to hurry. If you accept I can have a plane ready in twenty minutes."
"Anything special besides tailing them?"
"Yeah, I have to keep them updated on your position so you'd be checking in a lot."
"Could I kill 'em?"
"No. God Riki, what is it with you and killing?"
"It's fun. You should try it sometime babe."
"Maybe I'll start with you babe."
"Oh, talkin' dirty now are ya?"
"**** off."
"Only for you honey."
"You gonna accept the job or do I have to tell them to find someone else?"
"(sigh) Fine. Tell them I'm in. What airstrip?"
"Tokyo main. Flight 346 to Jamaica. I've already reserved you a ticket. Like I said earlier, you got twenty minutes."
"Arigato, Nee-san" (Thanks Sis)
"Baka" (Idiot)
With that, Riki hung up and put his phone back in his pocket. He quickly drank his martini and left the money for it by the glass. Well, time to get going.

OOC: Sela isn't really his sister, shes just a friend that handles the intel Riki needs for his 'jobs'
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Ooc: Very good start up man. Sounded like a phone conversation that could be in an actual action movie :thumbsup:

But wouldn't it make better sense if the Investors paid him? The Black Bloods are just a bunch of no good pirates that really wouldn't hire anybody to do anything unless COMPLETELY necessary.
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Ooc: Subscribing. Letting others post before my gracious entrance.
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Trying to get things rolling.

[A few days later, in the Amazon]

"Whew, slow down kid. I'm not as fit as I use to be!" said Hector as he stepped over a log and into the tall grass of the jungle. The environment around them was very lush, green, and crawling with life. The air was humid and their trail was unclear. It was nothing but dense, hard-to-navigate jungle.
Bodine chuckled as he kept walking. "Gettin' on up there old timer?" Hector stopped for a second a leaned against a tree with his hand to catch his breath. "Yeah, well you'll know how it is in a few years." He said jokingly. Then a centipede crawled on his hand and he shook it off. "If you make it to my age that is." he added. Bodine looked around and checked a small hand-held device. "Well... lets hope so Philly," he said while gazing around. "Lets hope so..."
A few minutes later the two were walking along a creek in the jungle. Avoiding limbs and leaves from the plant life beside them, they carried on. "How much farther Brandon?" asked Hector. Without looking back he replied, "We should be getting close, just a little up ahead." Hector sighed in relief. "Good. My feet are killing me!"
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I'll go ahead and finish what I was going to post. >_>

Bodine and Hector emerge from a jumble of plants into a small, rocky clearing. "Why'd you stop Brandon?" asked Hector. Bodine looked down at the device, then back up at the clearing. "I, I don't get it. We're here, but..." he replied confused. "Maybe you aint reading that right, let me see it." said Hector as he stretched out his hand. Bodine shook his head. "No, this is the place." he replied. Hector looked down and shook his head. "Damnit! There's nothing here!" yelled Hector. Bodine looked to him and replies, "Easy Phil. Let's just have a look around. We're obviously missing something."
The two begin looking around the clearing in hope of finding the next clue. "Philly, c'mere." said Bodine. He was standing next to a large rock formation with a large crack going through it. The two ducked down and entered it.

When they reached the end they exited the crack and stood in another, much much larger clearing. But in the center lay a huge Incan temple, with large pillars surrounding it. Some still standing, others have most of their remains laying on the ground. "I'll be damned, we did it kid!" exclaimed an excited Hector. Bodine laughed and patted Hector on the back. "Told ya old timer, you worry too much!"
The two approached the ruins and studied it. Due to a huge rock formation, the back of it was inexcessable from where they were. They noticed something, there wasn't an entrance. Bodine examined the center of the wall that faced them. He saw that the bricks in the center were made of sandstone instead of the usual pure rock the Incans used. "What does that mean?" asked Hector. Bodine replied, "It means this use to be the entrance. Someone bricked it shut. It's pretty sturdy. It's going to take a lot to break through." Hector then replied, "Like what?" Bodine looked around and eyed a nearby front pillar that has yet to fall. "That." he said and pointed to the pillar. Hector looked at it and looked back to Bodine. "Knocking that thing down would be as tough as breaking this wall kid." Bodine chuckled, "Follow me."
He started to walk off to the side. "Where you going?" asked Hector. Bodine the replied, "Just c'mon."
The two went over to a different, sorter pillar. Bodine leaned against it. "The base of this one seems pretty weak, if we push hard enough, we could get it to fall." Hactor wondered why he wanted this pillar to fall, but he would save questions for later. The two began heaving away. After a while the pillar slowly began to lean. "I think it's going! Keep pushing!" yelled Bodine. The pillar fell forward. It suddely stopped. The tip of the pillar met with the side of the pillar that they planned to use to open the entrance. But instead of knocking it over, it supported itself against it. Bodine cursed under his breath, then suddenly began running on the side of the pillar. It was a little steep, but horizontal enough to allow him to run on it if he kept a certain speed. When he hot to the top of it, he didn't waste any time and kicked the other pillar as hard as he could. Immeadiately, the other pillar began to fall. As it fell so did the pillar Bodine was on. The fall was to great, plus since he was on a falling object it wouldn't be wise to stay on the tip of the pillar, and he didn't have time to turn around and run down. After a short second Bodine jumped onto the other falling pillar. As soon as his feet touched it he ran forward. He couldn't run too fast or he'd run into the wall as the pillar crashes into it. He had to time it right. A large sound was made when the pillar top burst through the wall. Shortly after Bodine reached the end of the pillar and lept forward into the darkness of the temple right before the pillar crashed on the ground. Bodine went into a roll to lessen the shock of the landing. The dust cleared and Bodine turned on his flashlight. He was in.
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The sound of the clocks gentle hand ticking was all that was heard inside the office. The view from the window was phenominal, overlooking a large city and part of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, it was filled with supplies. Their were many chemical and Nuclear Power Plants near the city, but the city itself was a utopia of the Investors definition of a "Perfect World." There were no slums, no ghettos, no upper class and no lower class. It was survival of the fittest, it was a land of Bounty Hunters and Drug Dealers, Pimps and Prostitutes, Hustlers and Gangsters and all the rest of the World's filth.

