Super Smash Bros. Melee


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May 15, 2006
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I think it's about time we have a thread dedicated to this game. :D


I personally loved this game the most of all gamecube games, I still play it with my friends occasionally. It certainly was much more fun than the original on N64.
I think it was alot faster than the 64 version, and link is my favorite character. thiis game has better characters and such.
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Yep, agreed with the characters, there were more and they had improved attacks. My favourite and best character would probably be Link.
mario used to be my fav in super smash 1 but in meele its link. i was soooooooooo good with mario on da 1st 1 but with meele i am noway as good but who cares it FUN.:D
Can you guys help me out. What IS super smash brothers. I left the gaming world after SNES largely. Played a LITTLE N64 but not much. How does this game work and what exactly is it?
Super Smash Bros was a fighting game Purely Constructed of Nintendo Characters. This game is said to be the most Popular Fightning game. Over the years, they made a sequel to this game called Super Smash Bros Melee. This once again was a best selling fighting game for the Gamecube. This game brought some new elements of fighting to the table. You can sidestep dodge, dodge while in mid-air, more specials are avaliable, more characters are playable, and of coarse more battle arenas. The best 4 player fighting game in my opinion.