Final Distance
Oct 1, 2006
New York
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New here, I've been looking around for a new forum to join, and so I found this. Hope the community is nice. =)
a very warm welcome to u from wiichat and the people who formed it!

the community here is really nice, just make sure dont get TOO like jk

wii like to chat about wats going on with the nintendo Wii here on wiichat and much more, if that wasnt self-explanatory already; basically we carry our conversations on to video games in general and go off topic at the lounge, or even talk about anime in the anime section of this site

Just a side note: there r also a lot of debates on videogames and what r good and bad and whether the nintendo Wii is good or not and what not, so if u like to argue, then ur in the right place as well lol
Hey Welcome From Gollum!
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Demon Slayer said:
Welcome and I see Your a Final Fantasy VII am i!!

Yep, Final Fantasy is probably my favorite Video Game Series.