Tekken whos your fighter?

well i love tekken alot but i'm unable to get Tekken 6 due to no PS3 or PSP.... But overall I'm best with the following:

Devil Jin

Tell me how Armor King is :D
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its not comming out for the psp and its comming out on the 360
Mine - Paul and Eddie

Thank goodness it will be released for PSP too :yesnod:
lol the last time i played was on Tekken 4.
i played most as Hwoarang and Jin.
BUT i liked playing as Christie / Eddy (I Believe Christie is Tekken 4 Exclusive but they still have the same move set) because they were really cheap when it came to playing against others
Where are the King lovers at?

I good with King and I'm also good with Steve and Miguel...xP
Xaiyou, Asuka, Jun, Jin (karate), Heiachi, Kazuya, Hwoarang, Baek, Anna, Roger Jr., Feng Wei, Marshall Law, Paul.
My focus has been on Xaiyou lately. (shoe me!)