The office was housed in a building that scraped the skies, the tallest point in all of Russia. It was taller than the entire Mountain range of Russia. The office peered near the top, and in the office their was only one desk. The desk housed one chair, electric and motorized, and one couch, heating pads and all. In the motorized chair sat a big man. A big, big man. Not a fat man, but a muscular, well built man. On the desk laid two pencils, and a pen. Along with them, a computer, and a sculpture made of pure Iron.

Boris "The Bear" Ugoslav, leader of the Investors crime syndicate, sat alone in his office, tapping his desk, pondering his thoughts. Vy has he note returned..... Vy has he not given me da informacion.... Vy, vy, VY! He slammed his fist on the desk so hard the metal beneath it bent under the force of his fist. He pressed the call button on his computer keyboard, and the image of a man appeared.

Boris's face snarled at him. "Vind me Antonio Revieced, and get him to my ovice as soon as poisible!"

The image nodded and left immediately. Boris's temper rose. He continued sitting there, his anger building, staring at the blank wallpaper.

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[Shipping Dock in the Bahamas]

"What do you mean I missed them?"
"You came late, the men left at least three hours ago."
"Well where the hell were they headed?"
"Somewhere in the Amazon. I don't know all the details. Please don't kill me!" Riki didn't even pause to think before snapped the mans neck. "You really need to work on that problem Riki." said a voice in his ear.
"Shut up Sela." Riki had a small pistol at his right hip, an uzi on his left hip, a high powered sniper rifle over his left shoulder and a samurai sword over his right. He was wearing black sunglasses and an earpiece in his right ear. He was decked out in some bulletproof armor and was seriously pissed off. "Why wasn't I given a faster ride here?"
"I got you the fastest plane, then the fastest speedboat, then the fastest motorcyle. You just took to long baka. (Idiot) Besides, the intel said they move around a lot. You'll just have to follow them."
"Through the Amazon, with no idea where I'm going? Fat chance Sela. Unless you can trace them, I'm done with this job." Riki tapped his feet impatiently. He knew she'd have a plan, he just had to wait for her to say it.
"Ok, give me a few minutes. Maybe I can locate them through GPS. Anybody going through that jungle has to use a GPS system so in theory I can trace it."
"You really think I care how you do it?"
Sela sighed over the comlink. Fast typing could be heard over the sound of her muttering. "Got it. I found a GPS signal linked to a handheld GPS system owned by a Brandon Bodine. The signal's weak, possibly from local interference but its trackable. I'm loading the coordinates to your GPS now."
"Thanks. What would I do without you?"
"Probably end up dead by driving off a cliff somewhere."
"Eh, whatever. I'm movin' out. You can update the client if you want. I'll check back in an hour." Riki shut off his comlink and walked over to a green dirt bike. He put on his helmet before hopping on and driving off. Look out guys. Riki Soxion is after you.
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Hector walked up to the hole and switched on his flashlight to look around. "You still alive kid?" asked Hector. A light shown back from the darkness. It was Bodines flashlight. "*sigh* Never better." replied Bodine, in a rather unenthused way since he was sore from the landing. He picked himself off of the stone floor and wiped himself off. He looked around to find he was in a long hallway. "C'mon in Philly, it's a regular cob-webs galore in here." shouted Bodine. Hector look around for a second, the stepped over the rubble and into the ruins. He met up with Bodine and looked past him. "Well, only one way to go I guess." he said. "Looks that way." replied Bodine.