Social netoworking site for elite gamers


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Jan 15, 2008
Goodyear, Arizona
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My cuzin (his idea) and I created a social networking site for gamers! it is at if anybody wants to join, it is pretty dead right now due to the fact that it is just the two of us as members, but if the word gets out, then maybe it will grow, for those of u who dnt know what a social networking site is, it is what myspace or facebook is, except ours is an invitation only right now (i have to go in and change it) but yea it is a social networking site for gamers only, so you can have ur profile with whatever u want on it and add other gamer friends and post blogs or bulletins on gaming stuff such as tourneys or whatever you want, there is no restriction as far as profile pictures go or anything, so you can pretty much have the emenities as myspace or facebook for the most part but without those kind of restrictions, idk my cuzin just wanted to do it, i thought it sounded cool at first but since the word is not out, i though id try and throw it out there!
WOW!!! A site for gamers to network and chat?! I know of another site like that.....oh ya! IT'S WIICHAT!!!! WOOT!