SSBB rumored characters. (other than the ones nintendo announced)

Supposedly Rayman, Sam Ficsher, and others are rumored for third party characters. Meaning very good chances. IT could end up being sonic and rayman in. That would seriously rock.
It's still a rumor. I heard about it a couple days ago. I don't think the customization will be that cool if it goes through. The exploding stages will definatley rock if that ends up happening. I wouldn't trust anything other than, or if they get news about that sort of stuff. Good job finding the site though, did you get it from a friend or did you find it?
just found it by searching around. there are a lot of quallity sites out there.
i reli think smash bros brawl shud go extreme to the point where u can choose from about 100 chars. It wud start to develop a whole pokemon feel. I guess the only problem is designing original moves, and that wud take yrs! But wud be cool! :)
It wouldn't take years tto develop moves for a lot of characters cuz a lot of them already have signature moves from there games and all Nintendo would have to do is improve on them and pick the right ones.
Yea but 100 is way to many, nobody would be able to play as all the characters. I mean if a person has a couple favorite characters, they play as them for most of their matches. If you put in 100 or so characters, about 65 of them probably won't even get touched.
That is true. It might be somewhere around 50 characters total
I would like to see Michelangelo - hes a party dude. Also Scrooge McDuck, that pogo stick cane would mess up anybody, especially Jiggly Puff.
ye but wot im coming to is online play. With a hundred characters, you can have the prospect of loads of different play styles, and the online experience will be so fresh every time.

The fact that 65 characters on each game don't get touched is GOOD, that way when u fight one of them online, you'll see moves and techniques uv neva seen before. Imagine the first time u played pokemon, and as u got on u discovered newer and stranger moves and attacks...
I'm actually thinking start with 100, and have nintendo send us new ones through WiiConnect24, or sell new ones :), or give them as prizes etc etc. It'll no longer be just a beat-em-up, im thinking full on nintendo warhammer!