Stupid Thread.....

Who hates arcadium

  • yes

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • no

    Votes: 10 62.5%

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Jaja I don't do that just to make more post and man look u are the one who do that, i've seen a cople of messages that say "Cool", "Great", and those stupid things TO GET MORE POST its OK what people think of me, anyway I'll continue posting in this great forum :)

PD: I shall no voting :p
dont really care, unless he bothers me. its good to see people have something to say about each topic, but sometimes it may get out of hand. (i voted no) even though the answer and question don't really match.

i wont vote yet, if i see more:

Arcadium said:

i will vote "yes"
Lol, mother I think u'r the one nagging, lol. And how is that bad English?

I like u Arcadium, this thread is backfiring on mother.:D
i think you all are taking this just a bit to seriously so what if he makes a stupid post. I for one will press on in my life and survive. lol
How can one hate anybody on this forum? :tard:

Sure the overposting thing was uncalled for but that was only one time. And while I agree one-word awnsers aren't the way to go, he isn't spamming or anything.
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look i dont mean hate arcadium just the posts which dont need to be there. And on another thread he had a go at someone who had like 15 posts for overposting.
now, for some reason, i dont think this thread is a very good one, and i find it more annoying/spam-like than one word answers arcaduim is being accused of.

is there even a mod on this forum?

cuz this thread needs to go.
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i am going to close this thread as no one sees the messages he sends me saying i over post.He did this to someone else and they left.
splatter said:
What's the big deal about post counts anyways? I never pay attention to it:confused:

Ay, and make sure you stay like that. These forums is pretty good, no bans or anything. but some others think if you have a high post count you are God.

Never understood it my self.
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