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ok, here are my contacts- one thing though, you have to let me know what YOUR screen name is for AIM because i set it up where outside people can not contact me if they arent on my buddy list.

anyways, here they are

LooseCannon7185 thats AIM
[email protected] thats yahoo
[email protected] thats MSN
[email protected] (although im NEVER on litterally- ask SSBB lover)

i think that covers the basics and of course theres here

sorry guys but my job comes frist before wiichat :sick:


Dec 15, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Wii Online Code
Ha ha, better get to making some more bombs now.

I have changed my mind, this forum is desparately needed..

This has been reported by me and pm'ed to both active supermods........

LOL, I know you have a life jill....but this is just ridiculous. It pains me to have to watch crap like that.

I see you closed the thread trying to organize reports a bit..:/

If you CBA looking at emails, then what's wrong with this?

What exactly is it that you want?
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