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Dec 27, 2007
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Hey everybody, I feel bad for doing this, but I started a thread a few days ago containing a question I held about Wii connectivity, but I got no responses. I would really appreciate some feedback because I go back to college in a few days and would like to solve the problem before I do.

See, on our campus...a page prompts you to enter your school username and ID to become connected to the server. So...without entering this information, you cannot connect to a network.

But..when I get a listing of the wireless networks available via my Wii, it will not connect because I need to enter this information first (which, of course is impossible without having an internet connection on my Wii!) question is...will a wired LAN adapter fix this problem if I connect my laptop to the internet....or the USB wifi thing?? Our campus is completely wireless..if that helps in the question answering proccess.

Sorry if that was confusing, but thank you.


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Nov 30, 2007
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your wired connection should work as long as its not secured by your college... The wifi thing I had the same problem with my DS and it's not a laptop or computer so you have no way of entering your info before you connect...
Id go with the wired adapter if your going to be on campus for awhile, its just that wifi is so much more convienient, too bad theres not more than one unsecure signal in your area!
I hope this helps!

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