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May 15, 2006
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LucasArts made note to announce high interest in creating a Wii title in the Star Wars universe, with lightsaber battles in mind.

What do you guys think of the possibilities that a lightsaber game coming to the Wii can bring?

The Wiimote should make this game a great buy.
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Imagine swinging your Wiimote to excute attacks. This will make for great fun and interesting arm swings for combo's. Wonder how that would work when all is said and done.
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This will be brilliant!

Ok, so presuming this will use the nun chuck as well as the wiimote.

The nun chuck will move you forward, backwards and strafe left and right and the trigger button can probably be used for a small jump.

The Wiimote will be used to look around and use the lightsabre or blaster. Also and this is the brilliant bit you can also use the wiimote to execute force powers.

The small digital pad on the wiimote can have a different force skill attached to it. By pressing up on the digital pad and a corresponding move with the mote you'll throw a stormtrooper across the room!!

UP = force push
Down = force pull
Left = force move (for moving objects that are in your way)
Right = Force Jump

I could go on for ages. Any more thoughts on this
yeah, with the wiimote you'd be able to do moves like in red steel only with a lightsaber....i could see them branding this as part of the jedi knight franchise only possibly going back to pure fps like in the original
I'm a big fan of star wars and lucas i think they will do a really nice looking and FUN worries
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Yeah I havent really played a Star Wars game since Star Wars 64, not sure of the title. A Wii Stars Wars would intrigue me enough to buy it.
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I'm liking the sound of swining the Wiimote like a sword, it's really something that makes this console so unique.

How awesome would lightsaber wii-style be? I think it would be good if the game was definately role-playing (like oblivion) and the player could explore a MASSIVE galaxy, and the choice of light or dark side determined the main quest like in KOTOR. First person definately as well, but if a role-playing game were created in the wii universe, with light and dark sides available and absolutely pivotal to the galaxy and the main quest, this game would have to have the potential to be one of the most inviting, realistic game experiences, making the player feel so much more connected to the universe. If only LucasArts and Nintendo thought to do this... :rolleyes:
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phimuajedi69 said:
hacking and slashing aside, you'd also get to try your hand at blocking blaster shots....that'd be a challenge

I think would use something like Red Steel is doing with the defensive scheme. Not sure of the controls but you can parry an attack with a certain type of movement of the Wiimote.
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I think I would like to see some force powers to be used by nuns own motion sensing. Maybe some basic movements and you can map a power to that.

For example While using sable on wiimote and using analog to move you thrust your nun forward to cause force push to trow opponent back.

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