Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Retail


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Feb 7, 2007
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Ok..Super Meat Boy may not be coming to the wiiware service.

According to wiiware.nintendolife. SMB (Super meat boy, may just to to retail.
Would you buy this?

Would you buy it on disc for $20?

The ongoing struggles of Super Meat Boy's WiiWare existence are well-documented, but here's a quick recap.

Originally available on PC, the game was slated to be a WiiWare-exclusive on consoles before announced as heading to Xbox Live Arcade, where it landed several weeks ago. Just the other day Team Meat announced that Super Meat Boy would miss November on WiiWare due to ongoing tussles with the service's restrictive filesize limit. Now the team has taken to Twitter to canvass opinion on the game missing WiiWare all together and going down the traditional retail route.

Being faced with having to butcher the game (meat boy, butcher, geddit?) to squeeze it below 40MB or release a fully-featured version on disc for more money is a tough situation for Team Meat, but it boils down to one question:
if we decided to try to find a publisher & do a boxed version for $20 (with extras) but come out later on the wii, would you hold out?
As we all know, finding a market on store shelves for a Wii game like Super Meat Boy wouldn't be easy, even at the discount price. Then again, a WiiWare release that's missing features and is graphically cut-down wouldn't go down well with the fans.
What would you like to see Team Meat do to bring Super Meat Boy to Wii?

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