Spore Wii Bound?!

Lord Haku

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Jul 3, 2006
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Though rumors at the most the game Spore might be heading for the Wii. The game Spore has you control a single celled organism from there you can evole and start creating a species that limits are to the stars litterlaly. So you can take your creations and join a huge world of people online,will you coexist in peace with your insterllar neighbors or will you crush their pathetic exucse for a civiliton.

Though people some people say the Wii isn't right for the creator himself is very interested in the Wii so who knows? Hopefully we won't have to buy a ps3 to enjoy this goodnes it would be a great addition to Wii's already impressive libary of games.
Arcadium said:
Spore? wtf is that?
Click the link or read the 1st paragraph in the thread...

Sounds cool and w/ the wiimote u could select a group of cels and move them or wutever. I agree w/ Haku that it would be a great addition to the wii.
Yeah, I heard that its gonna be better for the Wii because the wiimote is just like a mouse on a pc. The creator said that on the PS3 and the 360 he'll use sprites, but on the Wii since the wiimote is just like a mouse, it will have realtime gameplay.
I know, it's a perfect game to show off the capabilities of the wiimote. Like SuperM said, it's like a mouse on a cp.
I've been looking forward to Spore for the PC for ages, but if it's coming out on Wii I'm willing to wait a little longer. So far all I've heard is that Will Wright intends to eventually release it for the consoles, but there's no definite confirmation yet.

Some people say it wouldn't suit the Wii, but I'd say the oppposite. It's the just the kind of game the Wii needs- huge, ambitious and innovative. This game could be something special.
I'm just not gonna get it I'm not interested in that genre unfortunately :D but its yet another good game coming to wii .. might play it once or twice though