Sony can't help but copy Wii

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Jul 3, 2006
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When I heard about the Ps3 have motion senstive capabilties I screamed rip of! The truth is I was right. There little tilt function of the DS3(Dualshock3) that complete rips of the Wii controlller. What does sony have to say? They claim that this has no connection to the Wii at all. I mean for a system that has a Blue ray, a Cell processer and comuting power that could make the superblue jealus they have to copy from us.

I only have one response to this, "Immitaion is the must sincere form of Flattery":lol:
i find it funny how they have no rumble feature because it could mess with the motion stuff and the Wii has both :p
I think this is just the slightest bit obvious they copied the Wii
They really didn't copy Wii as much as that old Microsoft Sidewinder controller for the PC. I actually was givin that controller and some motocross game and it was the most fun I had had in a long time.

That said, it wasn't really supported by game developers, so it's collecting dust somewhere. The difference between that controller and Sony's is that the Sidewinder was comfortable and the first of it's kind, while Sony's is unoriginal, uncomfortable, poorly layed out (especially for first person shooters), and will most likely only work for flying and racing games.

Also, like Mitch said, it doesn't even have force feedback; why do they call it dualshock when there is nothing shocking about it?
If watch that video that shows a demo of the controller (sorry no link) the motion seems to be just that second of the actual movements, it also isn't being used like a gamer would. It would be jerked around everywhere.
Yes, Sony copied some stuff of Xbox 360 and the Wii motion controller, since we know that motion controller is veeeeery very bad, either is a copy = as they are doing with some 360 stuff
I had a look at the vid referring to the Ps3 controller and thought - well that was a piece of crap! I thought that they should have dissed the Ps# controller style and opt for something more ergonomic. Sounds like i'm biased but the most comfy controller I found of the three consoles was the GC controller. Easy reach to all buttons. The XBOX had very awkward L and R buttons and the double joystick was a very unweildy idea. The Ps# controller too many buttons and the the controller was in no way comfy. The double controller config was awkward as well. The Ps# gave me wrist pain for about an hour after holding it for 30mins.

Motion control? Cant see that being used effectively for many games as it has limited sensitivity compared to Wiimote.

Sony is to be burned in the flames of M$!!!
I've played on consoles enouhg to know that even the most calmest person can lose control and start shaking there controller everywhere tilting there heads droping the controller below there knees rapiddly hitting buttons, then suddenly jerking up into the air holding above or behind there head. Then shakinbg there controller violently hoping for some reason this will help.

This PS3 idea will crash and burn miserably
I think last year Sony laughed at Nintendo's idea of a motion sensitive controller but now this year they're obviously taking the idea and using it for themselves.

Also, I'm guessing that Sony doesn't like trying new ideas because they're "Boomerang" controller got so many laughs and insults. So they just went back to the PS2 controller design.:p
They (sony) won't take any risks with their console or controller like the wii or xbox 360. They just got lazy and stole some ideas, then tweaked those ideas so it would seem original (which it's not by the way) and then upgrade the technology. Sony thinks if you bought a ps2 you'll buy a ps3 because it's technology is more advanced. But this is only my opinion and could be false.