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Dino the Dinosaur
Jul 6, 2006
A house
I have an Xbox 360 and i love it. I also want a Wii and i will love it. I dont want a ps3 and if i did get one i would hate it. who feels the same?
Well I like the PS3 but I will love the Wii more, and the 360 is just cool for me
If you were to get two out of the three systems, I bet you 85% including me would get a 360 and a wii instead of a ps3. They're saying they want different games, not just souped up ones that they're showing.
Plus they're trying to make it cooler by doing the 360 thing with two different units.
Its just rubbish thats about it riiiiiidddddgggggggge racer, attack its weak point for massive damage, and real time weapon change
plus the ps3 will end up going down the drain because wii will get everyones attention for a whole month and by then a billion wiis will be sold and sony won't be able to do anything about it. Let's see them steal something else of nintendos.
I already have a 360 and so far the few games I've got for it have been pretty good. Some upcoming titles look promising too. Obviously I'm looking forward to the Wii, otherwise I wouln't be on this site. As for the PS3, if the price drops and enough good games come out, I might get it then.