The Fight For Mario's Cap


Jul 17, 2006
i start with the cap the idea of the game is to take the cap from me using anything you can think of and then say where you hide

RULES can not say "i take the cap i win" or similer can not "kill" other users they have the right to try and take the cap again time traveling have to say how you get round the defences

eg "i then put the cap in a flying castle protected by barbed wire"

DO NOT SAY "i go to the castle and take the cap"

DO SAY "i use my arwing to go to the castle shoot the charged laser at the barbed wire then run in guns blazing kill your gaurds and snatch the cap..."

since i start with the cap here goes i take the cap and eat it
i use rubber gloves and my safecracking skills to get the cap and put it in mi6s danger zone high sicurity zone

then i add senor beams around the cap. beat that
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i stroll in with my team of acrobats we're all wearing fake badges that put us above everyone they dodge every sensor beam and give me the cap

i then laminate the hat and put it into a vault with 1 trillion other laminated hats that look the same
i hire an expert lockbreaker and steal all the hats and distribute them all to different parts of the world.
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Mr_Stoukaph said:
i hire an expert lockbreaker and steal all the hats and distribute them all to different parts of the world.

your meant to find the hat and protect it
I destory the bussiness and lock the hat in a chest and throw it off a cliff overlooking the ocean
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i use the iron boots zoras tunic and an extra heart (so i don't die when i fall) and bring the chest onto land and i break the chest open with a big rock

i send the hat into space and it lands on hailies comet soaring through space at 1 million mph
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oh oh yeah okay back to you(mr_stoukaph) then

you have taken the hat and you need to protect it
I hijack the nasa ship you were on. Then I crash pluto into Planet X, grab the cap (which is now floating in space) and fly to planet Y, the planet after planet X. I then put the cap in the center of the planet. I surround it with a 5 foot thick titanium shied arouond it. after that I put a giant moat of lava around it. Above the moat there is a giant motion sensor that will deploy a giant laser that will burn the cap to a crisp if disturbed, so you cant fly over the lava. And finally, there is a door into this whole thing that requires a 17 digit password. this password is known by no one in the universe. the only way to find out this password is to find the scrap of paper it is written on. The paper is in a chest at the bottom of the ocean guarded by mario, luigi, bowser, princess peach, yoshi, link, kirby, wario, samus, snake, pikachu, jigglypuff, zelda, donkey kong, and Chuck Norris. Can anyone beat that?!?
i fly into space and hire andross to grab the planet and crush it with his giant hands. i tell slippy to get the cap (he owed me a favor after i saved his froggy butt in starfox 64). i go to Aether and open the portal to the dark world (sorry samus) and program Quadraxis to protect the cap.
I go into the dark world and re-program Quadraxis to give me the hat then I give it to ganon who is then defeated by Link(again) and sealed in the sacred realm (again) with the hat.