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Oct 10, 2007
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I hope this hasnt been posted before, just kidding, but....

I have recently seen in many threads the comment "threads been made, please use search button." quite frequently. Obviously people are neglecting the search feature and making threads already posted. So, a thought occured to me. Why not combine the two? how about making it so that making a new thread is a 2 step procedure, Title and then the post of the thread. You type in the title and click a search button on the side and it matches similar threads relating to the title. If the user then see's that his thread is indeed original, he/she can go on to the next step of writing and posting what he/she wants. Otherwise, he can just quickly click on the link to a thread to find the information he was looking for.

just an idea. im sure its alot more complicated then just adding a search button. I dont know. thoughts?...
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I believe that there is already a feature in place. When you go to create a thread there is a button titled "Check if already created". By clicking that button, it will bring up threads similar to your title thus allowing you to check if such a thread has been created.