Sim Leauge


Nonis Sign Foppa!!
Mar 23, 2007
Wii Online Code
What is a sim league you may ask? A sim league is a fourm that you join and make your player and you make it the way you want it. After that you do tasks to make your player better you dont have too but it helps make your player better. Then depending on where the site is during the season you will either be a free agent or be put in the draft to get drafted. So by then your on a team. Now comes the best part the games. There are games every few nights and you get to read everything that is happening in the game. It's simmed of NHL 06 or 07. Throughout the season you get to play in many games. Then comes the playoffs. The playoffs are done just like in the NHL, Series best 4 out of 7. Instead of the Stanely Cup you will try your very best in winning the World Wide Cup!

Now if you dont get this, Join up and we will have someone give you more info on the league!

If you need help please PM one of the follwing people at the link above! Domi, Pominville29 or Sharpe. We would love to have you and we love to help you if it is needed!!!

Please join!! If you do join I reffered you ok.

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