Release Dates and controller.


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Jun 16, 2006
The whole release date issue really confuses me...I mean Nintendo aren't short on units right? Why then do they stagger the release of consoles across the world, each region has it's own branch of Nintendo and the net amount of people buying it will stay constant so why not release everything simultaneously?

I could only imagine that it would be in case there was some hardware error or something? Can anyone with some business acumen enlighten me as to why companies do this? As at the moment I'm just thinking "So...they care about America/Japan more?" It's bad enough that it's coming out after the PS3 in US (when they said it would be before it) but to have to wait perhaps another month just so their european branches can get their thumbs out is galling.

P.S and off topic: The price of the controllers is shocking >_< I know they're full of all this high end tech etc but £30 for a completed controller? Don't say "oh but they nunchuk is extra" as that's Bullshit plain and simple, try playing LoZ or Mario or Red Steel without it, exactly. So instead of putting them in one package they're sold seperately, I suppose that's okay as maybe you'd break one of the parts and have to replace it.

What's not okay is that if I want to play with my family or friends (the whole point of this console right? Multiplayer with people who wouldn't normally play games?) I'm going to have to shell out £90 just so they can fricken play? Fair enough one controller comes with it, but putting Wii sports in their is just forcing you to buy a second controller. Who wants to play tennins on their own?
k, read about half your rant, the reason why they do it america/japan first is because thats where a lot of the gaming market is (america) and nintendos home country (japan) and sure they each have their own nintendo thing but the only factories are pretty much only in china (maybe japan too) and dont worry about the controller, it should come down quickly when they figure out how to produce it cheaper

oh yah and your: LoZ or Mario or Red Steel without, hey! thoes are all single player games and guess what! nunchuk+wiimote comes with the system! WOAH!
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Oh, my bad, I thought that Red Steel was going to have split screen multiplayer ^_^ not sure why, and it wasn't meant to be a rant I was honestly curious as to why companies dont launch all at once if they have the stock.

Also as you inferred I could rightly buy just the wiimote part for multiplayer games such as elebits assuming it requires no movement on the players part but wouldn't you feel like you were buying a gimped controller? Only half of it? That was the problem, I wouldn't have minded paying £20 per controller set for my family/housemates (students) at £60 total but half again...

I know that I have no idea as to the cost of the parts for the controllers, perhaps Nintendo are selling them cheap and I've fallen into the "ZOMG how much?" trap that sneaks around.

The who split screen idea...could that be possible? Would imagine it would make aiming pretty tough as on single player modes you'd aim at the screen where's on split screen that wouldn't work and would be more like an onscreen cursor follows your relative movement but that's another topic in itself ;)

Again apologies if it sounded like a rant it's late so :ciappa:
well, i think red steel does have multiplayer, but i was talking about the main game. im not to sure on the details of multiplayer myself. but i know red steel is built around single player

edit: yah red steel has multiplayer but does not change the fact its built around single player
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