Saving games on Wii....????


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Feb 5, 2009
I am a little unsure how Wii saves games. I am believe it saves to the internal memory most of the time. However when that memory runs out would I use a standard SD memory card for additional saves? I also wonder how I would transfer save data to my Wii. For instance if I had a friend that completed a game, obtained unlocakables, and wanted to transfer that to my Wii console. Providing I had that game too. This was relatively easy with my gamecube. Here I had a physical memory card, so on games like SSBM I would replace my save file with his and I'd obtain all those nice extra he spent hours obtaining in minutes! Not sure how this would play out on Wii?
You can transfer your saves to another Wii using an SD card but it will wipe out the save stored in that Wii.

The other thing to be aware of is that if a game is wifi enabled you cannot copy the save file to an SD card.
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How can youn tell if a game is wifi enabled? Can this be turned off in order to copy?
How can youn tell if a game is wifi enabled? Can this be turned off in order to copy?

No, essentially any game the uses Nintendo Friend Codes for the online gameplay does not allow game saves to be transferred to an SD card. I also know certain game data, like DLC songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour can be transferred to an SD card, but it has to be done from within the game, and this data cannot be used in any other Wii console...
From what I've read around the internets, save files from games like Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart Wii become "locked" and unable to be copied the first time you go online and it creates a friend code. But if you don't go online, it doesn't lock and you can copy the save data. I have not tested this but many have reported it on other sites.