September Wii Release???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IS will coming out in Setemper?

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Jul 3, 2006
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Yes, nitnedo has already started to manfacutre the final units. What could this mean? Well some people are saying that the wii could coem out it Setmeber if this is true, then they will have a headstart at the ps3 and will be able to take advanatage of this. Of course this means we have to wait longer for games like SSMB and SMG but with all of the launch games already there I sure hope this true. But lets have your opionon true or false
no idea hope its true
but also dont want it to be true (the moneys has not arrived yet for that job)
From what I hear it's an october release. Which is actually a good time to release, because it would give a month before ps3, which would totally wreck them.
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I hope its true but I really think it is cause they have to leave Sony very bad
It would be weird though because the earliest game launch is like oct 15 or something. Why would they put out the system and then have you wait a couple weeks for the games. Or they're doing that because then you could do things with the virtual console first then play the games. Wow Nintendos good.
Nintendo said Wii will release before the PS3, when that is who knows.
If it does come out then I don't care how long i have to wait until SSBB I actually have the consle that's all that matters.
It just all depends. Maybe with a quicker release their not ready with all the function of the wii or something. I was happy with otcober because I though it was going to be late november myself. Maybe nintendo shouldn't rush it that bad.
Lol, wut else would u do w/ it? Plus I wouldn't mind just watching TV when u suddenly get bored, all u have to do is take a look at ur wii sitting right there in all its beautiful glory...ahhh can't u smell it? lol:lol:

Take in the wii!, breath it, live it, be a follower!
dwaltin said:
I hope it comes out before the ps3 so when the ps3 does release noone buys one because they are still amazed by their Wii
Marketing is so much deeper than the way uv described it.