Sensor on Guitar Hero


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Jul 5, 2009
Ok, my guitar for guitar hero has been working fine. But today it seems to have some sensor issues. I tried moving around the sensor bar on top of my tv but that doesn't seem to change anything. When I play, it seems to lag and it doesn't seem to catch hardly any of my playing. Anybody have any idea what could be wrong? I thought about checking out the sensor on the guitar but I don't know where it's located.
Is that the sensor bar problem? I always thought it was just bad connection between the Guitar and the Wiimote.
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I've tried unplug the guitar from the remote and pluging it back in but it doesn't help.
I know my guitar just flat out screwed up. My upstrum is messed entirely.
I use the World Tour guitar, and I never dropped it or anything, so I guess yours may have had something similar.

also, I've heard multiple reports about this, so it seems common. The only thing I know f is trying to replace the batteries of the Wiimote.
Dude the wiitar's suck
How they set it up so that you practically have to plug it in and then cram it into the guitar was inevitably going to fail. The connection sucks. Both of my guitar hero guitars screwed up in two-three months. They would work half the time, and not work the other half. luckily, gamestop didn't know that, so i traded them in :D
There isnt really anything you can do, sorry man.
Never played GH but ima guess and say the batteries are low or to re-sync/plug it.
In the options menu, there's a setting for "Lag"....could that have anything to do with it? Or could you change the lag so that it is in time with the guitar's screwed up timing?