Thank you Nintendo for the touch screen


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Jul 8, 2006
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Last Sunday I went to an area for some futbol (soccer) games and fractured my arm. I thought all hope was lost for playing any video games because I can't use my left hand. But lo and behold, I remembered my DS can be played with one hand. Now I can continue playing AC:WW :D (I still need people to add me to their friend list so we can visit each other). Thank Nintendo for the touch screen on a handheld.
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heh, yeah. right now im a one handed gamer. although, i tried playing SSBM yesterday. a bit painful and im not as good now:p
Touch screen has been done before
Tiger Game com
there was also a web browser out for it
shame it was rubbish
Wow, that is a pretty good story with a great outcome. Nintendo DS to the rescue! I know that is saves me on the commute into work everyday.