Duplicate threads.... and searching....


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Jan 3, 2007
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Hi :cornut: ,

Can you please add a new Forum titled 'Locked', 'Old', or 'Duplicated'..? And, can you move duplicate threads there, or at least merge them, or something please?

Surely you've noticed a lot of users starting new threads, then get them going a bit with a fair few posts, only to find that a Forum Leader/Mod/SMod/Admin, etc. have either gone and locked it because it's old, been done (bindun, duplicated elsewhere), or some other reason.

I'm sure you'll agree that duplicate threads are as annoying to the Leaders as it is for the users to have started a thread, or been posting in a new thread, only to find some restriction when we go back to it. The only reason I've come across is 'Been done elsewhere', or words to same effect.

The most annoying thread closure I've seen so far is one started RE: Wii injuries, began around start December. I'd searched for threads RE: injuries, but nothing found - so, I started a new Wii Injuries thread. I'd forgotten where I'd posted my new thread, and so performed another search for injuries and couldn't find mine. But, this second search resulted in threads that hadn't been shown before, one in particular (click here)

I'd made a post in the linked thread, and so had someone else. I come back today to answer any replies and the thing is closed with post noted 'has been done before, please use search'.

As mentioned, search doesn't always show up what you're looking for. And, besides... shouldn't the earlier thread take precedence? And, can't you merge threads?

I know VBulletin search can get bogged down a bit, and on a large board such as this perhaps this is the case? :drool: I swear both my hairy ones that I've performed searches, and nothing resulted. Perform a search later again, and everything in the world decides to pop round for a cup of tea.! :tard:

Please do something? At least give it some lump hammer technology, pleeeeeeeease? :cornut:
With regards to the duplicate threads, maybe the members could be given the option/ability (in thread tools) to close (and possibly) delete our own threads.