sports on the wii


Jun 24, 2006
in a house
How will certain sports be played on the wii? I've seen some controls for madden 07, but how will you play nba live, or fifa? Baseball games might be really nice on the wii, if not only could you swing the controller like a bat, but go through the pitchers wind up with it!
I have seen video clips of madden football around, unsure how well it is going to work with the controller. I still would prefer to use a plain controller for sports games like NBA and I am sure that with MLB you will be able to swing the bat as in Wii Sports.
I really don't know but I think they are going to be played as the car ones with both hands in one controler
Tennis: pretty much the same action as you would perform to hit a forehand/backhand. Saw this in one of the official videos.